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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

FOs!! Can You Believe It?

Yes, really! I did finish three items to send off to India for Warm Hats, Warm Hearts, the group knitting for those Vermonters who lost everything in the flooding from Hurricane Irene. At the TKGA event, needles were in my hands whenever I wasn't writing up orders, so I managed to finish:

first the gray Seaman's Cap and then a
burgundy one.

As you probably remember, I adore this pattern, it knits up well, and just looks so nice. I used Vanna's Choice, and I have bought so many skeins of different colors, you'll probably see more of these this fall...

Then I finished up (finally!) the Kroy Socks in the navy/denim colorway that I started in May. Yes, I really did intend them for me, but I have many socks, and I think there'll be some cold toes this winter back in my family's home state. So off they go.

I have a pair of purple socks that have been languishing on the needles for a couple of years (I'm not fond of the yarn). But I think I have just the push now to finish them, too. Someone will be very happy to have them, I know. So I'm bringing them out tonight to restart mid-way thru the Second Sock. (and I do say that I really don't have Second Sock Syndrome, and normally I don't, but I really don't care for this yarn...oh. I said that once, eh? Can you tell I don't like it?)

Someone else is less than happy at the moment...I took the camera cord away from him...

Mommie took my toy!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Long Time No See!

I know, I know...I'm so behind in updating the blog and you're all going to forget me!
What a whirlwind two weeks! In case you missed me terribly and didn't know why I wasn't updating I was here:

The National Capital Cat Show in Chantilly, Virginia (same place, the Dulles Expo Center, but in the other building) where we were treated to the star attraction:
An Exotic Shorthair Calico who lives in the lap of luxury...
wheeled around on her throne. She literally stays in one position the entire time, totally relaxed. I saw her again later (when I didn't have the camera at hand, of course) lying on her belly with her chin propped on the roll of her fleecy bed and her front paws spread out in front of her...She was just too funny!

That show, as always, is fun and we love seeing all our old friends!

Then, no sooner back to Nana Sadie's studio, than work progressed on additional bags for the TKGA Greensboro Show last weekend:

This time, they provided lovely draping and table skirts. We took lots, but only one rack, as it was a smaller booth (10x8 instead of our usual 10x10). That 2 feet? What a difference it makes!
Next door was Natasha of Unplanned Peacock yarn fame. And behind my booth was Nancy Thompson of Sassafras Creations fame. I think you might notice that in the photo below of all my "haul" at the show, there's a Nancy creation - yes, that's right, down at the bottom there...

I simply love it. I picked up a pair of earrings at Sock Summit 09 two years ago, and have been drooling over bracelets ever since. I still have another pair of earrings and a necklace on my wishlist...

You might also notice that there's no yarn in that photo above? Nope. I didn't buy any. I'd ordered a skein of yarn from Jane (that is the yarn in that link) and knew I didn't need another thing. After all, Natasha is just a stones-throw away, Wyrd Sisters is only a couple of blocks, and my stash bins are full anyway. That pattern in the photo tho, is something I think I'll have to find yarn for. Nothing caught my fancy at Greensboro.

That was an interesting (and exhausting) show. Not sure I'll do another like it - too long, frankly, and pricey. Maybe I'll stick to my etsy shop for the next few months!
(low overhead is a very good thing!)

I missed ya'll!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brief Drive-By

No photos, sorry.

The National Capital Cat Show was great fun this year, tho' I think the flooding may have dampened some folks spirits (and possibly kept folks away). The economy didn't help, either.

Still it was just plain fabulous to see everyone. And now we're working feverishly to put together the show for TKGA Greensboro - that ticker just keeps on ticking, dontcha know.

I thought, tho' I'd mention that I'm trying to knit a bit, on my lunchtime and when I'm having to sit and wait somewhere. I'm knitting for Vermont. I'm knitting for Warm Hats, Warm Hearts.

If you've a mind to do so, please either head over to Ravelry or to Facebook and check out the two places with detail for what's needed and how to get it there.

