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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tomatoes! And such...

Made a more distant trip to Salem's Farmer's Market today to get two Yellow Pear tomato plants which are now happily framing the front door. I've promised myself I will not go overboard with these this year. Only these two.
After all, with my membership in the CSA, I'm getting lots of freshly harvested food...and at the market today, I picked up a good sized bag of mustard greens which I froze. Later I found fresh Virginia asparagus and froze that, too! Dinner was a large salad with marinated london broil sliced up in it. Yum!

I've been listing to Knitting by Ann Bartlett for the past two days, and so I was able to finished these two items:
Blocking the Barn Raising squares before packing to send to Portland where they'll join others to make a blanket to be raffled off. I think they turned out nicely.

I also finished up the first striped sock, and got both the second socks (the green one and the striped one) OTN. I wasn't able to pick up an Addi size 0, 16-inch circular at my LYS - and it's not for lack of Addis - they're nicely stocked. Just not the one size I needed. (sigh) Still rather than order it, I think I'm going to muddle through with the Harmony's. I'll switch back and forth between the two socks if I get crampy in one hand. Yarn Explosion was kind enough to contribute a very nice item for my office's 20th anniversary event scheduled for mid-July. We will be having a siletn auction and the nicest items are things like this (ok, that's my personal opinion, I know)...but I bet I know who ends up with this yarn?

Anyway current and future food supplies were taken care of today, as were some of the knitting that has been pushed to the back burner while getting together for the show last weekend. By the tiem I got home, I was really tired. I didn't mind one bit turning off the tv and on the MP3 player...
The Meezer of course has a new tearstrip
This is her chipmonk impression!
(and she chirps, too...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you have finished hearing Knitting, I'd like to know which knitted object interested you most, and which knitted object you wish you owned.

I'll tell you my choices then; don't want to spoil your story.

8:50 AM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

The switching back and forth between projects sounds like a good idea to manage those size 0s. The quilt blocks look great! And it sounds like you're in the middle of a very nice long weekend :)

12:10 PM  

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