knitnana: September 2010
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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Help Shanti's Mom

Shanti's Mom is collecting handknit, washable wool hats for adults by Nov 1. PLEASE click on that link and read the post all the way through. I think this is a wonderful, worthy thing to do, and will be contributing at least one hat.

This means the four pairs of socks will go on the backburner for a little while! But I'll put more OTN for this cause. Wouldn't you?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ten On Tuesday...

I hope Carole doesn't mind if I jump in once in awhile with Ten on Tuesday? I don't do it every week, as many times I can't relate (the camping thing? nope)...

But this week is 10 things in your refrigerator right now, and oh, let me tell you I can do that!
1. Kefir (there's just a bit left in the container, but this is my go-to item when I get off work at 4:30 and have an evening yoga class. I can't have dinner till after the class, and a cup of this lovely stuff doesn't weigh me down, adds calcium to my "older" bones, and keeps my sugar up till after the class, when I then have...
2. Cottage cheese and fruit - today it's cantelope, but it's often berries of one sort or another, and sometimes black grapes and kiwi. This is frequently the dinner (snack?) I eat after yoga.
3. Yogurt (which I eat with Special K Low-fat Granola for breakfast every morning).
4. Vermont (Hunters) Extra Sharp Cheddar (there is nothing else when it comes to cheddar). I only have this around occasionally, but when we visited VT in August, I made sure I brought some back. It's super high in fat content, so I'm very judicious about using it (besides, I savor it). There's a reason it's encased in black wax - it's extremely sharp cheese. (From Grafton Village, but I like Cabot's Seriously Sharp, too)
5. Skim Milk - We made the switch in the 70s, when I was a teenager and my dad had his first heart attack. I've loved milk since I was a kid and drinking it was routine, until I was in my 30s and 40s when I didn't drink it at all. I had the dumb idea that it made me fat...hmm, I was fat - okay, "fluffy" the entire time I wasn't drinking it (it should have told me something!). Like most "women of a certain age" my calcium is a precious commodity. Now I know that keeping dairy in my diet (yes, I'm lucky I'm not lactose-intolerant) helps me keep the weight OFF! (And my blood pressure down, but that's another story...)
6. Sandwich Thins: by any brand, but I do like Arnold's best. 100 calories, I use the whole wheat variety for my sandwiches. At 1 Weight Watcher point, this is very very friendly bread, and it's also very tasty...
7. Deli turkey breast (another WW friendly item) - for the Sandwich Thins
8. Gulden's Spicy Mustard...(another theme! I adore my turkey sandwiches)
9. Fresh greens. Right now, I've got baby lettuces, but I do spinach and mesclun mix, too. I put it in my sandwiches (you saw that coming, right?) and I make big dinner salads. If I have spinach, I tend to do fruit salads (see #2 above) and toss in
10. Feta (with the Light Raspberry Walnut dressing from Ken's) and English Walnuts.

I'm only beginning to touch on dinner when I bring up that salad. There's lots more in my freezer and in my cabinets that make up dinner. I suspect from what Carole said in her post today? We might see that come up later in other Ten on Tuesday lists!

btw...I don't get anything from any of these folks I've listed here...I'm just sharing my favorites!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

NoSoKnit 2010! And Introducing Sidekick Bag!

A lovely day, as usual, at Roanoke's NoSoKnit 2010! But things felt very different for me, as it was the first time I was a vendor there. I'll be happy to return to the status of *knitter* next year, I kinda missed relaxing with my friends!

But we had a great time here, too:

I split a booth space with Natasha of Unplanned Peacock and, as usual, had a hard time wrenching myself away from her beautiful hand-dyed sock yarn. This is Frog

(Ok, rotten lighting on that photo - it's blue-greens: spruce, pine, with a very light touch of navy - so I can get away with it, even if I normally don't *do* green)
Here's what Natasha's booth looked like!

(I've decided I love those cubes, and considering the blank wall behind my booth? We're going to begin to climb UP instead of spreading out!)

Mary Ellen of I See Spots Farm had the other half of the front of the room, with all her wonderful supplies for spinning, knitting, and yes, even canning! I was delighted to find her Black Raspberry Fruit Vinegar (frankly, she had a lot of flavors I would have liked to try) and picked up a couple of patterns and some Brittany straights for scarves...

Here's Mary Ellen, herself, in her booth space:

Just for NoSoKnit, I decided to roll out yet another new bag in Nana Sadie Rose's line:

It's called the Sidekick (hmm...cute, no?)

