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Friday, February 15, 2013

Nana Sadie Rose is Sewing...

...and I wanted to share a few of the results! There's an adapted Mera there (shoulder straps the same length as a Knitnana bag), a Mera Adorned (the one with the bronze solid fabric on the bottom), a Kaia, and a large drawstring in a long-out-of-print fabric from Dan Morris. I've a couple of bags using the same fabric in the works right now - it's always interesting to see what fabrics people go nuts for. And anything with cats and books is a sure seller!

And then, because I haven't in awhile, here's a shot of The Tonk. My receptionist at work has been telling me that I'm remiss in posting, especially posting cat photos.

I'm ashamed and will try to do better, I promise! *wink*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tonk has really grown into his mature coloration. So handsome!

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tonk is such a handsome boy! His distant relatives send their regards from the land of Calico and Tortoiseshell. We all wish you a healthy and productive week.

12:20 PM  

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