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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Some Thoughts on SP 6

I joined SP 6 with high hopes of having a fabulous time of meeting new people online. I was assigned my spoilee (and heard once from my spoiler), and merrily went about sending off ecards, and gifts to my spoilee. I posted my questionnaire answers and printed off those of my spoilee. The rules said "at least one something each month," and I realized that meant ecards and emails, too.

Two packages later and several emails/ecards to my spoilee, but I hadn't heard again from my spoiler. I emailed my hostess. No response. I emailed again a couple of weeks later, and got a response that they would check. Then I got a frantic "I'm so sorry" email from my spoiler saying that she had life get in the way.

You know what? Life really does get in the way. My spoilee has emailed (after several weeks of hearing nothing, so I didn't know if she'd even gotten my second package) to let me know of computer issues. I understand - I lost my work computer in a freak accident in August. LIFE GETS IN THE WAY.

I've heard from my spoiler that she has mailed something. I periodically check my post office box, but I know she's mailing from another country, so it might take a bit longer.

Now the SP6 hostesses have issued a plea for participants they have emailed to respond to them (not naming names, so no one knows exactly to whom they are speaking - unless of course, you DID get an email!), because their emails remain unanswered. Okay - those folks they haven't heard from - why not drop them out, and call in the reinforcements of angels? Isn't that what angels are for?

You know, I'm having a blast sending things to my spoilee. She hasn't updated her blog since the beginning when she spoke of her excitement to be a part of SP6. She was expecting the computer gods to continue to smile down on her (as we all do) - but it's not her fault they didn't. No one knows, but me, that she's being spoiled. (And just wait till she sees her November spoil! *wink*)

Okay. Not the way I'd originally planned my participation in this, but hey - Life Gets In The Way sometimes, doesn't it? I was taught "tis better to give than to receive," and I went into SP6 in that spirit. (((hugs)))

edited 10:40p.m. 11/12/05 Hey - I did not mean for this to be a complaint column. My point here is that life has a way of derailing the best of intentions. I tend to be an optimist - don't read this any other way?


Blogger Christine said...

I am sorry SP6 isn't going very well for you. And, I don't know who your hostess is, but maybe you should leave a reminder comment on her blog.
(not your SP Hostess)

7:10 PM  
Blogger Isela said...

I am sorry, what a bummer. I am in SP6 too, I have been spoiled rotten and I have send little stuff every month to my spoilee, but I have not seen anything on her blog either :(...but she has been in the midst of a major move. cover tracks, I have been emailing her to let her know about her little packages :).

Hope the angels come soon to bring some cheer :)

7:39 PM  
Blogger Sorka said...

I am in SP3 and my secret pal seems to have disappeared. It's got me a little down! But I have sure enjoyed spoiling my pal.. each round I have fun getting out the coloured tissue paper and wrapping everything up to go int he package! I hope it's like a mini Christmas each time! I am even having some special fiber spun up for her for the final gift! It's fun to scheme.. I just hope my pal is ok..

11:48 PM  
Blogger Birdsong said...

Sallee - You sure hit it on the head about life getting in the way of the best of our intentions... I am doing my best not to overcommit myself to help out in this dept. but it still happens occasionally. Glad you are having fun and maintaining your optimistic spirit. We have Secret Pals in our quilt club, and that is the one shot I give to such a project, so that I can at least keep my SP in mind, in time (although I was dyslexic with dates last year, and late on her birthday, sigh).

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I completely know what you mean. Here is the kicker. I have sent several to my pal with nothing posted on her blog about recieving them etc... I have sent lots to her and even emailed her. NOTHING This is not the norm. I swear. I was in SP5 and it was great. Lots to find out about my PAL and Lots of spoiling. I just can not figure this one out. But I know that I will continue spoiling mine completely until the end.

10:42 AM  
Blogger pleutim said...

I hear you. I'm a little worried about my SP. It took quite awhile to hear from her after this 6th round started and then in the middle of October I got a single item (not complaining about that - a package is a package and it was appreciated). I heard from her a couple weeks ago that said she would be going shopping again but I haven't seen/heard anything since. I'm not liking having a quiet SP and I think I'm spoiling MY SP like crazy to make up for it.

Sorry. Didn't mean to hijack your comments. LOL I'm leary of contacting my hostess though; I'm not sure I want to complain just yet.

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm sorry to hear your experience, but i'm with you on this one...apart from the first few introduction emails, i felt like my sp6 are doing this reluctantly, andnot having reply any emails thereafter... and even though i'm not really enjoying this sp6, it is still a 'good' experience to try, so i can say "now i know!!"...

6:06 PM  

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