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Friday, April 30, 2010

A Guest In The House...

Last night I scurried around making ready for a visitor:

Looks nice doesn't it?

We drove quite a way to pick him up, but Lynette and I brought a new little guy to visit...

and probably stay.

More soon...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lost Weekend...

I promised you an update tonight, but I've got nothing much...

Spent the entire day working on a new bag prototype. It ended sliced to smitherines (I'm lethal when I'm ticked at myself, and the bag suffered from my wrath). However, the good news is that I was forced to lie down with a lot of upper back, shoulder, and neck pain afterwards, and in the process of unkinking muscle spasms, I may have achieved a breakthrough, and the next version of the prototype may be more successful - time will tell.

Of course, that meant a wasted day, on top of yesterday's more or less wasted day. This does not bode well for my stock at Sedalia, but we'll do what we have to do, and take lots of orders! *wink*

I did create a new "mini-baglet"

5 inches wide, it will hold tiny things in your knitting bag or, if you're like me? Change and debit card in my purse.

So...with so little to show for my Nana Sadie Rose working weekend, I thought I'd try an old trick.

I'll distract you with yarn:

My first STR Goody Goody Feather and Fan sock is growing apace.

And we have an ailing member of our Sunday knitting group (which I've missed the past two months, thanks to shows), and we're making a blanket:

Frankly? This is about the speed of my brain power tonight. (I haven't made a mistake here, yet, but ... just give me a minute, I'm sure I won't get through the weekend without one more!)

Someone was not happy that I decided she'd had enough of a respite and I was going to take her photo for the blog:

Ok, but I'm going to squint if you're detemined to ruin my day, too.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm Too Tired to Even Begin To Think Of a Decent Title!

This has been one of those days when I have so much to do, I'm overwhelmed, but I'm too tired to accomplish much. Not that I don't try, I do. But I tend to spin my wheels.

Little things sorta got done (dishes, a couple of loads of new fabrics). I got out the door to an Open Studio (our community has this once a year - you can do the Garden Tour and also visit artist studios at the same time). I learned of a new potter in my yoga class, a lovely lady named Maya Bohler, and I visited her studio this afternoon:
I came away with a few items to add to my kitchen's vegetable pottery collection (I'll try to post over on Nana Sadie's Place as it kinda goes with the "Meatless Monday's" theme), and also got the lovely lavender mug in the photo above. I also ordered a custom item: a small pot with lid to house my niece's lavender sugar scrub for the bathroom counter (the pot will be so much nicer than the plastic container it's currently in, dontcha know).

And up there in the photo, you can see a couple of things that arrived in the mail today. Yes, that's a skein of Kauni. The colorway isn't one you can see (the changes are deep inside the ball). But I'm sure you've seen this on Ravelry? The Insanity Shawl (probably very aptly named for me, eh?). The photos of the shawl with the pattern are the same colorway I ordered (no surprise, it's black, gray, and purple). I also bought Gaenor and Argante. Not exactly sure which one I'll do first, but I've a skein of Dream in Color Smooshy that Dianne gifted me with at Sock Summit last year, and it's perfect for either one of the patterns - we'll see after I look at them which one I'm itching to make first, right?

Then the card is a wonderful piece of art from Elizabeth McAfee. My vet sent it along with a couple of lovely inserts and a beautiful message of sympathy for CC's passing. I'd been doing pretty well, but lost it a bit when I read that. The Meezer is having a rougher time. She's been quite needy, obviously missing CC, even tho' CC wasn't very kind to her. Siamese grieve hard, by the way, so we're spending more time together. TM would much prefer that I cuddle constantly (go figure!), but I'm hoping she's okay with me just being in the same room...I've got a show in three weeks, after all! She does keep me company in the sewing room, which is really nice.

We spent a little time there this afternoon after I went running errands and basically picked up almost nothing on my list and mostly stuff I wasn't in desperate need of (as I said, spinning my wheels here). I finally gave up and came home to the machine. I hope to have a few things to show off tomorrow, so please do drop by then?

