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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Rasta! Fasta! Wow!

I showed you the Malabrigo Rasta I bought a couple of weeks ago in an earlier post. It took me a bit to get needles and cables. I'm notorious for thinking I have something, only to discover either I don't have it or it's in use. Knitpicks cables were the issue here...not sure where the 32" cables for my interchangeable set disappeared to, but couldn't find them, so picked up more at Wyrd Sisters and then had to wait to cast on for my Mobius Cowl. Today was the day...

And two hours later?

Wow. That's fast. Not to mention it's the first time I've knit a mobius anything!

Hmm...I guess what they say about bulky yarn is true. It's Fasta. No joke. Of course the size 15 needles are really hard on my hands...I'm going back to the size 2s I'm using to knit a hat for the rest of my lazy Sunday.


Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

Hot diggity!! And that is absolutely stunning - I adore the colors, and it just looks like silk it's so shiny and beautiful. I bet you'll wear that a LOT. I haven't done a moebius anything, either, but I think I'd better...

2:39 PM  
Blogger cauchy09 said...

that yarn looks like a party! so lovely.

6:55 AM  
Anonymous Carrie#K said...

That came out really cute! I love it. I tried big needles/big yarn on a moebius and mine looked terrible.

Isn't it weird how something so large hurts your hands? I found that as well, and too tiny does too. I need to find the perfect needle size and just knit in that even possible? lol

5:19 PM  

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