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Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday!

Yes, just in time for Cyber Monday, Nana Sadie Rose has updated the ready-made section of her etsy shop. Stop by and see if there's something special you'd like to gift a friend (or yourself, perhaps?).

And remember, there's a custom order section, too, tho' large items might not make it under the tree this year. I'll be happy to create a gift certificate for your special person so they can "pick their own" Original Nana Sadie Rose item!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve

Once again, I'm quite behind in posting here, and I have to apologize. Some of you might remember that this is the season of my annual audit at work, so I've been up to my eyeballs in those proverbial alligators, slogging through to be ready when the pair arrive bright and early on Monday next week. Off went the final version of the books today at noon, and I walked out the office door with a sigh of relief. We'll see if, as usual, things come through swimmingly again. I always figure I'll jinx it if I think that, so I don't...

There have been a few stress purchases in the past couple of weeks, and not everything is available to show off. I can give you a link to my favorite purchase: a full-length coat that I've wished for over the past several years (in one catalog or another), finally deciding that this year, I would not wait till the spring sales, I needed a long coat with a hood, and this faux suede and shearling had to come home with me. I'm tired of being cold in the winter! But...I decided I could make a cowl to fill that open neck area

(depending on how that goes, I might have to purchase another skein of this and make a hat!) when I heard that Fibre Space in Alexandria had just gotten in the Malabrigo Rasta and they had it in Piedras (#862) I knew that the combo of desert colors including that wonderful caramel brown of the coat and an amethyst that works equally well with my down jacket was just the ticket!

Also in a brown mood, and in honor of Wovember (see below) I quickly agreed to split the Jameson and Smith yarns to make Sheep Heid with other members of the Kate Davies (Love) group on Ravelry. They arrived yesterday and I'm just drooling over the yarn itself, as well as all the shades of sheep!

I'm not sure I can hold out too long on starting this one, perhaps this weekend, but we'll see.

In the mail today was the latest issue of Interweave Knits. I haven't really checked it out yet, but am about to make a cup of tea and do just that.

The cover is lovely. I have my fingers crossed that the entire issue will be. I've been so disappointed in IK so often, that I have finally made the decision to drop my subscription. I'll pick up single copies as I can. I did substitute Stitch! and will see if I like their sewing subscription any better...The winter issue of it, as well as the gift issue both arrived this week.

So my Thanksgiving Eve isn't filled with food preparation. There's a reason for that. Both Dear Daughter and I have very small homes (and I don't have anything resembling a dining room) so we'll be eating our Turkey Day dinner at a local restaurant that has a buffet. With 4 kids, 3 of whom have challenges, being able to enjoy whatever they want (even pizza!) is a blessing. I'm grateful for the folks at that restaurant who are making and serving our meals tomorrow...tonight I can rest a little (which I desperately need) and sip tea, and enjoy the company of these two

While I peruse new issues of magazines and dream a little bit, perhaps knit a little bit (if I can find those size 7 dpns to finish the last Vermont Hat, that is!)

May you have a wonderful holiday tomorrow. Enjoy your family and friends, and remember to think on those things you're grateful for.

I am unbelievably grateful that you stop by here every now and again.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Wovember Swag

It's here!

A set of three Wovember badges in fabric I shipped off to Felicity.

The history of this fabric is funny, if you are aware of what I do: I bought this wool houndstooth check (in navy and kelly green) more than 35 years ago with a solid kelly green wool to make a suit. Yes. Me. I used to make all my own clothes.

And tho' it makes no sense, this wool (which back then was terribly pricey, even if I did work for the department store where I bought this back in the day of pricey department stores having haberdashery sections) intimidated the life out of me. I could NOT cut into it. Could. Not.

So it has sat in a box all these years...and when Wovember came along, and I found Felicity's badges, I knew I had to cut, finally, into this lovely wool and have a badge of it. I sent her a nice sized swatch, and she sent me - THREE! The two veggie badges, I saw when I went to order my Wovember badges, and flipped out over the *other love* of mine....vegetarian cooking/eating. And my kitchen is full of vintage veggie crockery. So I had to buy these, too.

And I love them so much, I've ordered more! (yup...)

