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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A VERY Fast Knit


Pattern: The Republic by Nicole Reeves, Free.

Yarn: Lion Brand Jiffy Print in Rose Spray, less than one skein, as I had some left from my granddaughter's hat from Christmas last year.

Needles: US 10 - KP's Harmony 16-inch circular and Clover's US 10 dpns

Time: Oh my was this fast! Cast on last night, bound off and sewed on the button tonight! THIS pattern goes on the Holiday to Knit Gifts With List from now on...

Oh, yeah. The buttons? From stash. This entire project would have been free if not for the fact I did not have any size 10 dpns. Oh, well, the expense will be spread across a number of hats over the next few months and years...doncha know?

What is this for? Well, not a gift. This hat is bound for NoSoKnit on Saturday - a chemo cap contribution. (and btw..."Thanks, Karen for doing your usual stellar modeling job!")

Sunday, October 28, 2012

In Advance of Sandy...

There's a hurricane a'coming!! (Do you remember Mrs. Petrillo on Golden Girls running around in her yellow rain slicker and hat saying this?)

I'm hoping all my friends (and everyone else!) affected by Sandy stay safe thru the storm. They're saying we might well lose power for a long while, so I wanted to update here in case I can't for a bit. I'm not looking forward to the possibility of yet another extended power outage (the derecho was more than enough!). We're going to batten down the hatches here, and the kitties and I will ride it out. My Sweetheart has scurried back to his home 50+ miles from here to do the same there. I'm charging cell phone, Nook, and MP3 player, pulling out the oil lamp, candles, and matches. I've laid in a supply of peanut butter, crackers, granola bars, and water. Oh yes, and a bit of wine. The yarn is ready. At least this time, I know how to stay warm in cold temperatures (much easier than staying cool in 100 degree closed-up houses...).

And those of you on the "other coast" who got rattled out of your beds this morning? I'm hoping that's the worst of it, and there aren't more rumblings around.

Earthquakes and massive hurricanes. I do believe we must have made Mother Nature very angry...

We did a little show yesterday:

You'll note that there are no roses, the banner isn't up, and there might seem to be a lot less showing? Not to mention another "wing" there on the right? With jewelry? Dear Daughter set up her new jewelry-making business next door, and we kept things quite minimalist (I didn't, for example take most of the knitting items I make, just samples in case anyone was interested...). Attendance wasn't very high at this event, but it was good to get out to another type of venue. It never hurts to expand your horizons, don't you know. Dear Daughter will be opening up her own etsy shop, so I'll keep you posted, in the event you might be interested...

Now I'm off to read a book on the Nook, and knit on a pair of socks.

Please do stay safe, okay?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Few Accessories for Autism Awareness

Just a few of the items you might see this weekend at Katie's Place Farm Fest. Many of the students that Katie's Place serves are youngsters with autism and Asberger's.

You may remember these? I still will make them, tho' they're by custom order only.

In addition, my Dear Daughter will be sharing my booth again, with her Autism awareness jewelry, and other lovely baubles. We hope, if you live in the Blue Ridge Mountain area, that you'll be able to stop by Katie's Place Farm Fest on Saturday. We'd love to see you. (You'll also see these accessories in my Etsy Shop beginning next week!)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Better Late Than Never!

I thought I'd share photos from last month's St Luke's Episcopal Church Craft Show in Alexandria, VA. My Sweetheart took the photos (and yes, I have a feeling he'll be the official Nana Sadie Rose photographer from now on...what do you think?):

We three gals had a blast at the show. The guys (my BIL and my Sweetheart) had a blast together in Old Town!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Guy is Going to be Spoiled... :)

I got photos this weekend of the finished handknits and wanted to share the modeled shots. First the first pair of handknit socks:

And then, the finished fingerless mitts:

I think he's happy. :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Knit for My Sweetheart!

Hmm...and one for me, tho' it's not on the needles yet. First, the fingerless mitts I'm making so his fingers don't freeze in the new office he's working in all day:

The pattern says it's fast, and that's no joke! They're the Blank Canvas Handwarmers. I really like the pattern - fairly clear and straightforward.

