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Monday, December 25, 2006

Best DD in the Whole World!

I have the best daughter in the world, you know?

She tries harder than most children of my acquaintance to buy something for my addiction. She desperately wants, not just to please her mother, but to bowl her over. (Which I do wish she'd stop...I'm too old to be bowled over!) I really think a lot of kids try to do something nice, and especially something that is "modern." To think, my daughter takes to my idea of fostering a past-time that is from another age...?

Unfortunately, she is not a knitter, so tho' she had an LYS to help, somehow there was a disconnect - which makes me wonder even more about LYS staff. I am the proud owner of three of the most scrumptious yarns: Wildfoote sock in Elderberry and Tom Cat and Misti Alpaca Sport in color 2013. They're delightful. I'm in love. The Misti Alpaca is stunningly soft and warm. The colors and feel of the Wildfoote are perfect for me. (I'm told eldest DGS picked out the Elderberry - THAT's MY BOY!!!) :)

Why, do you ask, am I concerned about the staff of the LYS? Well, she told them (clearly) that I was a sock knitter. They told her one skein of each would be enough. My feet are a tad bit bigger than a child's. I need about 300-350 yards to make ankle socks.

You don't suppose the LYS did this deliberately? To ensure another sale?

She's going back tomorrow in the hopes they have the colorways in the same dyelots. She thinks the Misti Alpaca was the only skein available. I'm in search of either a couple more skeins (there's only 146 yards in a skein) in that color# and dyelot 1 (I think, it's not the easiest to read), OR perhaps a skein of the gray that would blend with this. I could make a hat from it with a stripe or two of this lovely tweedy yarn.

AND THEN....let me tell you - this daughter of mine created lovely little stitch markers. Except she's not a knitter! LOL. Below I show a photo of them...there are about 10 of each. The large ones she intended for lace work. That's a size 15 needle it's on (*wink*) and next to it are the "sock stitch markers" on one of my size 1 sock needles. See the little leaves? I think they're so delicate...They'll work very nicely on my size 7s to 10s. But they do seem to swallow my sock needles!!!

AREN'T they lovely? The pearls will be adorning my Christmas tree (she also made pretty beaded ornaments). They fit the little one (see below a couple of posts down) perfectly.

She's pretty talented herself. I'm hoping she'll really take to crochet! Yup. I contributed to the "delinquency"...and bought her Debbie's crochet guide and sent her my copy of Debbie's SnB for good measure (she says she wants to learn to knit!). And some crochet hooks (those were for her birthday). Then for some reason my little paralegal wanted a Sadie Bag to carry her laptop and stuff in for work...(and maybe a little crochet project, too, my dear?)

(best of all, she sent photos of the boys...)
I'm blessed!


Blogger Birdsong said...

Thinking of you and wishing you and the Meezer a very Merry Christmas... and, you musta' raised her right!

11:44 PM  
Blogger JennyRaye said...

What a great daughter you have!!! Merry Christmas to you both--and of course, to the Meezer.

5:10 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Oh, the markers are gorgeous!! Ah well, you probably don't need markers as much on socks as on other stuff, right?! Good luck getting second skeins...

5:51 PM  

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