Now I'm off to make another cup of My Lady's Respite tea in my new cup and sit down with Ishbel to see if I can make a little progress on the final chart. I'm determined to finish her before I cast on for Insanity (somehow that just doesn't quite sound right).

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trying to Catch Up

I'm behind, and only part of it can be blamed on losing CC yesterday, as the poor dear didn't really make the decision that hard to come to. I believe she was ready to go, and for once I wasn't too obtuse (or in denial) to understand what she was trying to tell me.

CC's buried next to her dear sister, the Blonde Bombshell, on my vet's property. There's a measure of comfort in that, you know? And there's enormous comfort in all of you and your kindness and consoling comments both here and on Facebook. There can be no doubt that we adore our fur babies!

But I did feel that you deserved at least a tidbit of my weekend, as I've been remiss. I didn't remember to take many photos, but on Monday, post-show, we ventured into Richmond for a bit of shopping. We stopped at Lettuce Knit and Knitting Basket, the trundled along to Quilting Adventures (where I had a blast!). I didn't buy much at the LYS:
Lettuce Knit had this book, and since seeing Bonnie's medallions I knew I had to have it. I was very pleased to see it as I started out the door, so turned back and made sure I bought it!

On Saturday, SIL and I debuted the new uniform for Nana Sadie Rose:

It's also about the first time you've seen me, completely at goal weight. I'm delighted!
(and love the uniform, too!)

I now have about 3 weeks to the Sedalia Festival in Big Island...that ticker is ticking down....but "no pressure!"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Calicos Are "Alien Invaders in Cats' Bodies..."

so said the young daughter of my friend Lynette a good many years ago when such a comment brought looks of wonder to the young child's parents' faces.

Well, she's right. Calico's are a rare breed. Not so much in numbers, but in personality. I had no idea what I was getting into when I took the Calico Curmudgeon into my home and life when she was 4 months old...

She was a soft little thing, not very big at all, really. "No bigger than a minute."

And she had the softest, bunny-fur, belly:

And tiny, dancer's paws...

But that "Catitude?" Well. She never got over it and I never got used to it. CC was the Queen Bee from the second she landed in our universe...

And this morning, quietly, with "first Momma" Lynette and me by her side, our good friend and vet, Connie helped CC land at the Rainbow Bridge.

Sweet CC. I will miss everything dear and darling about you. And will work very hard to forget the not-so-sweet. Say hello and give love-snuggles to your sister BB, the Blonde Bombshell, she will take you "in paw" and show you the ropes. You can hang out with her till I get there, honey.

We'll miss you terribly, but after 19 years, you have had a stellar run, dear girl!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We're Back

But totally wiped out! Not the best show I've ever done as for some reason it wasn't well publicized, but it was great fun to see family, friends, and do a little shopping.

I promise I'll write more very soon.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bags Packed? Check!

And so's the car. We're ready to hit the road. If you're in the Richmond, VA area this weekend, please stop by the Showplace Annex on Saturday or Sunday for the Southeastern Persian Society Cat Show and say hello! The two laughling ladies in pink will happily show you Nana Sadie Rose's newest creations!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Merry Months of...SPRING!

('cause, it's not May yet, tho' almost!)

I finished the PSC socks! I love these, they feel wonderful! And the colors are light and muted spring tones...

But that wasn't even I pulled this out:

A skein of BFMA STR in Goody, Goody, I won last year in a contest on Becky's blog. I've been looking at these ice cream sherbet shades and thinking "scarf" but today decided that no, I'll make it up into Feather & Fan socks.

