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Sunday, May 30, 2010

What I'm Doing on A Long Holiday Weekend...

I've been on a cleaning binge for the past couple of weekends here. I finally got into the second closet (the spring/summer clothes) and pulled almost everything out and stacked it for donations, Freecycle, ebay sales, and what I hope will be a yardsale before the end of June. Vacuuming, more dusting, finally getting the curtains and new thermal liners back up in the bedroom, cleaning out the storage bins of clothing under the bed (and getting the dust kitties - I don't have bunnies, there's too much kitty fur! - out from under there, too...)

Yesterday I shopped for a mattress and box springs, buying locally. I debated going with a large nationwide cut-rate place, and visited the various stores. But in the long run, I'm much more interested in making sure this local company stays in business, I know they're a quality company and have been here for years. I may pay a bit more (not really much more) but I know I'm practicing my principles...I think it was worth it, but the one drawback was that they couldn't deliver it this weekend. I don't want to take time off work to have it delivered during the week, so Saturday afternoon it will finally be here and in place. Considering that's the day of my Weight Watchers' 5K walk? I'll probably come home and crash in that new bed!

So today, I did a marathon session of laundry. I lost count of the number of times I went up and down the stairs (and I'm not done yet, either, there's more to do tomorrow). That's what I get for having all those quilts and throws up at the windows. Now that I have the thermal liners, I have to wash what's been up there the past few months!

I also washed up a few nice clothing items to post on ebay - Quacker Factory, mostly. They'll be going up after the holiday weekend. Oh...and I'm working on an update to the shop, too! Whew! See what I mean? It's been nonstop, full steam ahead, all weekend!

The kids, however, had a lazy day...

I guess I slipped on my tennis "slides" 20 times today (I don't wear them in the house, just downstairs and into the yard). Late this afternoon, The Tonk got a little upset that I was talking on the phone instead of paying attention to him (why is it that an 8 month old kitten behaves the same way a 2 year old child does when you're on the phone? I'd forgotten that!).

Ghoulish, eh? I can't get rid of the reflection in his eyes, lousy photo, but too cute not to post! He kicked and tussled with those shoes and tore around me till I finally had to give up and hang up the phone...

He had a grand time, can you tell? He dropped like a stone about 7p.m. and slept the sleep of the kitten (wish I had that ability) for 2 hours while I watched a movie - which, btw, I did yesterday afternoon, too! I lucked into one of my all-time favorites just by saying (totally out of character, as I'm not a TV person at all) "I wonder whether there's an interesting movie on?" and literally flipped the channels 3 times to find: Chocolat! What a treat that was...

I did manage a bit of knitting so far this weekend. Can you believe I've never made one of these:

the Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Company's Ballband Dishcloth, Ravelry link, and I did use their pattern, even if I do know it's in the M&D Knitting book. In fact, I had pulled both MDK and the Knitting Outside The Lines book, with every intention of knitting up a Swiffer cover. That's next on the agenda...

Oh, and I also finished the Tribble last week (another Rav link):

Please explain to me what has gotten into me? I'm not a kitchen person. Why am I making all these dishcloth cotton items?

OK. 1. They're fast. 2. They're cute. 3. They're mindless (mostly). 4. They're using up stash cotton.

Anything else I've missed?

(btw...stop by Nana Sadie's Place and see my Memorial Day Meatless Monday very fast and easy feast tomorrow? Since I don't *do* the outdoors, it's the closest I come to cookout food, ever!)


Anonymous twinsetellen said...

I think I'm going to make a ballband bib for a new arrival soon. You post is tipping me in that direction.

I think Tonk was telling you it was time to play on your long weekend. If it needed to be with him, so be it!

5:10 AM  
Blogger teabird said...

Be afraid.
Be very afraid.
No One can make one ballband.

12:09 PM  
Blogger Ruinwen said...

I think it is great that you got so much done this weekend...despite Tonk's adversion to you talking on the phone. lol All that cotton...think early Christmas could be 1/2 way done by July. :)

9:27 AM  
Blogger La Cabeza Grande said...

Oh my gosh, Sallee! What didn't you do? Nice to have such willing helpers :)

BTW, it's not just 8 month old kittens who do the, "get off the phone" mewing.

8:04 PM  

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