I can't wait to wear these.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

iPhone? I'm a Convert!

It's taken very little time actually, but still, I really didn't expect to love this phone:

Till today when I signed onto Weight Watchers eTools for mobile apps.

I'm over the moon. Loved that I could use Intuit's credit card reader and app to process the credit cards at my shows, and enjoyed being able to check Ravelry whenever I needed to. Facebook still bugs me, because I can read everything, comment, and like things. But share? Nope. Not available.

But oh my goodness, tracking WW Points Plus is a BREEZE! And, since I'm working for Weight Watchers now (yes!), I'm tracking all the time...

Ok...I am a part-time receptionist in training for Weight Watchers. It's just a fun thing to do. And I'm doing it for a couple of reasons: Obviously, I'm hoping I can make a difference in someone's life the way the ladies at my meetings helped me. But the other reason? MOTIVATION. To stay motivated and keep myself on track.

So far? So good. And I blame every bit of it on Tami! If I hadn't met her at Sock Summit 09, discovered she was a Weight Watchers Leader, had an inspirational chat with her, and then continued communicating right on through my weight loss journey, even right through the weeks of interviewing, waiting, interviewing, waiting, being hired, waiting, and finally now training, I'm not sure I'd have stuck it all out. Tami supported me every step of the way. And that's the kind of Weight Watchers employee I want to be! Thanks, Tami!
And yes, there is knitting but it will have to wait. Soon, I promise!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Those Twins!

That's TwinsetJan and TwinsetEllen - THOSE Twins! made my day a lot brighter today!

You see they had a contest on their blog, and I was one of three winners. The prize? That Namaste Needlecase there. Nice, right? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Jan & Ellen!!!

Well. Then I stopped by the other night and discovered that Ellen had a Socktopus.

It's not called a Socktopus on the Ikea site, it's a Pressa. But as far as I can see I can't order one from the online store, I'd have to go to the nearest one (which is Charlotte NC, a mere 3 hours away). Well it happens I found mine on ebay, and it was a tad pricier than the Ikea one would have been, but I didn't have to either pay shipping OR drive 3 hours and buy a tank of gasoline.

And I LOVE my Socktopus...except: the hook on top is too narrow to fit my shower rod - Not to worry! I have an S-hook that I discovered will fit just fine! I decided I had to have it because The Tonk loves my drying rack to the point of insisting that it's REALLY his jungle gym...and his favorite time to climb it is the middle of the night. I keep it set up in my bedroom, of course, so you can imagine how fun it is to be awakened with a CRASH and then having to get up, pick up all the socks, rehang them and chastise the boy...and then try to get back to sleep?

So...those Twins! What WOULD I do without them?

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


What is Wovember? Well, there's a blog that's investigating just what Wool is (from the standpoint of textiles). And then there are those bloggers who are adding their voices to the choir: Lene and Kate are the two I was initially drawn to. You'll see a new button over there on the sidebar, too...

And then, you can purchase and have a custom button to enjoy a snip of wool that's from a treasured garment.

Yup. Mine is on order, the fabric on it's way to Felicity.

Oh. And then? In honor of Wovember...I picked this up and am working with a couple of others to get the yarn to knit it.

After all...It's wool. One must have sheepies to have wool...

And next to Siamese cats? I'm all about the wool.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Buttermilk Sky Finished!

Don't let me scare you off this pattern. It's just a wonderful knit. It's just I started it in January 2011 and only JUST finished!

Not a commentary on the pattern at all. If I've learned anything about me? I'm very much like a 2-month-old hamster when it comes to attention to knitting projects. I'm a "Oh Shiny!" "Oh! Pretty!" soon as something new shows up? I've got to start it (and this is especially true if I happen to have yarn in stash with which to knit it)...

Anyway, Bonnie's pattern is delightful. Mostly a basic 3-stitch pattern, that swaps and repeats. I was reminded of Aibhlinn from Knitty. I made two of those, and was looking at the pattern again this weekend thinking I might knit her again. These three-stitch motifs tend to get me thinking a lot of Maiden-Mother-Crone and the trinity of the Goddess religions (always have).

