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Friday, September 27, 2013

Monogamy: Not What You're Thinking!

Keep your mind up high, not down in the gutter, please? *wink*

I'm referring to two types of monogamy. The first? Project Monogamy. We all know that I have a real problem with that, and having a clipped wing hasn't affected it. I still have a huge WIP pile (That's "Work in Process" for those of you not in the knitting "know"), but it's mostly in snooze-mode these days. You can check it out over on Ravelry, if you're so inclined - there are 15 projects listed not in ZZZ (hibernation) mode. For our discussion today, I'm admitting to two active projects:

That's My Sweetheart's second (third) sock and the finished first (second) sock up there sitting with a project that shall remain nameless and unidentifiable until after the holidays. It's a Christmas gift. For someone. Not sayin' who. Just sayin'. :)

The other type of monogamy? Reading monogamy. I have, according to my Goodreads account, 27 BIP (books in progress). I'm actively reading 3, which is an improvement. I have a fourth that I truly want to begin a huge reading project around, but I suspect that will end up being something I do after the beginning of 2014, when life tends to slow a bit with the cold weather. (We'll see, I'm not convinced life will slow down ever again!)

Now that "other" monogamy? The kind you immediately thought of when you saw the title up there? That's no problem. My Sweetheart is my one-and-only, for now-and-forever. That "head-over-teacups" feeling has continued from the beginning. No question there. *wink*

But he and I have been discussing my propensity to a touch of ADHD...or perhaps it's just scattered thinking and a fascination with tons of things: books, yarn, and fabrics being three. The fabric issue has been clipped completely since I couldn't sew if I wanted to (and I do want to). I am refusing to visit fabric websites, stores, or even my own sewing room (I'm getting good at walking straight through without *seeing* Bernie, at all. It's kinda sad.). But I've become a total addict when it comes to Noro - it's my current yarn "crack." And books and magazines have always been my choice of items to "hoard"...(interestingly? They're also one of My Sweetheart's favorites - he's better at weeding out the magazines than I am, tho')

We've been working on another issue we both share: biting off more than we can chew. Painting his living room...and bathroom, two bedrooms, and eventually the kitchen/dining room. Well, I guess we can just use the code-word "painting," and call it one project? And the carpeting (we did no more than pick it out, then sit on the deck and wait for them to install it, but it still felt like work - oh NO! Wait! That's what I did, My Sweetie pulled ALL the furniture into the basement and dining room, which WAS work!!). Then he put in a new bathroom floor - it's gorgeous! (Well, come to think of it, I helped, there, too. I went shopping with him and helped pick out the flooring and paint colors, along with that carpeting! I'm a very good shopper!)

I think, perhaps, we're not alone in these maybe it's really just human nature?

Yeah. I'm stickin' to that story!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

This week's Ten on Tuesday is easy for me, because I have way more than 10 books I want to read, so here goes:

1. Bill McKibben's Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist"

2. Vandana Shiva's Earth Democracy: Justice, Sustainability, and Peace

3. Gwen Cooper's Love Saves the Day

4. Sue Halpern's Four Wings and a Prayer

5. Barbara Kingsolver's ... well, ANYTHING. I've read only one, so anything from this list of Kingsolver's work. Come to think of it, anything by McKibben and Shiva - (I'm way over 10 now...)

So I'm going to stop. I'm also reading books on religion...John Shelby Spong is at the top of the list right now, so I have this list I'm working thru...

So many books, so little time!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

This week's topic is "Ten things You Miss About Your Own House When You Go Away."

And when you consider I do this many weekends nowadays, I've really had a bit of experience at it! So here's my list, thoughtful, and hopefully a bit provocative? Oh well, maybe not...

1 & 2. The Cats (this should count as two, because there are two of them and I miss them equally...they make me PAY when I return, too...The Tonk is a needy ball of jello "LOVE ME, LOVE ME, LOVE ME, YOU WERE GONE SOOOOOOOOOOO LONG," and The Meezer is miffed - for about 5 minutes, then she can't wait to glue herself to my side on the bed!!)

3. My own bed. (And not because of the cat glued to my side, either) If there's one thing I've learned very well with this romantic relationship it's that two people will have two entirely different tastes in firmness, softness, squishiness, height of the bed itself, heck, even BEDDING. I miss MINE. :)

4. My stash. Why is it that suddenly, the minute I'm 50 miles from home, I think of a new project I want to start? Or I realize I don't have the right needles with me? (I do pack things pretty well, but still, I make mistakes)

5. My reference library. We can have some interesting conversations, that's for sure, but there are many, many times when I wish I could just step into the den and pull a book from MY shelf! To look something up, to prove my point, or to clarify it, it matters not - I want MY BOOKS.

6. My computer! I make do with my iPhone, and it's great, but I still wish I could sit down and look at a FULL-SIZED screen! I can use My Sweetheart's laptop, of course, but as with most laptops, it has a thumb pad. I've never mastered them, and they end up being more aggravating than not...

7. My closet - yup, you guessed it, even thinking through, a day or two before, what we'll be doing over the weekend, I will get there and either have forgotten something or some other option will offer itself and I won't have the right clothing - an example? I have TWO bathing suits. TWO! Neither of them were with me the day we were invited to join friends in their hot tub. (sigh)

8. I've missed the Fresh Market grocery at the top of my hill...but the good news is they'll be getting one in My Sweetie's town soon. We love their ready-made salads and soups. Since we've been painting, we've taken to grabbing quick food - and it would be so nice to have those ready-made salads!!!

9. My CDs. I know, I'm terribly behind the times. Everything should be on an iPod, right? It's not, I don't even have an iPod (yes, the iPhone is an iPod, but...). It's not even in the Cloud. It's on my shelf. Enough said.

10. Last but probably most importantly (other than 1&2, of course), I miss my bathroom setup. I know where everything is, I'm used to working in that space - any other place, be it My Sweetie's bathroom, a hotel bathroom, a family member's or friend's place? Is not set up as I like it. (I don't adjust well when I move either, btw...) I am, like most folks, a creature of habit. And it's just so good to be back in my own bathroom with my own nooks and crannies and comfort zone.


Thursday, September 05, 2013

There IS Knitting...Behind the Scenes, So to Speak

In an effort to spend a little less, I took to frogging a piece I made back before I lost weight (which was TOO big by far - probably too big for the size I was when I made it!). As such there's a lot of Noro Iro available to make something with, and I decided to make accessories. Here is the first piece:

Bulky Moebius Cowl (Ravelry link)

Needle size: 15 US.

Yarn: Noro Iro in colorway #63.

I plan to make mitts and a hat to go with. So there IS some knitting going on besides the holiday gifts, of course. And the shoulder is still in limbo (literally!). I can use my arm for some things, but not fully and not the way I want. MRI is scheduled next week, and then we'll see (not sure how long it will take for the doc to get back with me).

And we're still painting at My Sweetie's house. (Well, he is, I'm doing precious little, but he babies me that way...I can help with the woodwork and stuff down low, as long as I'm not UP on a ladder, or otherwise "extending" myself. He says he just appreciates my company. Heh. And I enjoy his. I also think he's pretty special, if I do say so myself!)


I honor the place in you,

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When you are centered in that place in you,

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