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Friday, March 18, 2005


Just Enough is Plenty…

How Much is Enough?

Enough is Enough…

Three phrases that get at the heart of the voluntary simplicity movement, where living a life of meaning and integrity is critical.

How much does someone need? I can’t determine the answer to that question for anyone other than myself. Perhaps an example is appropriate?

For years, I determined that I needed just two phones: a portable to carry from room to room, and a landline for when the portable was being charged. Mind you, the sound quality of the portable was not up to my expectations. It was downright sorry. Then the portable died. And I determined that the life span of that portable was not nearly long enough for me to justify buying another one, especially considering the poor sound quality. So, slowly, I acquired additional landline phones, because I was never in the same room with the phone and voice mail would pick up before I could get the receiver off the hook! I now have 4 landline phones and the only rooms without one are the bathrooms! Then I got another battery for the portable, so while the sound quality is still poor, it’s working again. Five telephones.

But wait, that’s not all…DD was always insisting I needed a cell phone. I protested vigorously. I hate them. They are rude and intrusive. They are dangerous when used behind the wheel of cars. I acknowledge that they are also insurance policies, especially for a woman driving alone. And very convenient when waiting to hear from a doctor. But I did not want to be leashed.

Now,however, there is a slight problem. I am opening a website for my business. And because I have a post office box for the business address, I’ll need to have a phone number on the website (no, I promise, I am not a fly-by-night operation!). But because my business is in my home, I do not want my phone ringing all hours of the day and night. So voice mail will pick up my business calls after a certain time of night. But my family must be able to reach me in the event of an emergency, so now I’ll have a cell phone for them.

How much is enough? Do I need 4 landline phones, a portable phone, and a cell phone? Apparently so. The last laugh is on me.


Blogger Kitt said...

How much does someone "need"? "Need" is the key word I do believe. In reality, we don't "need" much of anything with the most being water. I guess from that point on, "need" is defined differently by each individual.
But to get to the subject at hand....6 phones may be a bit more than "need" defended your reason for having 6 very well!

Ayeyeye! I just gotta shadup!

1:20 PM  
Blogger Kelly D said...

I dont know how to comment on this one since i am one of those people who have an addictive personality and have to have things around me "just in case!!" LOL But its like getting a raise at work...the more you make the more you we ever save the extra? 6 phones, yea is a little much but...thats why we are all different. we can always justify are actions right? lifes too short enjoy and let live!! love ya nana!!

8:08 PM  
Blogger IndigoMuse said...

I telecommute and work out of my home. I have a work line and a home line but they have distinctive rings so I know one from the other. They also have their own voicemails. If you have Verizon, you have some good options rather than going into phone overload. Good luck! :)

9:57 PM  

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