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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Busy Weekend With A Show Upcoming

So I've been working on processing fabrics and making up items for the booth. That ticker up there just keeps ticking away. Of course, I had to run by Wyrd Sisters yesterday because we had a planning meeting for WWKIP day, and then Margaret Radcliff was there signing her book and you know I had to have a copy of my own...

But otherwise, it was all sewing (and cutting) all the time:

Yes, that IS another argyle print up there on the right side of the photo. A black, red, and white argyle. I had to make up a few accessories, too. I decided to make up the original Posy in the argyle, and then the Rosy-Posy in the Knitting Sheep.

Then a few accessories in the white argyle from yesterday.

I asked the same questions on Facebook yesterday and it's interesting that folks either love that print or they think it's busy.

Dearest Friend, Lynette, said this: "Busy? But isn't EVERYTHING you make a busy print?"

She's right...


Anonymous twinsetellen said...

That argyle looks really nice excerpted as a band on the fobs. Makes me think a solid bag with argyle accents would be quite classy.

Good luck with show prep!

8:43 AM  

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