Not really a fanny-pack, it's a pouch (there are two sizes) with ties on the back to snug up either around your belt, or through your belt loops. This won't appeal to everyone, I realize, but it's a simple, unconstructed bag that has no pockets and the simple closure that is my usual loop. The larger one will hold a generously sized ball of sock yarn, the smaller one would do nicely for a ball of dishcloth cotton. You can obviously use this if you're into walking keep your hands focussed, but frankly, this will accomodate any situation in which you need to have necessities along but also keep your hands free for other things.

Inside is very plain, as I said, but sometimes, simple is just the right touch, no?

I hope to have a few available in the etsy shop soon, but if you can't wait, email me about a custom order, okay? more shot:'s been a long day, after a longer couple of months, so I'm headed off to dream land...(I hope!)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Something Different!

Remember this?

Kim's Kashmir in Forever in Blue Jeans?

Well, I've been knitting various makers' sock yarns for a couple of months, a round or two at a time, what with the other demands on my time, and suddenly tonight, as the Bernina again fell silent for a couple of days, and everything that can be packed in the car for setup tomorrow night is packed, and the fabrics are stowed in the rolling case, and the bags and such are ready to head out on Saturday morning to NoSoKnit Roanoke...Well? I wanted something to knit as long as it WASN'T socks.

My eyes fell on this:

Yes, it's Brandywine Shawl. I only managed 2 rows, but what heaven it was to knit lace, to look at the chart, to count and pass slipped stitches over, and purl (!).

With socks, especially my plain vanilla ones which require virtually no thought, it's all stocking stitch (in the form of garter in the round) all the time. And that's great when there are other things commanding my attention.

But oh, letting all the *stuff* of life (and there's been much, lemme tell ya!) go as I focus on the lace?

(I missed yoga this week to focus on the show, so Nirvana was necessary!)

Of course, it didn't last long. I got a rude awakening:

Do those look like webbed feet? No? Well, they're wet enough to be.

The Tonk, we're almost convinced, was only given water as a tyke in a flimsy bowl that must have been tippy. Even tho' his water now arrives, fresh twice a day, in a heavy crockery bowl, he finds it imperative to stand knee-deep in the bowl to hold it steady. He finds it immensely amusing to fling the water from his paws onto my skitter across every single piece of furniture and hardwood floor in his dripping paws.

My Little Duck. *heart*

Monday, September 20, 2010


Hi! Did you miss me?
I'm just working away on the Bernina. With another show on Saturday, there's no time for much of anything else...See, it's a knitting event, and while some folks who knit love cats, others don't like to wear their love of cats on their sleeves (or handbags, as the case may be). Some of them like to wear sheepies on their sleeves...or sock monkeys...or knitting needles. As a result, all the stock I have is fine, but more (and different sorts of things) was needed.'s all sewing all the time around here. Okay, I did take 30 minutes during the news tonight to knit, but I swear until then? I've only knit between 1/2 - 1 row on a plain vanilla sock for the past several best. Knitting content will return soon, I promise.

Till then? I'll distract you with cats...I found these two like this on the bed tonight when I came upstairs:

And here's just a sample of my favorite things in the whole world (including The Meezer who is just out of range to the left of The Tonk there...)

(faux leopard throw, pink roses, and pointed kitties - truly my very favorite things...oh, add in Merlot to that list will you? In fact if you have some let me know, because I could really use a glass about now...)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You Know I'm A Pushover for Pointed Cats, Right?

So would it surprise you to learn I brought back another Meezer from the Cat Show?

It would? (You remember of course that I'm only supposed to have 2 cats in the apartment, right? Oh, heck, who can tell them apart, anyway? Especially when The Meezer, herself, is such a scaredy cat that you rarely even see her tail as she leaves the who would know? What's one more...geesh, I sound like my vet when she inherits one who needs a new home! I am a pushover for kitties with dark masks, tails, and boots!)

Well...I didn't think one more would hurt, and I couldn't resist those blue eyes:

The crew here at home were a bit distressed:
Who are YOU?
But after a relatively short introduction, The Tonk thought it might be fun to play with this kitties back (he tends to jump The Meezer from behind, too, hmm....).
But The Meezer couldn't be fooled...
Tonk, don't be a dummy, it's a Dummy Siamese...

(Can't put anything past her, you know?)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to the Real World

We're back! It was a lovely trip, it was so good to see all our friends and to meet some really terrific newbies to Nana Sadie Rose. The show was good in all respects, there was no hurricane (I think I shall always measure National Capital Cat Show against our worst year, 2008, when Hurricane Hanna roared up the coast and practically rained on our parade!), and while you can tell people are being a bit cautious, it was obvious that many folks were still going to make sure they had their dose of cat-related paraphenalia!

