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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pointier Addis?

You'll want to visit Grumperina's blog to read the background on this...but here's my letter (which is copied and edited from Grump's excellent letter) specifically asking that while they consider pointier tips for Addi Turbos, they not forget the Addi Natura tips, too! Those of us who prefer the warmth of bamboo would surely appreciate the ability to enjoy such an improvement in needle tip technology!

Dear Ms. Skacel Haack,

My name is ____, and I'm a passionate knitter in ___, VA, USA. I have used the Addi Natura (bamboo) needles distributed by Skacel for several years, often with fantastic results! I find the Addi Natura circulars to be the most comfortable choice for my knitting (lace or otherwise) because of their warmth, their light weight, and the unrivaled connection between needle and cord. For me, it is the needle of choice for many applications, and I thank you for this product.

Many of my knitting friends are excited to hear that the Skacel Collection is entertaining the notion of manufacturing circular needles like the Addi Turbos, but with pointier tips, specifically with lace knitting in mind. I love this great idea, and believe that the knitting community would welcome such a needle.

I also hope, that you would consider the same application to the Addi Naturas for those of us who, due to health issues - arthritis, Lupus, fibromyalgia, for example - prefer the natural warmth of bamboo.

The tips on the Addi Naturas as they're made today are simply too blunt for many applications. Lace knitting often requires precise maneuvering of very thin yarn, and the Addis have a hard time finding the space between stitch and needle. Sharper Addi tips would tremendously improve knitting lace for me.

If Skacel were to offer Addis with pointier tips, primarily I would love to see circulars in sizes US 000-4, circular length 20"-60".

I know that Skacel needs to have a sense of the market before launching a whole new needle line. Not to worry - I will urge all my knitting friends who've dreamed of Addis with pointier tips to write to you. I hope you will see that the demand is high, and invest time into researching this option further.

Thank you again for manufacturing a superior needle, for listening to the needs and desires of knitters, and for your willingness to evolve as needle demands change. I appreciate your consideration. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions, or to request any additional information.

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