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Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm Happy. Now.

I finally have my own copy of Wendy's book.
No thanks to, but I'll postpone my rant on that for a minute.

Here's the happy-making thing: You MUST get this book if you're a toe-up sock knitter. Even if you're not. If you want to be a toe-up sock knitter! If you just thought it might be interesting to try toe-up socks, you need this book! I love this book, I will probably make every pattern in this book at some point or another, and, believe it or not? There are TWO, count 'em, TWO heart-patterned socks in here...Whee!

But I've finally come to the conclusion that I will not, again, ever, buy from I won't even be linking to anymore because...

Thanks to Chris I discovered IndieBound, the site for independent bookstores (and apparently more than just bookstores! YAY!)

I will be linking to them from now on.

I'll try to explain. I pre-ordered Wendy's book back in February. Amazon told me on Sunday that this book had shipped and would arrive on Wednesday. It didn't. In fact, all week it hasn't even been picked up on the USPS radar (other than the "Amazon told us they're going to be shipping this but we haven't received it yet"). It's sitting somewhere in Amazon's warehouse. But I got a canned reply to my complaint to Amazon, telling me to wait until the 24th before they did anything about it. This wasn't the first time I've had serious problems with shipping from But it was the last time.

Fortunately, I discovered that my local bookseller had gotten the book in and I cancelled the order at Amazon and bought the book locally.

You see, I *heart* Wendy. But then, that's because she taught me to knit socks, courtesy of her blog (among many other things, including her support of my work, too). And she clued me in to Judy's Magic Cast On, which you all know I swear by.

I am a fan. Of Wendy. Of Judy. Of Chris. And now, of IndieBound.

But not, any longer, of


Blogger Brenda said...

Glad you got the book! I wanted a good book on knitting socks toe-up as I haven't done it yet, and I thought nothing would be better than Wendy's book. My first perusal confirms that.

Mine arrived from amazon with no problem. I have mixed feelings about amazon versus indie book stores. Here we have two indie sellers in town, who won't do special orders unless you order a lot of books at a time, and they don't carry crafting books (not literary enough). I figure they want me to shop elsewhere. I've been such a fan of indie booksellers in other places I've lived, I was disappointed here.

6:18 PM  
Blogger Opal said...

i'm so glad you got the book! i'm eagerly awaiting my copy from.. uhm... amazon. yeah. *fingers crossed* that it'll get here in a reasonable amount of time.

8:43 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Go indies! :)

1:55 PM  
Blogger sandra said...

I've ordered the book - I need to finally conquer that toe up technique!

8:11 AM  

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