Yesterday, I found Samantha's pattern for Sweet Jazz, and after selling a bit of yarn I had listed on Ravelry today, went back and spent a bit of it on the pattern:

Called for Koigu. I have Koigu. But only 2 skeins of each color in stash and at minimum it needed three. Started digging a bit deeper in the stash bin and up came the Fleece Artist above! It's pinks and pale golds and greens (and I'm so not into green) but this could possibly find it's way into a gift for next winter holidays, so that's okay...I'm actually thinking I might then need to pick up some STR: Maybe Vancouver Violet? I'd need two to make this little special shawl for myself...I'll think on it...

I'll be a little hard to keep up with this weekend - not taking the laptop. I think I can touch base to check email, but it will be awhile. I'll catch you on the other side!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh Weekend Where Did You GO??

I'm in the midst of a non-stop few weeks of working every single day (and I don't even do taxes!), and I'd fully planned to do this tonight:

Finish up a few more Sundry Baglets for the show next weekend, listen to more of the book, and knit a dishcloth for the office kitchen, while sipping my gin and diet tonic.

That was my plan. I got sidetracked, however. Yesterday was sewing for the show and working on the vet's books, today was finishing those books, and getting to the Greenway to walk my 30 minutes (!), then running to the grocery, and coming home to cook my Meatless Monday dinner and whip up a meatless salad for tomorrow's lunch. By the time I did that, (I managed to get the gin and tonic made while cooking and sipped on it during all that) suddenly it was almost 10 p.m. and I needed to get ready for bed.

So. I at least got my gin and tonic. (The important stuff, right?)
(I drink so often - I had the gin up in a cabinet, a pint from probably 5 years ago with about 2 inches in the bottom of it. I bought the lime for the salad and suddenly thought, "hmm...tonic? I could make a drink!" It was a good treat. I wonder what I'll do with the rest of the tonic, because it'll be flat before I get around to another maybe another 5 years...)

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Mid-Week Fun

Nana Sadie Rose has a new product! It's been awhile since I brought out something new, and this is just a "little something" - an accessory that can easily coordinate to any bag you choose:

Key Fob Wristlets! A few are shown up there with an Altoids can for easy reference to size, but they're 1 inch wide (the key ring is an inch in diameter, too) and about 6 inches long overall. They'll hold lots of keys (and an emergency skein of sock yarn, if you're so inclined!) and either dangle from your wrist, or be easily located in the pockets of your Nana Sadie Rose bag.

I don't have a page for them yet on the website (and may not add it there, frankly, as this item will probably only be available as a ready made in my etsy shop or as an add-on to an order and we'll coordinate it with the fabrics you choose for your bag!

As I'm gearing up for the Southeastern Persian Society Cat Show the middle of the month, there's been a small flurry of shipping going a result? Something arrived for a very special someone in my life:

Recognize that? The Meezer knew the second she saw it, and immediately let out her special little kitty chirp-chirp:

She was so excited I couldn't get a decent shot - she was all movement! A truly Happy Meezer with her tearstrip!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

GOAL! & Ten On Tuesday!

I made my Weight Watcher's goal tonight. A total of 35.8 pounds lost since I started the program last October.

I'm tickled and just a touch unnerved, because now the focus shifts and I have to learn to maintain the weight loss.

So, I have a new goal: I'm going to walk a 5K on June 6 with my Weight Watchers' friends. (At least I'm going to try, since walking plays havoc with my back. But I've been doing a little more each week, so we'll see how it goes)

So...moving right along, Carole has a list of her favorite magazines as her "Ten on Tuesday" topic today. So I thought I'd join her and give you mine (even tho' I don't really *do* the 10 on Tues lists anymore, I liked her idea!). So here goes:
1. Weight Watchers Magazine (I can't help it, it's a great motivator)
2. Yoga Journal (I love this, tho' recently I've just been rereading my old subscription issues, as it seems my mind is a sieve and everything *old* is new again...I must have a serious case of CRS)
3. The Knitter (single copy price, b/c I can't afford it otherwise!)
4. Interweave Knits (tho' some times I just want to knash my teeth over the trendiness)
5. Rowan Magazine (I love it, but I don't always buy it - still that could change)
6. Piecework (same here, I adore it, but I only buy issues with knitting these days)
7. AARP Magazine (comes with the membership - this month's cover is Dr. OZ!)
8. Vegetarian Times (tho' again, I'm rereading old subscriptions right now)
9. Where Women Create (eye candy - pure and simple - I should be so lucky to have the studios these gals do!)
10. Country Living (I preferred Country Home, but it's gone - yes, I have some old issues of both magazines, actually)

These days, I'm spending less money and time on the paper journals. I adore Knitty and I adore Twist Collective.

