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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Just a Little Bit...

When I was getting ready to go into the hospital for the shoulder replacement surgery, I knew I'd be spending at least one night in there, and it would be immediately after surgery and I might well not be at my best. I wanted to have a few things with me, particularly my cell phone, and my MP3 Player with the special MP3's My Sweetheart had purchased to assist me in wellness, surgery preparation and recovery. I'd been helped leading up to the event in question and knew I'd need it that first night.

But what to carry those precious electronics in, along with just the little bit of cash, and the driver's license and insurance card? Nana Sadie Rose put on her thinking cap and (somewhat painfully, as I wasn't sewing well at all back then) created the "Little Bit Wristlet:"

I knew I had to have cushioning - so the little wristlet bag has a nice layer of batting inside, with some structure in there, too, in the form of interlining. But then I wanted to keep things in their place, dontcha know - after all, it IS a Nana Sadie Rose bag!

So you would figure there would be pockets, right? Inside that photo above, you can see the little MP3 Player in one, and then there's a mini zippered baglet in the other - but really? It's where my iPhone resided through the entire process of surgery and recovery. And in fact, the Little Bit wasn't so "girly" that My Sweetheart minded keeping the bag with him the entire time. That was important, too. And everything needed to be secure, so there's a zipper up on top. And there's a larger section in front of those pockets, of course. Room for the zippered baglet that took the place of a wallet. Tissues, a lip gloss, a small tube of hand cream. Just the absolute necessities.

I love this Little Bit Wristlet. In fact, I keep trying to pare down my handbags so this is all I carry (I haven't been very successful yet, but I'm still working on it). It weighs almost nothing, too, which was very important with shoulder surgery!

So of course, you know, if I loved it, I figured you all might, too? Find her in the custom section of the etsy shop for now, and we'll see how she goes. If you like her, I just might get a few made up for the ready made section. And for now, I'm going to limit fabric selection to what I have in stash. So we'll chat about the sort of fabrics you might like, and I'll send along photos of what I have available. Fair enough? Oh: price? How about a pint-sized $20? Plus shipping and sales tax if you're in Virginia.

And because she's custom, give me a bit of lead time - I'm just getting back in the swing of all this, you 2-3 weeks? (And I suppose it might run longer if this becomes a hot item!)

What other uses might you think of for this Little Bit Wristlet? I'd love to hear your ideas...

Monday, January 27, 2014

Cautiously Optimistic

Because it took about a week to do this start to finish. But I'm able to sew, a little at a time. A long-time customer requested this back in the fall. We picked out the fabric, and waited till surgery was done...and then waited thru the holidays, to see how I was going to feel. When I'd done moderately well with no sling at two weeks post surgery, and was able to drive at 4 weeks, I figured it was time to give sewing a shot - provided I got the go-ahead with PT. Well, PT was a week or so later in starting that I expected, and when it did, I didn't really feel I needed to ask, but I did. And the answer was, do what you feel you can do.

So. When once upon a time it took me a fraction of the time to make one of these bags that this one took? I can sew. I have to stop when things start to hurt, but I can pick back up when it stops hurting.

Oh, and because of that? You see that ticker up there? Yes. I'm planning on doing The Olde Liberty Fibre Faire, a one-day show. The local fiber faire we have every spring, but missed last year. I'm cautiously optimistic. My Sweetheart and Sis-in-law have promised their help. I won't be able to tug and pull and lug and tote as I used to do, but with help, we can get a booth up. And see old friends, and hopefully bring Nana Sadie Rose back to life.

Frankly, I think it's long, long overdue...

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

It's the new year, and new Ten on Tuesday posts. I'm not going to guarantee that I'll always be able to do them, but I'll try to. This week's is 10 favorite moments from 2013, so here goes:

1. I'm going to start with Valentine's Day (tho' not the actual DAY, which was mid-week). My Sweetie and I spent the weekend together, and I finished up a pair of blue and brown socks and I shared that in the Ten on Tuesday post that week. 

Kicking back with my sweetie on a winters' afternoon, wearing our handknit (by me!) socks! Priceless...

2. In April, just prior to my first rotator cuff surgery, we headed off to Yorktown so My Sweetie could purchase his cute little Honda Del Sol. It was a fast trip, but a fun one. Especially to see his face when he's behind the wheel of that car, with the top off. ;)

3. Also in April, we got away for the weekend to Washington DC for a day spent at the National Cathedral and topped off by a birthday/Valentines Day gift - a concert with the National Symphony and Sweetie's favorite jazz musician (one of them anyway), Chris Botti. It was at this concert that I fell head over heels for this piece:

4. May brought Mother's Day and Memorial Day, a second surgery for a broken shoulder and further tearing of my rotator cuff, but it also brought two Sun Gold tomato plants from my sis-in-law and niece. Those plants became the most wondrous thing of the summer as they grew and grew and then produced and produced! We will be getting more of these plant this year and will hope for a repeat performance!

