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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Prep Time for...

Yes, you can see by the ticker up there on the header that Nana Sadie Rose is headed to another fun event!

If you're in or near Alexandria, Virginia, on September 22, do drop by the St. Luke's Episcopal Church parking lot on Fort Hunt Road for the St. Luke's Craft Show. This was one of my very first shows back in 2004! It was such a nice show, that we went the next year, too, but then got into going to the National Capital Cat Show which always occurred the weekend before St. Luke's! It just wasn't possible for me to do both of them, so the Cat Show won out. But this year we decided to go back, once we knew that National Capital wasn't going to be held! I'm so looking forward to this lovely smaller show.

I do hope I'll see you. And, just a little tiny hint: if you come? You might even get a chance to meet My Sweetheart, as he's agreed to come help set up and take down the booth!

(He's special that way...*wink*)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your very own "roadie". Neat!

5:50 PM  

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