knitnana: Christmas Order Deadline Extended!

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Christmas Order Deadline Extended!

Just in case you were sad because you thought you'd missed my holiday ordering deadline...You are in LUCK! At the last craft show, I ended up selling more existing bags than taking new orders, which gave me a bit of breathing space! Soooo...if you were hoping to put a Nana Sadie Rose bag under a special someone's tree this year, let me know? This photo is an example of what I can do that's somewhat minimal - in case you know someone who'd NEVER put the cool print on the OUTSIDE, I can put it on the inside! (This one is Patriotic Kids from the 1950s! Too Cute!) I'm setting the order date for December 3, but email me before you feel sad if it's past that date? I might be able to sneak one in under the wire?
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Blogger Danielle said...

I'll wait until after the holidays, but your bags are wonderful!

4:33 PM  

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