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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Lazy Sunday - NOT!

This weekend has been busy, too, making lots of bags, tho' most have been one-of-a-kind so I can't show you...but this one I have more fabric for, so if you've a bit of the wanderlust, it might be the one for you! Vintage Postcards in the Mera size (6 interior pockets). Check out Nana Sadie Rose for your special bag?
More Oressa dpn cases - this one matches the Asian Kitties Mera you see in the sidebar over there --> The Mera is probably the best size for you sock knitters looking for something that will carry all you need - socks in progress, dpn case, wallet, keys, cell, makeup case! The perfect size for small knitting projects and the Oressa case will slip right inside.

For the special sock knitter in your life who is a survivor, this lovely Pink Ribbon case, accented with pink and purple hearts on the inside flannel, to show your admiration for the struggle she's gone thru!

And The Meezer has been busy, too!
Really Mom, what else can I do, you spend so much time with that sewing machine....
And for those of you wondering, yes that's the same tearstrip, she's kept it since mid-March (I got another in the mail this week and we've got it hidden just in case this one somehow disappears! Do you know how much a Siamese resembles a crying baby when they're upset?)
It's my toy...I love my can't have my toy...I'm NOT obsessed
...The Meezer
The Meezer brings this to bed every night...we have a rousing game of catch me if you can...but ONLY on the bed. In the middle of the night, I'll find the toy dropped on my face, or in my open hand, because at 3 a.m., The Meezer has decided "It's Playtime!"

Here I am overseeing the work done at Nana Sadie Rose...She acts like I'm such a trial...but she knows I'm her very best sewing assistant (knitting assistant, too!)...The Meezer


Anonymous the Mitz said...

You go've got the times right Meezer...3AM (or even earlier!!!) is a great time to play. I regularly jump on my Meow-me's head, tug at the blankets etc...trying to wake the humans up. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Always fun though. Your Meowme needs to adjust to your hours, right???
Have a Meow of a Day...
PS Your coat is dreamY!!!!

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Geraldine said...

I guess the Mitz is at it again, typing when Im not looking. Views expressed by the Mitz are not those of the humans she owns. :) If she wasn't so darn cute, she wouldnt be getting away with so much!!!
Loved the tote too!
BFN, Geraldine aka Mitzi's Meowmie

12:30 PM  
Blogger Sock Hook'r said...

I am in love with the asian fabric used for the needle case. oh the agnoy lol I must resist buying lol.

6:49 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Oh, the minute Chaos starts trying to play at 3 am, he is so out of there...

7:01 PM  

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