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Friday, January 02, 2015

Hi There, 2015!

I promised a photo of the hats (most of them) I made this year. Here is a photo of my daughter's family modeling their new hats (yes, every one of them got a new handknit hat!).

Each of the boys got a Robot Hat with their favorite color for their robots (green for DGS1, blue for DGS2, purple for DGS3). The two girls got the Baby Bow Hat in matching colors, and the parents each got a black hat - dad got the Seaman's Cap I've made many, many iterations of. Mom got the Republic Hat, and I added a glitzy hair clip to make it sparkle.

I did make another of the Baby Bow Hats, for a friend of my sweetheart, and I think I've posted that one before, so won't do so now.

Now for my 2015 plans? Well, I mentioned that I need to finish up Sweetheart's Jazz Strings socks (I'm almost finished). And then I have two pairs of socks started for me that I want to finish. This is good, because over on Myrna Stahman's Shawls and Scarves group on Ravelry, we've begun our third year of a finishitis KAL. So there are three pairs of socks right off. I'm going to also go out on a limb and say that I need to make more socks...sooooooooooo:

I think I'll do another Stash Sock Club. This one will only be 6 pairs over the twelve months, beginning in February (hopefully I'll have the three pair mentioned above finished by then). So every other month. I've already packaged them up and they're ready to go:

Only one of those bags is for my Sweetheart tho' - because his feet are very long. It takes a long time to make his socks. At least this time, the rules are simple: My Plain Vanilla Toe-Up Sock pattern that I've pulled from 3 or so different sources to combine to make the sock that fits us well. Absolutely NO patterning. I can't make socks fast if I do that.

I have a few other items I want to finish up, too, so I'll try to get at least a few of them done this year. And start making things for Christmas now...maybe (not necessarily hand knit items, but hand sewn perhaps, too!).

Happy 2015!


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