5. In June, I succumbed to a new addiction - Noro Silk Garden. It's been heavenly. My stash, however, has not been the same since. Oy. I need an intervention, just sayin'

6. In July, in addition to my birthday (which is always fun), I made it to a KnitIn group where one member brought an abundance of stash from a friend of hers - this was to be GIVEN AWAY to the members who wanted them. I enhanced the stash with sock yarn. LOTS of sock yarn.

7. In August, My Sweetheart and I spent a goodly amount of time painting his living room, and in general sprucing the place up. There's a lot more to do, but we're in love with the taupe walls and white woodwork. He's also retiled the bathroom floor, and I ADORE those tiles (but then, I nudged him towards them in the store). Home improvement has always been fun to me, We had a lot of fun together working on this project.

8. September was the month we'd been building up to all year, my Sweetheart's son's wedding. We were very sad the weather didn't cooperate with the plans for a garden event, but the wedding was still wonderful in every way. The young couple are very happy, and my Sweetie is one very proud Papa! :)
9. October was spent trying to do short day-trips on the weekends so we could kick back and relax, but not go overboard. We spent one weekend enjoying a local concert, a Highlander Festival at a local university (men in kilts, need I say more? Okay. Bagpipes!), got a to movie I'd wanted to see, cooked together. There were many moments in October, leading up to...

10. November's shoulder replacement surgery. No that wasn't a wonderful moment - it was scary. But I learned not only do I have the VERY BEST SWEETHEART IN THE WORLD, but I have wonderful, caring friends, and a dear daughter who stepped up to the plate (literally!) and cooked a great Thanksgiving dinner (tho' I couldn't eat much of it, thanks to an upset tummy from pain meds). Everyone gave of themselves to help care for me at a very difficult time. I am so very, very grateful.

There isn't an 11, but the holidays were wonderful.

Next year, should we repeat this challenge on Ten on Tuesday, I'll be able to do a better job of it, because I've begun to keep a Blessings Jar, as detailed here on my favorite author's blog. I'll have a lot to share, I know.


Thursday, January 02, 2014

One Word 2014

From Expressions Of Spirit, the second Niyama of yoga:

Santosa - Contentment

"... modesty and the feeling of being content with what we have. To be at peace within and content with one's lifestyle finding contentment even while experiencing life’s difficulties for life becomes a process of growth through all kinds of circumstances. We should accept that there is a purpose for everything - yoga calls it karma – and we cultivate contentment 'to accept what happens'. It means being happy with what we have rather than being unhappy about what we don't have."

In 2012, I chose the Yoga yama ahimsa or nonharming. I worked hard on not harming my self. (Since I tend pretty routinely to turn things against me, rather than project them outwards, and always have.) It's a word (and philosophy) that I'll be working on to the end of my life, I expect, and that's okay.

In 2013, I chose joy. It's probably pretty evident why I chose it. And joy will continue to fill my days.

But this year, I chose the yoga niyama santosa because I'm trying to come back to my voluntary simplicity beliefs, trying to corral my propensity to overspend, and trying very hard to learn where my personal "enough" is (if you're not familiar with Your Money or Your Life you might want to check it out. I can recommend it).

So there's my one word plan for 2014. And it is enough. Santosa. Namaste.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2014 Plans

So here we are again, another new year has arrived! They do fly by so quickly, but I like that I can put out some plans in advance and see how I do over the year. This year? Well, My Sweetheart and I have some health-related plans, and then I have knitting plans. So let's get started!

1. We plan to join a local gym in February (after the crowds, but also after I've started PT, so that I'm not doing anything that might damage this shoulder!).

2. We're also planning to join a CSA - that's Community Supported Agriculture - by buying a 1/2 share of a local farm. I'll try hard to resurrect Nana Sadie's Place to chronicle that plan over there! I've missed posting to Nana Sadie's Place.

3. I've got to lose the weight I gained during the recoveries from these surgeries, and he wants to also lose weight, so I think we'll be following Weight Watchers, but whether we'll decide to go back to meetings? I don't know. Perhaps.

Now for the knitting plans (you will have seen some of these before): 1. I'm going to finish up several projects that have been years on the needles, specifically: The Purple Royale Clapotis

The Helsinki Hat Scarf (during the winter Olympics, if possible)

The Lilith Shrug

The Blue Jeans Brandywine Shawl

The Briar Rose Gracie Shawl

The Boheme Reading Mitts & Cowl

2. I'm going to make myself stash dive before I buy anything else. Goodness, I have such gorgeous stuff in stash. I need to use it - shopping the stash first.

That's it. See not so many, after all...


I honor the place in you,

which is of love, truth, light, and peace.

When you are centered in that place in you,

and I am centered in that place in me,

we are one.

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