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Sunday, March 20, 2005


It's been a good weekend, all in all. I've spent most of it sewing, only running out to the grocery store yesterday (there is food in the house once again...the kitties are happy, at least). Totes are pouring from my Bernina and I'm finally beginning the Knitting Chicks orders - it will be awhile, yet, ladies, but they're on their way!

But what I'm actually the happiest to report: Aibhlinn is back on the needles and I'm even working a bit on Clapotis, too! Aibhlinn was frogged a week ago, and I just couldn't face it till the end of last week. But I started it and it's really going well (knock wood!). No more stepping stones, instead of lovely diagonal waves. It's swirling nicely, thank you. When I get a little further along I'll post a photo.

Clapotis is being done in the Fair Weather colorway of Caron's Rainbow Dreams. When I started working on Aibhlinn for the Knit Red KAL, it went on the back burner, quickly. I even knitted scarves instead of Clapotis! But last night, after several rows of Aibhlinn, I switched back to Clapotis and it was like coming home to an old friend. I'm making this one for DD, tho' I'm not convinced she loves the colors. I've never understood why someone with such beautiful blue eyes wouldn't want to play them up by wearing blue! {sigh} I guess that's what Mom's do, huh? See our kids in things they wouldn't be caught dead in? Anyway, it'll be next winter before she wears this one.

Otherwise, it was just routine housekeeping stuff this weekend. Even so, I wish there were a day or two more before heading back to work. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be independently wealthy? Oh, maybe I should buy a lottery ticket (I know, you have to play to win, and I never play!).


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