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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So Depressing...No! Wait! Not You-All...

I am just so touched by all your comments on yesterday's post for my blogiversary (and the contest continues till Friday at midnight EST, so keep posting on the January 27th entry, okay?).

But I'm so depressed, about a few other things:

1. First and foremost, because this really matters - We got NO SNOW. I did get a day off, which was a good thing. It was icy to start the day, but it warmed up (to 34 degrees!) and was just a cold rain the rest of the day...I really was looking forward to a little snow, as I love it - and we just don't get much of it these that's the first depressing thing...Wah!

2. My replacement Options needles came - and they're just as yucky as the first ones. So...I'm mailing everything back to Knitpicks and asking them to exchange for a book. I hope the book will be all right. Truly you all know I love Knitpicks Harmony needles, but these Options have been like night and day between the ones I currently use for my socks and the ones I've gotten this time around. I'm really depressed about it, as I love, love, love Knitpicks.

3. Remember my car accident? My Subaru has been in the shop since New Year's Eve. Ok, the first few days were holidays, so I understand that. But it's been a LONG time to drive a rental car (a Kia) that I don't like. Yesterday, I heard that, in spite of the fact that this accident was not my fault, the insured's company is only going to pay to replace the tire that was damaged in the accident - NOT the other three. If you know anything about AWD cars, you know that in order to maintain stability of the car in bad weather conditions, you have to have tires that are worn evenly. In fact, the new tire will revolve at a slower speed than the other three. This is basic physics here: there is more thickness on the new tire than on the other three so it takes more time for a complete revolution of the new tire (ie, it spins slower). In other words? For safety sake, if you replace ONE tire, you replace all FOUR. The insurance company says that it's NOT an industry standard, but a Subaru standard (hmm...don't you think the manufacturer would KNOW what is necessary for their cars?) and so they don't have to meet it. Obviously, if I want four matching tires, I have to buy the other three myself. While I can afford to do that, the insurance company is NOT putting my car back it the condition it was before the accident (which they're supposed to do), not to mention that the vehicle is now worth less in a sale (should I sell it) because it's been in an accident. I'm still working on this one, as I haven't yet "settled" the claim, but mind you, I don't have a lot of time to fight if I don't want to start paying for the rental car myself. And I don't. Bah.

4. We had a lot of local layoffs announced yesterday - now most won't take effect till March or April, (and I'm hoping things will turn around) and while the companies involved are not located right IN this town, it will all affect the local economy. I know that this isn't a a huge deal - not when there are towns where the entire town is dependent on ONE industry and that is going under, shutting down, laying off - and I know we're a lot luckier than many areas. Still, it wasn't happy news.

5. Over the weekend I finally finished up Friday Night Knitting Club. I'm probably the last person to read this, and had to get it done before I started the sequel Knit Two. But - MAN. I liked the book okay (it wasn't the best, but not the worst) till all of a sudden the plot (out of left field) twisted so bad and to my mind when straight downhill fast. I'm not a gal who likes endings to be less than happy. This one was. I readily admit that life isn't about happy endings. But that's why I read - I want a little escapism. This didn't give it to me. So now I'm a bit worried about the sequel, but it was a gift so I feel I have to read it. If you've read it, and I need to be warned about a not-happy ending, please warn me, at least. Just don't spoil the ending, okay?

I know all of this is hitting me right after a less than happy weekend show, when I'm really tired (and I probably shouldn't admit that considering that yesterday, with the office closed I got a lot of extra sleep I hadn't expected to get).

Ok. Want some of the silver lining kinds of things? (I do this when I'm feeling down, and you should try it, too, because it really does help)

1. I can afford to pay for the tires if I have to. I don't think I should have to, but I CAN do it.

2. I can get Nancy Bush's Estonian Lace book, as at least right now anyway, Knitpicks has it in stock. Hopefully the exchange will work out.

3. I am almost finished with the purple/red/pink Berroco Sox and while I'm a tad bit sick of the patterning (after all, this is the FOURTH pair of socks of various colorways I've knit in this yarn) I can say that there's NOT been a single problem with broken yarn!! Whoohoo!

4. Yesterday, after it stopped sleeting and changed to rain, I went to Barnes & Noble for a 1/2 caf 1/2 decaf and this:
I'm madly in love with Jared's Almeara Gloves. I know. I said I'd probably not make another pair of gloves after Knotty Gloves, but ... I'm sorely tempted here. I also adore the cover scarf (but doubt I'd use a chunky yarn like that with my build), and Michele Rose Orne's felted bag on page 75 is just plain fun (but I'd change the colors to my purples, pinks and charcoal gray, I think). Some of the wintry whites are wonderful...I love fine cables - not the chunk-a-block ones. So there's a positive review (for the most part) to balance the negative one above.

5. When I got to sleep in yesterday? I had company. Naw, not THAT, get your mind outta de gutta! :)

I had a MEEZER curled up under the covers with me...
THAT is the very best possible silver lining!

Ah, Mommie!

(OH! And #6 - I got to read all your wonderful comments! See, the good things outweigh the usual!)


Blogger elaines630 said...

I'm sorry you had such a day! I would have traded you the snow for the day off! It was slippery and scary getting to work yesterday and Alexandria didnt start clearing the streets until late morning!

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hurry up and read Knit Two. You'll like the mood a lot more, and find out so much more about the characters you came to love in the first book. That's all I'm on!

9:57 AM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

I hate it when all of the difficult stuff comes at once (and it always seems to come when the resistance is lowest; I like your silver lining strategy, though!). The tire thing completely bites, and is one more example of the myriad ways that insurance companies just aren't doing their job. Also, I'm totally with you on the happy ending/escapist thing, and on that book. I liked it quite a bit, but was pretty cranky about that ending; I'm glad to see from your comments that the second one doesn't do that, as I've got it on hold at the library. Hang in there, enjoy that Vogue knitting (maybe I need to get that?) and your beautiful Meezer :)

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Carrie K said...

I hate unhappy endings in novels. There's enough of that in real life.

It's an industry standard to put unsafe vehicles back on the road? That's interesting. Maybe if you have them sign a waiver that they'll take full responsibility when your vehicle goes out of control. Pfftt. It's not so much whether or not you can afford it, and in these times, there's a better use for your money, but the principle of insurance.

Aww. You've got such a cuddle bunny to sleep with.

2:34 PM  
Blogger Ruinwen said...

So much in this post! Where do I begin? I'm glad you can find the happy good in everything that is vexing you! Meezer makes everything better. :)

I've heard people having problems with the freezing temps and the glue cracking...but they always take the needles back...lace you say...hmmmm.

I hope everything works out with the tires. They really should replace all 4 of them.

Keep your good attitude and everything will work out for the best. *hugs*

7:45 PM  
Blogger Brenda said...

Dealing with insurance companies is never fun. May the force be with you!

A non-knitting friend loaned me Friday Night Knitter's Club, telling me the ending made her sob it was so sad. I haven't read it, and I don't want to. I "talked" to Chris of SoC about it as she has read both it and the sequel, and she suggested I would hate it. I'm hoping my friend forgets she's loaned it to me.

9:20 PM  
Blogger Opal said...

aww! *big hugs* yay for the meezer!

and for the record? i haven't read "friday night knitting club" so you aren't the last person to get to it. :)

3:14 PM  

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