But I'll take a good photo-rich magazine to bed any night!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Week-End, Week-Begin

Bags are rushing off the Nana Sadie Rose "assembly line" (of one with two hands, no robots) in preparation for all the cat show folks we'll see in two weeks. I've got a few pretties to show you;
The blue pair, and below, the black based pair. (The one on the left in the bottom photo is a brand new fabric... I think I'm in love!)

Then a fabric made up in Kerri size that is perfect for those of us who adore good coffee, cats (who might even adore good coffee, I've seen that before...) and tend to wear blue jeans a lot. I love this little bag.

But otherwise, when I could sew no more, I sat down to make these:

Over on Nana Sadie's Place you can find me and the crochet mannerisms I needed to correct, plus the one rule of anything we should each of us never forget! If you don't know? Read the DEstructions....

After I read what I was supposed to do? It was so much clearer and the scrubbies are coming out looking like they're supposed to...well, except that those last ones need the ends run in...!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Enamoured of Spring

Today was a record-breaking weather day - 88 degrees! And it has just been breathtakingly gorgeous...with the exception of the - ahem - pollen.

I got out and walked twice during the day (at lunch and on my quick 10-minute break), wearing my Birkie's sandals and pink toenails,

then ran a few errands after work, ending up at my favorite second-hand shop. They were having a sale and anytime I can get 50% off such already low prices, I'm going to check it out, ya know?

When I got home, I debated going out to walk again, and decided I'd best not push it. I want to be sure to get to yoga Monday and then tomorrow and Sunday and all next week are due to be gorgeous, and not quite so warm, all the better for walking on the Greenway. Besides, I was hungry.

I had a quick dinner of cottage cheese and fresh berries and pineapple - actually, long before I started Weight Watchers, I adored this meal, so I don't think of it as "diet food." :)

And then I wandered back outside. There were some little sprites poking their heads up in the grass, and I know they'll get those heads chopped off next week when the landlord mows for the first time this spring:

My mom's favorite little spring surprise - violets. She always talked of them turning up their little faces during the day and down at dusk. She had dishes with violets decorating them, a few small pieces - my Big Sis has them (plus a few others she's collected herself) in a lovely display in her guest bathroom, and she and I both collected the violet Swanky Swigs in the 1990s during the "antiquing phase" we both went through. Okay, we actually probably enabled each other's obsession with these little glasses...I've mostly divested of mine, with only about 5 patterns (including the violets, tulips, daffodils, and two or three colors of the forget-me-nots) that I still just love. We both remember them in our grandmother's pantry, the little glasses used for the children's breakfast juice. Who knew they were just processed cheese food (!) jars once upon a time?

1940s-1950s kitsch. Which I adore. And they're sized just right for 1/2 a cup of a beverage, which makes them perfect for easy tracking of Weight Watchers' Points. I think I kept 6 of each pattern. My Big Sis? Should I tell? Has a baker's dozen of each of many, many patterns...

Of course, they made really easy Christmas gifts so I probably helped that collection along quite a bit.

Anyway. Violets make me happy. They remind me of happy, family times. And since this weekend is Easter and Passover, that's appropriate.

Hope your weekend is sunny, the Easter bunny brings you all the chocolate you want, and your bonnet is trimmed with flowers galore! Hmm...I've a hankering for deviled eggs!


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When you are centered in that place in you,

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we are one.

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