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Saturday, April 16, 2005

What Would My 17-Year Old Self Think of Me Now?

Kathy posed this question for readers of her blog to answer, so here goes: My 17-year old self would look at this life of mine and be completely aghast!

The little (and I do mean "little") ballerina expected to dance with the New York City Ballet! The idea that I'd be a mom (much less a Nana!), an accountant, a sewist, a knitter, would never have even remotely crossed her mind! Always the Drama Queen, I think she'd recognize me. But the body is broader, the ability to move, substantially reduced by illness. She'd never have imagined the computer, or the world of friends I have come upon because of it.

She expected to live a lot higher on the hog than her grown-up self does...expected to marry for money, too, she did! LOL! Forget that, thank goodness! (Feminism didn't hit her for a few more years...always a late bloomer) Come to think of it, she'd be astounded to find me still alive - she assumed she'd die before she was 35. I guess she figured if she couldn't dance she might as well be dead. WELL.

And she'd think my knitting and Quacker Factory clothes were uncool. Whatever!


Blogger Birdsong said...

What a great analysis! It isn't so bad being middle aged, grandchildren are one of the rewards, as well as greater self-confidence. Of course, I still would like a younger, more flexible (and, yes, skinnier) body to help me through. Thanks for the kind words of support on my blog.

1:05 PM  

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