If you're unsure what I'm talking's one word: Irene.

There's loss all around us for various reasons (drought, flood, tornado, hurricane, tsunami...) but this is the one that speaks to me loudly...It's the home of my heart, of my childhood, and I can't turn away from it.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Heading OUT!

And we're OFF! Well, almost.

First I want to show you what I won last week!

Have you seen Knitcircus? I'm not even sure how I managed to miss them for as long as I have...but I'm madly in lust for this issue...many many things I want to knit, mainly, shawls, hats, mittens and socks. There are other things, too, but those are the main ones for me! Well, I discovered them a week or so ago, and entered a contest. And I WON!!! That's a Spud & Chloe kit for the cute argyle hearts vest you see in the photo. And with it the Family Knits book from Debbie Bliss. Then some cute items, including the needle sizer in the shape of a sheep a sample card of yarn and a Miss Purl notion tin in a lovely Japanese blossom print that is the PERFECT match to the peach and melon and gray-toned yarn of the vest. (A lot of thought went into this prize I can tell you that.)

So at some point this winter, I guess I must now attempt argyle. Why not? Especially with the hearts on it.

Oh speaking of hearts? I had to remake the bed, in preparation for the pet and house sitter to come and you know what that means?

Yup. The Quad Peaks of Tonk

But afterwards, it was all Tonk Luv...

See you in Chantilly!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Can You Help?

As you know, New England, and especially my family's home state of Vermont, was badly hit by flooding from Irene. I've been feverishly contacting family and friends, sending up prayers, learning that my family is fine, tho' one branch has lost the road in to their property and were without power for several days. They have power back, but still the road isn't yet will come.

I've sent money along in contribution to agencies helping, friended as many organizations on Facebook and read all their updates, and then, trolling around on Ravelry, discovered that India, of Warm Hats Not Hot Heads fame, was organizing Warm Hats, Warm Hearts to send handknits to folks in Vermont, New Hampshire and Upstate New York who lost everything.

So of course you know, I jumped in and said, COUNT on me.

I've tossed in some Vanna's Choice and the old-standby Seaman's Cap pattern with needles to one of my own drawstrings for the two shows I'm attending. If you've a mind to help, stop by Ravelry and join the group. You can receive the paticulars from India...there are two gals managing this effort. One branch (India's) for the Northern part of VT, NH, and NY. The central and southern parts of VT are under Kelly's watch. If you're interested in helping out and aren't a member of Ravelry? (and just why aren't you?) Then email me and I'll get the contact emails to you...

Monday, September 05, 2011

Bernie Takes an R&R Break

Bernie scared me today. I've never heard such caterwauling and I have cats. Actually, she sounds suspiciously like an ailing bird. The squeaking is ear-splitting - just ask The Tonk. He was bothered so much by it he climbed up on the stool next to the sewing station and craned his neck well over to try to see what bird it was and why it was sooooooooooo loud!

I'm taking her in for a good rest and renewal (I hope). I also hope I can get her back next week so I won't lose valuable time in between these two shows! I managed to finish the last bag I needed to make (an order that came in last night for delivery at the cat show, from an OLD customer, so we made the promise and had to fulfill it!)

Anyway, a bit of what you'll see if you're at the cat show, or the TKGA show in two weeks:

I made a new sample of the Rose 14" straight needle case...

Isn't she darling? (and so appropriate now that Halloween is EVERYWHERE you look!)

I think you've seen some of these sidekicks, but the two Rosy-Posy's in the background and some of those sidekicks are new.

Then I had to make up a new fabric that came into my hands in August. This is the Sew Catty Toss. And with it a lot of keyfobs that got finished, too...

I decided yesterday that I didn't have enough drawstring bags for the knitting show, so I made these (a couple are going to the cat show, first, tho').

So. I now have the remaining evenings to organize our packing, and then Thursday after work, it's "wagon's ho!" Ok..."Forester Ho!?"


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