Brother-in-law surprised us mid-afternoon on Saturday, by driving over to see the booth and the show. We had the presence of mind to ask him to get a snapshot of the three sisters!

I don't think we've ever been able to get all of us in the photo at once, and this one is really special because of that. Left to right, that's Sis-in-law, me, and Big Sis.

We got in late evening last night, the car was unpacked (most of it still sits in the living room, of course, tho' the booth architecture was stored at Sis-in-law's as usual).

And in spite of not bothering much with following Weight Watchers eating, I managed to only gain 8/10th of a pound which is surely a function of how much exercise we get while we're putting up the booth, running around the Dulles Expo Center, and taking the booth back down in a matter of 3 days.

I'm not complaining!

And now, the countdown to NoSoKnit begins - yes, Nana Sadie Rose will have a booth there, too! (I know...crazy as a loon, I am...)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Drive-By Blogging...

No photos, too late for a real post, just a quick "Thank You!" to everyone who visited us during National Capital Cat Show, and a promise for a better post in a day or two...we're heading home in the morning.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Do You Think It Might Be Overkill?

Yes, you do see three different socks in that photo below...all three are headed to DC with me for the weekend.

Do you think perhaps that's a bit of overkill?

Fine. If I'm too busy to stitch even one sock? I'll be delighted!

Hope to see you at the Dulles Expo Center on Saturday and Sunday!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A Contest! (Not me...)

I don't have time to run a contest right now, but I entered, and you can, too!
Right Here!

Monday, September 06, 2010

And The Bernina Falls Silent...

That's it, I'm as ready as I'll ever be!

National Capital Cat Show? Here we come...

Today I managed to make another three handbags (the Kerri size) and a drawstring in the cutest "cartoon breeds" fabric (so cute, I had to make one of the little zippered baglets, too, but then I was out of fabric - I can get more, but not before the show!)...

The Meezer was so excited she agreed to stay on the cutting table a few seconds longer than she was needed to pose with this Ochre Yin Yang Kitties Kerri, so you could see it for scale...

But they're both pretty darned excited that I'm not sitting at the sewing machine any longer:

You mean you're done? Meezer, what does that mean? She can play with us again?

TM: No, Pipsqueak. It means that "ol' woman" is gonna come and house/pet sit and take care of us and Mommie's going away again...You'll find me under the bed, I won't come out no matter what she does...and don't you tell Mommie otherwise, Pipsqueak!

TT: But Mommie? She did come out last time - she did. She sat next to Auntie Lynette while she knitted, just like she does when you're here! Don't believe her, she's not afraid of Auntie Lynette!

TM: Haruumph! Tattle-tail!

(Isn't is funny how much they miss me when I'm gone?)

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Countdown to National Capital Cat Show!

I can't believe that ticker reads right up there! Only 6 more days???

The Bernina has been humming (thank you, sewing machine gods and goddesses!) Here's a representative sample of the past couple of days' work:

Lots of accessories (checkbooks, cell phone cases, two sizes of zippered baglets)

Many drawstring bags...

Meras and Knitnanas and all sorts of things (depending on what the scissors hit - I tend to cut multiple items from the same fabrics, which is just one of the many simple methods my Dear Dad, the efficiency engineer taught his kids - SEE Daddy, I was listening!)

I have to commend my faithful felines...Siamese breeds are totally loyal and tend to want to be wherever their people are...

But this is taking the meaning of "kitty condo" a step beyond...

Maybe to "double-decker?"
(The Bernina is right on the desk above and to the left of The Meezer's shelf there...The Tonk discovered that shelf, The Meezer followed him up and only decided to move after she heard the camera's trill when it turned on. She knew the flash wasn't far way!)

Friday, September 03, 2010


I know I've been MIA for a bit, but I've been scurrying to prepare for The Big Cat Show next weekend:

A few drawstrings have hit the "finished" pile...

Many more accessories than what you see here, but that's representative...

The resident felines are bored out of their minds because sewing machines just don't trip their triggers, ya know? What's with that, anyway?

And I'm looking at this card I picked up in Vermont a lot...

And trying to follow it's advice to the letter!

Hope your Labor Day weekend is fabulous (I've been off work since yesterday, in the hopes that 5 days of sewing will put many more items in the "finished" pile than are currently there!)


I honor the place in you,

which is of love, truth, light, and peace.

When you are centered in that place in you,

and I am centered in that place in me,

we are one.

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