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Thursday, February 13, 2014

What Do You Know, I have Time to Post!

When a massive snowstorm hits, it grinds the world to a stop. And I get a snow day! But frankly? This one is like to be a snow WEEKEND! And a long one at that. We have President's Day off, too, so the weekend will be 5.5 days long (We closed at noon in advance of the storm yesterday). And as of 12:30 this afternoon? This is what my car looks like:

If you're on my friends list on Facebook you've watched this snow climb up the Forester. And yes, it IS a Subaru, and yes, it has new tires, but in addition to all that? It's driver has a bionic shoulder and no death wish. I'm not moving and neither is the baby 'Ru.

Till the snow plows come, at least. Then I'll have to get help cleaning off the car, too.

I had to make the obligatory Tonk video, of course:

And there was no kitteh (or human) harmed in the making of this video, tho' he did have a few choice words for me!

So now? It's time for knitting a bit, sewing a bit, cleaning a bit, making a warm and filling soup like I tend to do during snowstorms...and the other thing I might let myself do a bit of?

Sleeping late, and NAPS.

Because this first week and a half of full-time days at work? Have whipped me. Really. :(

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

It's that time again, the Ten on Tuesday - and in honor of V-Day this week, we are charged to name 10 things we love that are RED! Since this is a knitting blog, and I love the color red, I'm going to see how many things from my knitting past I can list!

1. My Mended Heart: when I saw this pattern on Knitty, I had to make one to honor my heart attack and recovery - it includes embroidery and beading to indicate the by-pass I had as well as the stent inserted.

2. My Mustang Sally Knotty Gloves: the first (and last!) time I made gloves! I adore these and the color is perfect for me - only "Sally" is spelled wrong, doncha know?

3 & 4. My Aihblinn's (there are two and both are in red - the first is a tomato red cotton, the second a cranberry and black tweed wool blend). The bright red one is the first item I ever knit in the round! Yes, there are mistakes in the pattern... *wink*

5. My first red socks that turned out like anything (ok, I knit a couple of pairs before these, but these were the first ones made of Trekking XXL and thus began my love affair with that yarn! I have bought more of this color way, thanks to Ravelry (because it's a long-gone dyelot) so I won't ever be without them!

6. My first attempt at Fair Isle, the Corazon mittens - again the heart theme crops up, doncha know?

7. A new item in red, was my gift to my sis-in-law at the holidays:

So now? I'm done with the red things I knitted that I love. I'll come up with three other things in general that I love that are red, but what this says to me? I need to KNIT MORE RED!! And this is the month for it, doncha know? I started the Knit Red for Women's Heart Disease group on Yahoo a long time ago...we're on Ravelry, but we're pretty much defunct. Which makes me sad...

8. But I love the Knit Red, Sew Red, and Crochet Red books out there...I don't have them all, but obviously for anyone loving red, and the issue of Women's Heart Disease? These books need to be on your bookshelf!

9. I covet any red yarn, but especially Madtosh in Tart! (yes, any Madtosh)

10. Finally? Roses. Mostly I love pink and white roses, but this time of year, toss in some of the true red ones? Gorgeous...Swoon-worthy really.

There. I did it!

Friday, February 07, 2014

The Knitting "NOT-Olympics"

Ok, I realize we can't have the old Ravelry knitting Olympics for trademark reasons, but this Winter Olympics, I'm setting myself a goal: Finish the Helsinki Hat Scarf. This has been on the needles since 2008. I haven't touched it since the 2010 Winter Olympics!!

I adore the yarn, I love the cables, I enjoy the squooshy-ness as I knit it - and the warmth, too, and it's cold right now (not Sochi-cold, but cold).

The Meezer loves the Helsinki Hat Scarf, too.

I have another stealth project on the needles that I can't share with you. But knitting that during the Olympics is also important...fortunately for my hands, they're two drastically different needle sizes, so I can switch off between the two projects.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

To shake things up a bit, this week Ten on Tuesday posts are for "I am..." statements. Anything we want. Hmm...

1. I am encouraged by the pace of progress I'm having with shoulder therapy.

2. I am glad that January is over, even if all the stress and pressure hasn't gone away as it usually does. (The worst of the W-2 stuff is done.)

3. I am pleased with my "one-word" attempts this year, and will write more on that later. (My word is "Santosa" or the yoga principle of contentment)

4. I am becoming bored with Facebook.

5. I am spending more time back on Ravelry as a result!

6. I am beyond fed up with winter.

7. I am in complete understanding with folks who feel the need to escape the cold during this month.

8. I am sick and tired of computer troubles, car troubles, cell phone troubles. Hmm...a pattern there?

9. I am delighted that my shoulder is enough recovered that I can do some of the things most of us take for granted (like fixing my hair!)

10. I am very happy this list is done. Perhaps it was easy for some, but I had a little trouble coming up with 10!



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