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Friday, June 29, 2012

Practicing Ahimsa...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Keeping Everyone Up-to-Date

NB has informed me (in another venue, but similar) that he wishes to be called "Sweetheart." I happen to love that but as you know I tend toward acronyms, so I'm going to use MS...

For MY Sweetheart, of course!! *wink*

I Am Knitting...Sorta.

I cast on last night for Lilith with the very purple Kidlin I bought at Knitters' Knook a couple of years ago...I am wishing I'd done this a couple of years ago, rather than waiting as I have an event I'm going to this weekend (a wedding, of course, friends of NB) and this would have been the perfect wrap over my dress...

So of course, I'm late, but I'll have it eventually, and I'll have the dress, still, too, so it will be a nice combo once I get it finished. Hoping this will be good car-knitting, but then again, if not, there's always my sis-in-law's wine tweed socks.

And an update on The Meezer. She has apparently decided that NB is acceptible. She has gotten to the point of coming up to him for attention. He has to be sitting, and can't make any sudden moves, but the fact that she dances around under his hand, enjoying his affection speaks volumes. She approves! YAY!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Poor Henri!

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Little Tonk

He's been a part of my life now for a bit over 2 years. When he arrived, he was a scrawny, light platinum and milk chocolate gangly kidden (to use Twinset Ellen's term for somewhat older than a kitten). He was prone to spinning in circles, and hated loud noises, but he wanted everyone to love him, and that hasn't changed. But wow, has this little guy filled out, darkened down, and stopped spinning! NB took this last photo, and he's a talented man, because that gorgeous photo was done without a flash, so there's not a speck of glare in The Tonk's beautiful eyes - you can see their lovely aqua color in all they're glory.

My little sweetheart Tonkinese. Still acts like a Kidden, too...

Monday, June 11, 2012

Moving Right Along!

Over the weekend, we spent Saturday in ACTIVE mode: That means we walked a fun run fundraiser for a scholarship fund at our high school in honor of the late daughter of classmates of ours, and wandered up through the woods around the track at the school. It was fun, we saw lots of folks from high school that we hadn't seen in awhile, and got a taste of the fun of fundraising walking...

Then we visited a farmers' market, had lunch at a great (local) pizzaria, and tested out bicycles. We're getting those for another phase of our "healthy activity" lifestyle that we're nurturing...both my new beau and I have had heart "events" as they call them these days, so we're determined to take care of ourselves, and we're having a blast doing just that! We're talking about doing some biking weekend trips next summer, once we're used to longer treks on the vehicles!

It's delightful that he's as interested as I am in cooking and healthy food, local food (ok, that's growing on him)...and on Sunday we put in 2 miles walking on our Greenway (where it was flat...FLAT, I tell you! Whew!). I'm very excited that I can still ride a bike, and that my exercise bike has apparently gone a long way towards strengthening the muscles I needed to strengthen to make bike-riding comfortable! Yay!

I've been trying to figure out what to call my new beau out here on Knitnana, and have at present decided to use NB for New Beau. Not very exciting, of course, but I hope that meets with everyone's approval?

Got to work today to find these books had arrived in the mail: There are several patterns in that Knit Red book that I want to knit! And you all know that Knitnana is all about the Knit Red, having begun the group back in yahoo email lists history and moderating the Knit Red for Women's Heart Disease group on Ravelry, too.

So I'm delighted with the books - that other one is chock-full of bright, fun-filled rooms with lots of yarn-craft ideas in it, too, not just the usual decorating book. Can't wait till bedtime tonight when I can enjoy more of them.

OH! The Meezer came out and allowed NB petting time! He was amazed, and frankly, so was I...but she's not a mean kitty, just one who is reserved and wants to be sure someone isn't a threat before she warms up to a person. Still, I was delighted, and so was NB.


Thursday, June 07, 2012

And The Cats Approve...Mostly

Well, except Her Royalty, The Meezer, as she doesn't much like anyone except me.

But The Tonk? LOVES my new beau. And the feeling is mutual, apparently. (Whew!) Because, yes, it's "Love me, Love my cats" in this household... :)

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

One Month Anniversary!

My new fella surprised me last night with flowers and a donut. That donut means something to us: He'd told me how cute he thought I was in high school, and I, like the comic I am, feigned shock and disbelief...

"How could you say you thought I was cute, but didn't ask me out? Heck, how about just simply buying me a donut at the daily fundraiser at least one of the various clubs in school held during our morning break?"

Well, unbeknownst to me, that set his mind a plotting, and when we finished our evening last night, I was diverted into the neighborhood Dunkin Donuts where we finally (38 years later!) bought those donuts to share...

Did I mention he also brought me flowers? *wink*

Oh, I've got a gem, I do...

Monday, June 04, 2012

Things are Definitely Getting Interesting!

I promised I'd let you in on what was going on in my life - one thing in particular that has changed and is affecting my knitting time...

I have a new "Beau!" We made it "official" this weekend, by changing our relationship status on Facebook (we already considered it official, but a younger member of our family circles said it was never official till it was on FB, so we did that!). And then Saturday night, we joined my sis-in-law for the final concert at the Roanoke Symphony was a Pops Concert by the tribute band "Jeans 'n Classics" and I managed to record this on my iPhone: Yes, that's Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody! The entire program was Queen's music and we rocked the night away, all three of us having a blast!

I'm not sure, just yet, how I'll refer to my new beau out here in blogdom, but I do hope you'll be happy for me.

We're having a wonderful time!


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