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Saturday, April 07, 2012

When Pulled in 20 Directions, Start a New Project!

Yup. I know I'm not alone in this. There's way more on my plate than I like having there, so to deal with it, I add in a new project. What's more, I realize that it's highly unlikely that a project with 15 different colors of Caron Simply Soft Solids can possibly be located in just one store, and so I must run to four local stores that carry the brand, hitting three of them twice in two days because of the coupons offering specific discounts on the 6th and the 7th.

No one else does that, do they? *wink*

So of course, this morning in the process of gathering the remaining skeins and a great discounted basket for corralling the skeins whilst crocheting (Yes, I did say the "C" word), I phoned BFF Lynette who suggested that we hit AC Moore (the last stop on my trek) at the same time and then Panera Bread for lunch. I'd had DINNER at the other Panera across town with Sis-in-law the night before during my first fly-by the three stores with Friday's coupons, but heck, I like Panera! So of course, I agreed. And what did that do, but crunch my time a bit more...still you know I truly believe that friends are too important to put on the back burner, and I've been feeling as if Lynette and I don't see anywhere near enough of each other these days.

So upon returning home, I quickly snapped a photo of the yarns in their new basket and dropped everything to run downstairs and pick up the sewing I still have to do for the Old Liberty Fibre Faire next Saturday.

Isn't that basket delightful? As soon as I realized that it coordinated with the yarns, and as such would coordinate with the afghan when it's complete, and that it was also 40% off, I had to get it.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll have photos for you of some of the Nana Sadie Rose wares that are flying off the sewing machine, but I didn't get any pictures taken today. But tonight, after making a really nice (and quick and easy) black bean, corn, rice, and peppers "bowl" meal, I sat down to try my hand at Lucy's Summer Garden Granny Square afghan. And finished these four squares.

Now I've got to get myself into bed, even tho' I'd much rather do another square, but there's still a lot I want to finish before next weekend, so I have to get a little sleep.

Enjoy your Easter tomorrow, if you celebrate it. I'll be enjoying the chocolate! (And peddling my exercise bike to offset the extra calories...)


Blogger Bonnie said...

Very clever use of the coupons! Your blanket is going to be beautiful.

6:36 AM  
Blogger cauchy09 said...

pretty! you'll have a super sweet blanket soon.

7:33 AM  

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