But if you'd like what should be a relatively quick knit for a warm cowl, this is the one you should try. Buttermilk Sky by Bonnie Sennott.

Now...this will be joining those amethyst mock cable socks and heading to Vermont soon.

And this knitter is heading to bed early tonight. Whether I'm trying to catch something (I don't really think so) or am just worn to a frazzle and feeling the time change and fall temperature fluctuations a bit more than usual, I'm not sure. But an early night is called for.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Another FO! And This One Knocked My Socks Off!

Finally. 21 months after I started these sock, they are finally done! These have been languishing till I knew I needed socks to send to the Vermonters devastated by Hurricane Irene...then suddenly, it made all sorts of sense to finish them...

That's the mock cable twist pattern that I've used several times before. I've about decided that I am bored by that stitch and that didn't help getting these finished one little bit. But I didn't care for the yarn, either. Anyway, they will keep someone's feet warm this winter, and that is the only thing that counts!!

I've got my sites set on finishing Bonnie Sennott's Buttermilk Sky cowl to include in this second package to Vermont. Then perhaps another Seaman's Cap.

There's another show next weekend down in Richmond, so perhaps my knitting for that event will be the hat. They are almost as mindless as socks for me, so I can keep busy, but still chat with customers.

The Meezer is happy now, sitting on the arm of the chair under the daylight lamp as I read and knit. Somehow, I think she won't be as pleased next weekend when her Auntie Lynette comes to stay...

Saturday, November 05, 2011

NoSoKnit 2011!

If you can imagine, I took absolutely not one photo at this year's event! But I did take a photo of what I bought.

First pick was the Claudia sock yarn in Cabin Fever...full of coppery browns, lavender-mauves, and lightwash denim blue. My plan is to make Barb's Koigu Scarf from that.

And truly that was to be the only purchase today...just a hair over my budgeted amount...until everyone I knew began to pick up the incredibly dyed cotton yarn from WollesYarnCreations and I was helping my friend, Babs, decide on colorways and look at patterns...

I wavered...and finally caved to the bright burgundy, dark gray to black mix you see there and the Old Shale version of shawl called Theodora.

I managed to get almost to the point of sewing down the picot hem of my first charcoal gray sock today, so that was a very very good thing! And I left early, because I just was so tired. So now, rather than taking a good nap, I'm here updating the blog yet again...

I hope you appreciate that! *wink*

Now once I put these two yarns into my Ravelry stash, I think I'll cave to the least for a little bit.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Something for 2012!

Already thinking ahead so I've got something on the agenda already for Nana Sadie Rose and that's the Olde Liberty Fibre Faire!

Yes, we'll be headed down 460E to spend the day communing with fibre folks galore in this area's only Fiber Festival - the second annual! So you'll be sure, if you somewhat nearby, to come along and join us, okay?

(Sorry I don't have any photos for you tonight...but hey! This is FIVE in a ROW!!)

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Four In A Row! What Do You Know?

I just had to show you this:

I decided I needed to put this sock on the needles, because I had an eye doc appointment Monday and no plain vanilla sock to knit. I've been needing another pair of gray socks. This was bought for a gift, but the person in question has insisted no socks no socks no socks for them! At the risk of thinking they doth protest too much, I'll take them at their word and make these for me.

I think. Anyway, they're being made to my foot.

Monday the office closed barely after it opened as we had a gas leak. It was "fun" to have a totally unscheduled day off, and not have to worry about shoveling snow (the only *other* time we get such days. But it allowed me a play day, so to speak...

Ok. Except for that eye appointment. But we had Halloween, too, and I got to see all four grandkids in their costumes by meeting up with them for trick-or-treating at the local mall. (I think this is a FABULOUS idea, by the way, and the mall -- my favorite, but one that's rather low-traffic -- was absolutely PACKED.

I wish I'd see it that way on the regular weekends...

Oh. And if you're interested in vegetarian food and such, you might want to drop by my other blog to see what I made for Meatless Monday this week.

Just a hint: it was good!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Because You Can Never Remind Folks Enough


I honor the place in you,

which is of love, truth, light, and peace.

When you are centered in that place in you,

and I am centered in that place in me,

we are one.

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