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Sunday, November 09, 2008

What A Weekend...and Cliches?

A wonderful visit to Northern Virginia, a great day of friends and customers, both repeat and new (I hate to say "old" customers, b/c none of us ARE!), some fun-filled stash enhancement (no I didn't go overboard), excellent food, and a chance encounter I'd have never expected.


I trekked, as planned, up the valley, stopping at On the Lamb and bought some yarny goodness there - for the life of me, I don't know why I didn't pull out the camera, but never thought of it. Nonetheless, Angel was so helpful, it's a lovely shop, and you really must stop if you're ever in Staunton!
(If you're not from around here? That's pronounced "STANTON" - yes, I know...I'm from New England - I'm just letting you know you will be corrected if you try to say the it the way it's spelled...)
Yes, there was some stash enhancement there...

On arrival at my sister's we didn't stop for long. Off down the George Washington Parkway to Old Town to Knit Happens:
More stash enhancement occurred... *wink*

Big Sis and I had our traditional dinner at La Madelines (we don't always have the same food - except of course, for the Tomato Basil soup)
Doesn't that just look yummy? Yes, we were good. Only water with lemon. Because we had to go home and set up for the shows, so no chance of feeling a little bit tipsy! Not this time...

Show "hall" was my Big Sis's living room:

Nice job! BIL was so good to move most of the furniture out of the living room!

The shows were a delight. Much merriment, good conversation (and yes, sales!) occurred.

Today, one fully packed Forester and Nana Sadie Rose trundled home. I think Big Sis planned to rake leaves this afternoon (I would have been too exhausted).

On the return trip, I stopped at an exit off I-81, with a plan to hit the restroom and grab a quick lunch. A Taco Bell sounded just right. I ducked into the restroom first, and as I was about to leave, the door handle rattled. I opened it to find a lovely dark-haired young woman standing there. I blinked!

"OH MY GOSH - What are you doing here?"

Gina blinked and her smile spread across her face in wonderment - "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? I'm on my way back from Stitches East, did YOU go to Stitches?"

"No, I did home shows in Alexandria this weekend!"

What are the chances?

Gina. The proprietress of Mosaic in Blacksburg VA, it's my #1 Favorite LYS (no longer tied with Becky since the closing of Knitter's Knook). And here she's standing in front of me across the threshold of a Taco Bell women's restroom on an interstate several hours north of where we both normally are in Virginia.

I know it's a cliche. But the world, is indeed, a very small place.

Who'd a thunk it?
(stash enhancement photos tomorrow...I promise!)

OH, and GINA? You have a beautiful family...


Blogger KnitYoga said...

What a fabulous weekend that sounds and your bag display looks wonderful!

6:21 AM  
Blogger Dana said...

I'm glad to hear that you had such a successful and fun trip. Dinner looked wonderful, as did the bag display! :)

Can't wait to see your purchases!

9:31 AM  
Blogger Opal said...

yay for fab weekends! i'm a big fan of tomato basil soup too. it's just the best comfort food. :)

1:56 PM  

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