I found the yarn (Berroco Ultra Alpaca) at The Yarn Lounge, and it's interesting that the two knits I've made for him have come from this store! It's a lovely shop in Careytown (Richmond, VA).

Then the yarn came for those Rowan Fair Isle Socks I shared with you down below:

I cannot wait to start...but I'll have to. Someone else is more in need than I am. Heh.

Friday, October 12, 2012

I DO Still Sew...

Some of the Nana Sadie Rose orders from the St. Luke's Craft Show last month...these will be winging their way to their new homes early next week!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sock Knitting in High Gear!

My Sweetheart has requested socks. Mind you, he hasn't received the first pair yet (they're done, just not in his hands - er - on his feet, yet). Apparently his work environment, newly changed, is a might frigid.

So I have decided I need to kick sock knitting into overdrive, and just about the time I did, a shipment of goodies arrived from Little Knits and this colorway of Regia was in it. I liked it so much, I've tracked down another skein and ordered it (from England again!) for MOI!

channeling my inner Miss Piggy, up there *wink*

All that sock making during Summer of Socks and then in preparation for Sock Summit in 2009? It has served me well. I can churn out a plain vanilla sock with reasonable speed while continuing to work a full-time and a part-time job, do shows, and nurture a new relationship all at the same time.

Who knew?

Sunday, October 07, 2012

A Taste of Fall in the Air

Yesterday, despite what I understand was a bit of a wind, was gorgeous. But overnight, changes moved in, as they are wont to do this time of year, and the rain has poured and the temperatures dropped. Fall is here, even tho' the leaves are only just beginning their annual show (I do hope they're lovely this year!).

While I was in the sewing studio, working on orders from the St. Luke's Craft Fair, the doorbell rang. It's a measure of the discomfort I've lived in since the burglary in July, that I jumped, but then realized I had the security alarm on (and that is comforting, tho' I'm sad it's come to this in my life). I went to the door to find this package:

Wonderful herbal teas from Mountain Rose Herbs in Oregon. I ordered the winter's supply a week ago, and here they were. Since then, I've had a cup of the Lemon, and am currently sipping a cup of the Winter Spice. YUMMY!

But before the day was out, I realized I was feeling a bit of a lump in my throat, and waking this morning, it was still there. It's not much more than that, but I'm moving slower today, as the rain and chill seeps into our valley. Only in the 50s today and down to the 30s overnight tonight.

So I'm keeping a low profile, thinking of what I must do and what I can leave, and being very grateful that this is a long holiday weekend for me. I'll probably lay low tomorrow, too. And fortunately, there's NoSoKnit in about 3 weeks, so I'm working on a comforting Feather & Fan premie blanket (such a satisfying pattern to knit, in whatever you use it for) in the discontinued Cascade Cherub Collection DK in pink. I made this in white last year, and had time to whip out a premie cap and small socks, too. Not sure if I'll have time for all that this time,

...but the blanket is enough. This is lovely yarn, I'm sorry it's been discontinued.

I hope you have had a good weekend.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Help! I Can't Stop...Okay Maybe I Can and Just Don't Want To?

I know. It's been a long time. I'm sorry, life has gotten in the way in a big way. Still, I'm here, I'm knitting (I finished my Sweetheart's socks, but have to wait to see him to get a modeled shot), and even toying around with crochet, so there's yarn in the picture - Heck! There are yarn PICTURES:

Like this one, of the Lucy Pack I ordered from Deramores:

I ordered Rowan 52 at the same time, and everything arrived today! As you can see, The Tonk was fascinated (he does think all yarn that enters the house is his, dontcha know?).

I was so excited to see Tobermory, and it went right on my queue, but I'll have to save up a bit for the 11 balls of Kid Classic it calls for (OY!)

But then I saw the Arran Socks:

And the credit card jumped out of my purse and ran to the computer entering itself before I could say "WAIT!" And of course you know there are four balls of Colourspun and Felted Tweed on their way from England as we speak....

I feel like I've fallen and I can't get up.


Or something...


I honor the place in you,

which is of love, truth, light, and peace.

When you are centered in that place in you,

and I am centered in that place in me,

we are one.

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