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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunday Night!

This has been a lazy day because I needed a recovery day. After the 5K yesterday I scurried home and a brand new mattress and box springs was delivered. That meant the bed was also dressed, and then after a shower I fell into it. I snoozed a little in the afternoon, then had a "lost" evening (lost b/c I can't remember what I did!), and then my first real sleep on it. I think it's going to be really nice when I finally adjust to it!

In addition to a bit of knitting with friend Lynette this afternoon, a Freecycle pickup occurred. I've had a Health Rider sitting in my bedroom, totally unused, forever. That space has been calling me to become my "yoga studio" for a couple of months. So when someone asked for exercise equipment on my local Freecycle, I jumped, saying, "if you can get it out of my second floor bedroom, it's yours!"

So they came today and carted it off. Much like the delivery of the bed yesterday, it was a challenge negotiating the stairs. This place is packed tightly and no one ever believes me when I say, "you need to move the bookcases of fabrics" that are at the bottom of the stairs in the sewing room. No one. But when they leave? Most of them say, "hmm..that would have been easier if we had moved the bookcases..."

Get ready, I'm tired. What's about to happen here is a total stream-of-conciousness thing:

Knitting? Well, I did finish this last night (Oh! This is what I did last night, now I remember):

The second ballband dishcloth. Not all of it is from stash, I had the lavender, but not the variegated that went with it...couldn't pass up that aqua...

And I think I forgot to post this as a new addition to my knitting library, an ebay purchase a few weeks ago:

I have another training again this week (and another next week), both of them webinars, so I had to have a plain vanilla sock on the needles:

That's the Serendipitous Ewe Iris colorway I bought at Sedalia a couple of weeks ago. I figured I'd better get these high school colors knit up, because you never know when the 1974 graduating class "gang" will get together again! I must have socks in the school colors!

I had to get groceries this evening, so when I went out to Kroger, I stopped at B&N. You know I had to pick this up when I saw it, espcially since there are some really nice patterns - a switch, because I don't usually care for Vogue Knittings offerings:

There are several patterns I want to knit, not just the cover (which, oddly enough, is in my favorite color). There's a cabled vest I love, too (#22, tho' you won't see ME in the yellow version), and there's also a green cabled cardi (which I won't do in green - #19) and a pale pink (#4 - love the color!) v-neck peplum sweater that I'd wear to the symphony...I like ALL of the "Purl Gray" sweaters, but of course, they're all gray (love the wordplay on Earl Gray tea...hmm, think I'll go make a cup!), so you know, it could just be the color...

What's with this "Early Fall" edition? Will that mean they'll have one in "late fall?" An "Early Winter?" Is this anything like the summer sales in the stores long before the Summer Solstice (does anyone call it by it's rightful name - Litha - anymore)? Am I showing my age and impatience with marketing? (heheheh)

It was not enough to put a new sock on the needles, you know. NO, of course not. I had to start new lace, too:

Three tries later, I think I've a keeper here. I discovered that Lynette doesn't like lace charts! That surprises me. She says she's a word person (I thought that was me?), but as a computer techie, I always thought of her as more logical and mathematical. I started Rosemary's Brandywine (Ravelry Link) in Kim's Kashmir, colorway Forever in Blue Jeans by using the written instructions and kept getting totally screwed up. The third time, I said, "Sallee, YOU'RE happier with charts, put the words away and rely on the patterns portion of your brain, please" and that worked like a charm...

and now I've got Neal Diamond stuck in my head...

But that's okay. I LOVE that song. "Money talks, but it can't sing and dance and it can't walk...I'd like to be forever in blue jeans!"

And I guess that really does make me as old as I sound like I am, eh?
(sorry for the earworm if you don't like Neil Diamond...)


Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

A new bed. Hooray!! It sounds like things are really coming together in your room :) I love the colors of that new shawl -- beautiful :)

2:04 PM  
Blogger Ruinwen said... with the old and out with the new. I'm glad that you got a new bed and Yoga room to boot! It is great when you can rearrage space and change the chi of the house. many new pretty projects...I can't wait to see that shawl progress! *hugs* :)

7:19 AM  
Blogger Birdsong said...

Oooh, what a nice post! I think I am in love with your new lace, and now I am inspired to search out that edition of Vogue Knitting next time I go to town.

10:22 AM  
Blogger Dana said...

Mmmm...the new bed sounds wonderful, as did the 5k! Pat yourself on the back for completing it.

The Iris and the shawl are going to be incredible; both of them are striking colorways.

2:04 PM  

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