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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

When it Rains is Pours!

Started with a computer crash, then a computerized car warning, then a medical systems failure, finally a literal crash over the curb, walking.

I'm laid up. Bad sprain, purple all over my foot and swelling. I've been trying to rebuild the disaster on my hard drive, reinstalling programs, and aching literally for my needles or sewing machine - was afraid to touch that - it's computerized too!

Fortunately some of the bags are being brought around by folks to sell in the flesh, because my daughter has a dangerous infection that I can't be exposed to, so my website is (again) on hold. If I can find Picasa on my old hard drive, I may be able to load a few bags on the blog in an attempt to help!

If you love them, let me know?

Wow! Those photos were easier to load than I expected! Note there's no knitting needle wrap yet...still on the drawing board...should be done in a couple of weeks!
Stay tuned...and keep those needles clicking!


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