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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Traveling Vines Frogged!

I was too cocky! No lifeline (in fact, there still isn't one) and last night I blithely took Traveling Vines Scarf with me when I visited the local tire shop to have a slow leak checked (yes, I now have to come up with the $$ for 4 new tires on my hoo!). I was having a lovely conversation with a high school government teacher and her equally lovely Yorkshire Terrier, Madison, and at some point in the conversation, I stood up (don't remember why)...that was when my orange post-it fell to the floor! I thought I'd put it in the right spot...apparently I didn't and 4 rows later, I had a mess - there is definitely a WRONG side to this pattern. Frogged it was tonight, in recovery mode, and now...I'm back on track. The photo below is 2 rows from the end of the 15th repeat of 20. I'm not sure I think this will be long enough, but I do know that lace will stretch when blocked, so maybe....or perhaps I'll just knit till I run out of yarn, then block?
Whatcha think?
I've included a close-up too, but you'll see it better when it's blocked!
(and don't forget your lifeline when you're knitting lace...wonder if I have something thin enough to use?)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is absolutely gorgeous!!! You do such beautiful work.

8:18 PM  

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