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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

What's Important

There are some things that, when they hit, teach us quickly just what's most important. Lots of things like this happen to folks every day - a car accident, a health scare.

I had something teach me a lot about what's vital to my comfort and sanity this weekend: I got the flu. Yup. One of those lucky ones who took the flu shot (as I always do) and got the strain that is making folks sick all over and wasn't included in the vaccine makeup.

I was totally miserable. It's be a very long time since I've been that sick (and frankly, I'm just beginning to get back to "normal" as I went back to work today, but the brain, and the stamina aren't close to 50% yet).

And I learned that when I'm that sick my creature comforts come down to just a few things:

1. My recliner. My Sweetie bought this for me last year when I was facing the shoulder replacement surgery, and it's mostly my sleeping spot, still. But there was absolutely NO way I was sleeping anywhere else while I was this sick.

2. My Chiger blanket. (and yes, the two tricksters shown in the photo, too, because they become my best nurses when I'm sick)

3. I live in my fleece pjs. (No photos of these, nope.)

4. My very favorite socks.

Other than these four things, being able to surf at will, text and chat with my Sweetheart, and check email at work - even if I can't make sense of most of the stuff - oy, what the flu does to your ability to THINK! - I have to say that my iPhone was a godsend, too.

But let me say something more about those socks. I made them after I saw THIS PAGE in the Twist Collective premier issue back in 2008. I adored those socks, I was a Jane Brocket fan, extraordinare....I loved those nails (back in that day I could actually paint mine and have them look decent). I have coveted the colorway of Regia sock yarn ever since, hunted and haunted stashes hoping to find a couple more skeins, thinking that eventually these favorite socks of mine would shred, and no amount of the good teaching I got from Merike Saarniit at Sock Summit 09 in how to darn my socks, would make them wearable again...Anyway, a few months ago, I managed to snag a skein. Just one. Not enough for a pair, but I figured if push came to shove with the remnants from the original pair, I could make anklets.

Then the other week, I was busy scouring stashes on Ravelry again, and discovered - two! TWO SKEINS! Oh I immediately sent out a request, yes, they were available. I sent payment and then waited. And got sick. And missed work. When I got back today, I opened the door to my office and was stunned to see what appeared to be the contents of a UPS truck in my very small space! (Yes, it's Christmas, doncha know...)

It took awhile to weed thru the boxes and parcels. But I finally opened up an envelope with two skeins of Florence inside. I brought them home and went to add them to stash, pulling the single skein from some months ago out to set with them. And what did I see? Do you believe this?

Your eyes aren't deceiving you - that's 3 skeins from the SAME DYELOT.

What are the chances?

Oh these are going someplace safe for sure...maybe even the safe deposit box! Because I learned this weekend that when you're sick nothing but the best, most comfortable socks and pjs and blanket will do. These skeins are golden.


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