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Friday, April 01, 2005

Yarn Diet - Knitting from Stash - ReKAL!

Several topics today, as I'm really feeling as if I've over-done it on yarn purchasing lately!! There are a lot of great sites for buying yarn inexpensively, and I think I've bought from them all...which is not necessarily a Good Thing (thanks, Martha!). I'm posting above this entry, a photo of the stash I've created. I'll be knitting from this for some time to come, trying hard not to buy more. It's Yarn Diet time! Note the button I got from Wendy's site over there ----> And, since I'm a frugal soul - well most of the time - I've joined the ReKAL and the button for that is over there ----> too! ReKAL is - reduce, reuse, recycle, for yarnoholics!!! So I've picked up three sweaters from my local Goodwill, and will be searching yard and estate sales this summer looking for more, to unravel and recycle into scarves, shawls, and more!
Mentioning "most of the time" for frugality, I did splurge for my Lace Knitting Shawl KAL & the Think Pink for breast cancer KAL (buttons are also over there --->): I bought my first alpaca! Baby alpaca in antique rose. I'll be knitting Fiber Trends Queen of Hearts Shawl, just jog on over to that site, and I'll try to get a photo posted there this morning, too! That's what I get for taking a day off, updating all my blog postings...since I'm sooo behind.


Blogger Momma22wildfires said...

So...are you willing to share some of your good sources?

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