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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Oh! Two Posts in Three Days?

Another bit about the Jazz Festival last weekend? If you don't mind my belaboring the was the perfect opportunity for this knitter to spend a relaxing two days knitting. I didn't want anything too challenging, nor anything to hot since Richmond in the summer is often stifling (but Sunday was totally BEAUTIFUL!). So of course, you know that basically gives me two choices: socks and mittens. I chose socks and finished the first of the Opal Blue Denim socks:

I had several women stop and ask me about sock knitting, one young woman came running over and said, "Oh! I'll be back!" and came back with her camera to photo my foot with the not quite finished sock on it. She was ecstatic as she'd told her fella that since he was so involved in golf, she was going to take up knitting and all weekend she'd been looking at people's sweaters everywhere she went (I thought, "Really? In this heat they're wearing sweaters?" but I let that slide). And now she'd found someone knitting a sock and she was convinced it was EXACTLY what she wanted to do! I hope she does, she was so excited!

Now on a totally unrelated note, I was going thru some things and discovered these VHS instructional videos:
My VCR has died and so if you still have one, and you're interested in silk ribbon embroidery, this is the set to have. I'd love to send it your way for $10 for all three and then when I know where it's going I'll let you know the shipping cost.

Just send me an email or leave a comment here, okay?


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