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Sunday, April 24, 2005


Aibhlinn has been frogged twice and tinked so many times, I've probably knitted her completely at least 3 times over...but I thought I'd update a bit on where I stand with her. The photo above is 13.5 inches out of the 24 the pattern calls for. I apologize for the lack of clarity here, this red drives the camera crazy, but if you'll look closely, there is an error that is several rows below where I finally succumbed to putting in my first safety line. I was several rows further on before I noticed it. I willing said - NO MORE. I will not frog this again.

But I've tinked and re-tinked. I now check every row and tink back however many I have to. And every repeat of the pattern (12 rows) I move the safety line. What I've learned is that while this is not a complex pattern, it does require an unwavering presence of mind. Talking with a friend while she hand-fed her latest feral cat rescue proved to me that I cannot work on this project and try to do anything else. I must concentrate on Aibhlinn. She demands it. And as lovely as she will be when she's complete, she deserves it.

So slowly, achingly, we progress. With luck, she'll be finished by fall when I really need her - though this weekend I'd have liked to have been wearing her. Brrr. I'm very glad the Knit Red KAL runs till December 31! I might just get her finished by then...


Blogger Jane said...

It's looking good, Sallee.. I can't tell where your error is and if it can't be seen when the Aibhlinn is laid out flat, it will never show once you're wearing it and it's all scrunched up! I have the bobbles completed and the first 6½ rows of the K3,P3 ribbing. The recycled aran yarn worked up to gauge on size 7s so it must be pretty close to DK.

11:08 PM  
Blogger Birdsong said...

You sure have exhibited patience and determination here! I don't know that I wouldn't have just tossed the thing. I like complex work, but also like being able to chat with people while I knit. I can't find the web address for the triangular shawl; would you mind dropping a line to me? I found a possible yarn for it over the weekend!

12:16 AM  
Blogger KnitNana said...

LOL! Birdsong, I've got more money tied up in this than I usually spend so I WILL finish it, it won't go into the UFO bin. And I just love this yarn. I could have gotten it for less, but I was a newbie then...I sent you an email on the class!

8:23 AM  
Blogger Tracy said...

You will, you've got the determination. You finish that and I promise to finish my Poetry sweater.(gosh what am I saying?)

6:58 AM  

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