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Saturday, January 29, 2005

After Christmas projects...

I'm working on a perfectly lovely scarf in Sesamo, mohair, and Dazzlelash - shades of navy, taupe, and olive (with gold from the Dazzlelash!). I've finished one in Sabrina with fushia and gold Dazzlelash. The first knitted on size 17 needles, garter stitch. The second on 15 needles, garter stitch as well. I take these easy scarves with me to knit when I need not to think. So no pattern is good in this case - I can meditate on whatever is getting ready to happen - a doctor's appointment, medical test, or other long stretch of "wait time." The fushia scarf has already garnered compliments, the navy is still on the needles! I expect it to be finished this weekend, though, because we're expecting 4-8 inches of snow...I'll be staying home and knitting and sewing.

My beloved sister was so sweet to gift me with cash for Christmas and my LYS was having an after Christmas sale! So I found these gorgeous yarns I usually would not buy for myself and here are the fruit of that endeavor! Thank you Big Sis!!!


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