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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Olde Liberty Fibre Faire

Nana Sadie Rose went on the road again yesterday to the Olde Liberty Fibre Faire in Bedford, VA. We set up a bit slower than usual (there were only the two of us, so that might have explained it a bit, plus it was early morning)

Our next door neighbor offered some hangers on the back of her booth, which were very nice to have to show off the new smaller drawstring bags we have available.

We saw a lot of folks and people were very interested in all the accessories Nana Sadie Rose has been adding to her lineup! That's wonderful!

Once the show was done and we were packed up (which also took longer than usual, do you think maybe we're slowing down a might in our "advanced years?" heh.), we hurried off to meet up with Cathy at her new yarn shop:

Just a bit away from the Lions Club where the show was, is the newest yarn shop in the SW corner of the state: The Whistle Stop Yarn Shop. And yes, there's a real, old-fashioned Post Office in the building!!! The boards creek and are a mite uneven as the building is as old as you think it seems. But oh my, a delightful array of choices confront you! I did pick up a small item, but haven't gotten a photo of it, so I'll share that with you later...

After shopping, we headed down to the Olde Liberty Train Station Restaurant for dinner. You can click on the link for dinner and see what I enjoyed for MY meal: The Cranberry Chicken Salad! Oh my. It was wonderful, and enough for two meals, so I brought 1/2 home and had it for lunch today! We also split a Butterfinger Cheesecake slice, and it was a wonderful as you can imagine...

On returning to Roanoke, I was stopped at a sobriety checkpoint, so we were very glad we hadn't had any wine with dinner...I knew the trip back would require me to be in full control of the car, so Diet Coke was the order of the meal!! Please don't drink and drive, folks!

So suddenly, I thought of the perfect quote for my Nana Sadie Rose customers. See what you think:


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