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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Knit Red KAL for Women’s Heart Disease

I’ve promised to provide educational information to help raise awareness for Women’s Heart Disease as a part of the Knit Red KAL, and I haven’t been doing as well as I’d like. So I thought I’d take a moment and tell you, first, why I am so interested in this topic and then what my background is for being a community educator!

I had a heart attack at age 43 … no I wasn’t too young, I just had many, many risk factors and was in denial! Two months after my heart attack, I had by-pass surgery, and I remain in good heart health today as a result.

But I trained in 2002 with WomenHeart and Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN to become a community educator on Women’s Heart Disease and have spoken around my state over the years since then. With my newest health challenge, that has come to a halt, so I started the Knit Red KAL as a way to continue my crusade to educate every woman to her risk.

As a member of the Knit Red KAL, you will receive occasional informational emails about heart disease as it occurs in women. This information is designed to assist you in making informed lifestyle choices, and to also give you the necessary information to be assertive in asking for the appropriate treatments and tests when you meet with your doctors. To this day, many doctors still consider heart disease a MAN’s disease – well, it is, but it is also the number one killer of WOMEN. I want you to do everything possible to educate yourself and your physicians and to ensure that you are not a victim!


Blogger Kitt said...

Thank you for all you do on this extremely important subject!

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