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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Here's what I discovered in my PO box today! (Canadian Customs let it through safely!) And yes, you do indeed see the pattern I've will I get the nerve to make it? White Lies Designs Filigree Lace Jacket and the needles - Susan Bates Circs - you can see the same size in bamboo straights - I've not taken time to look at the pattern yet...yum yum - look at all the candy! That's some wondrous dark chocolate there...and what a cute tote (kitty face!) and even the cats were well taken care of...a scoop to help keep their "facilities" clean (in PINK, doncha know! for my dainty ladies) and a temperature taker (haven't quite figured that one out yet, but I will...). Oh, there's almost too much to know where to start - and some of it's in French, so I haven't had time to translate yet...a cool kitty notepad...there's too much to list! Oh and there's also some cool Holly Hobbie fabric and the cutest little sewing kit in a compact! WOW!

Secret Pal - Can you tell me who you are NOW???? THANK YOU !!! WhoooHooo! You're something else!
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