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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Amazing Lace Challenge #4

I avoided the AL Challenge #3, because poetry is no longer something I'm good at (in high school, yes, as a romantic, love-sick teen, I could write passing-fair love sonnets, but today? Nope). But when Challenge #4 came along...
Your challenge: One photo of your lace in a reasonable approximation of its potential use at this very moment
I felt as if I had a fair chance...

You see, whether because I've been trying to furiously knit, furiously sew (for the Star City Cat Show last weekend), and furiously type - DON'T forget to enter my Happy Birthday contest, ok? deadline is 5p.m. July 11 - I, NOT the lace, but I have been sidelined with an injury! Bursitis in my left shoulder! (and yes, I've been to the doc and gotten the shot - OUCH!)

So at present, Catharina Faroese-Style Shawl would be suitable for one of the two following jobs in my household, if I had no choice but to bind-off today:

A Health Rider Seat cozy! As even this form of exercise is too much for my aching shoulder...
But perhaps, she really would be happier as a heating pad cozy - as she truly feels she was meant to adorn my shoulders eventually!

(no lace was harmed in the photo-ing of this shoulder on the other hand is throbbing from the typing! lolol!)
(((one-armed hugs)))


Anonymous Dani said...

Oh no! Gentle warm hugs for you, and healthy, hurry up and heal thoughts headed your way!!

11:56 AM  
Blogger Jane said...

Catharina is beautiful - no wonder you stayed up late last night to work on her - but take it easy with the shoulder, ok? Bursitis can be awfully painful and stick around all too long. {{HUGS}}

1:20 PM  

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