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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What I Did Over Memorial Day Weekend...

It was a busy weekend of sewing (mostly) for me, and I thought I'd share what I finished up...

The brown & pink Wonder Dot Sadie in the background and the blue/brown Asian Floral Kerri on the right were both orders...and what's that on the left?

Well. I'd gotten a bit flustrated with the Posy Sock Sack. People either loved it or didn't, and I personally was hoping to make a change to it that involved a bit more than just widening the strap and attaching it in a more solid spot on the back of the bag for stability (the previous improvement). This time, I wanted to add a zipper.

First I have to tell you that it's something of a challenge to do...

And then tell you that I've now made two of them. I won't show you the first one, altho' it's fine, or I wouldn't have done this one! :) Still prototype bags seldom get shared here. Please note the inside is just the same...pocklets on the left of the bag for dpns, pens, crochet hooks and a larger pocket on the right for cell phone or what have you.

The zipper keeps all those things from accidentally tipping out onto the floorboard of your car (yes, I know...)

Now the surprise. Rather than just have a "updated Posy" I've renamed this one. You're looking at {drumroll...}

The Rosy-Posy. Here's why: If you're a sock or small project knitter and you'd like to have the pockets made of the flannel I've always used to cushion and protect your delicate bamboos, then I'll make you a Posy; but...if you're not a small project knitter, but just like that this is a small, single strap backpack bag? Well, just order a Rosy...and tell me if you want those pocklets for pens and such, of it you'd rather not...and I'll do two pockets (or a couple of pen pocklets and the remainder in two larger pockets) and I'll do them in a regular cotton print/solid to coordinate with the rest of the bag.

(No change in price, either...$39 either way)

And of course, if you're a happy camper with the way Posy has always been? I can do that, too!

So...tell me what you think, okay?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Working Weekend

Working away in preparation for the fall shows, and also getting orders out of the way, so it's busy busy over here.

My niece has taken up knitting, which pleases me no end, and she's developing a small cache of needles (surprise, right?). She (and then her mom) asked me about a 10" straight needle case. She already has an Oressa double point case. Well, my niece isn't the only one asking and so, I decided it was time to get one into prototype:

I'm really pretty happy with this, except for the fabric I used for the pocket. That grid of squares is printed on the fabric ON THE SLANT. It is an adorable print, but there was only so much play I had available. The pockets should not ever be placed any other way than perpendicular or aligned evenly with the grain of the fabric. But in so doing, those squares don't line up one bit. I adjusted a bit, but...

Anyway, there's one row of pocklets to slip your straight needles into, and a nice "folder-over" flap at the top to help them stay put when rolled up...

It will slip into most of my knitting bags rather nicely (I believe it's a mite too tall for Posy, tho...)

I also finished an order today for a Glady:

Anyway, it's now time to head to bed, I've got Pandora on my Nook and I think I'm going to listen to a bit of Diana Krall before I hit the sack tonight.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Good and The Bad

Which should I tell you first?

I guess the bad: I had an MRI of my shoulder last night. After two cortisone shots it was feeling fine, believe me, but I have this lovely new, young doc who wanted to be sure there was no serious problem "lurking" that was being masked by the cortisone.

Ah, well, you know me, I was totally sure of myself. De-bopped in and had that MRI (ohhh I HATE those tubes) and proceeded on with my life. Completely convinced that bursitis was *ALL* that was wrong with me.

This morning my cell phone rang and a voice I didn't recognize asked for me by my "full legal name" which is never a good sign...The next thing I heard was the voice identifying himself as my doc and then saying, "You know I told you if I called you it would be bad news."

And you know what? Somehow, I thought he was going to say "just kidding, everything's fine."

De Nile? MUCH?

Of course it wasn't good news. He told me I have something called Rotator Cuff Disease. He went on (in his African accented voice) to tell me everything that the MRI showed...I remember hearing words like "cysts," and "calcifications" and "microscopic tears" and "spurs" and then I heard "PT" and "surgerical consult" and about that time, my brain began to kick into gear...

I asked again about that surgery thing...and he said, "well, I can't second-guess that the surgeon would want to do surgery, there are non-surgical treatments, you don't have to make a decision right away, we can start you with PT and certainly for now, we can just do cortisone shots as needed if you have another flare. I'll have my nurse check with your insurance company..."

I asked him again to give me the name of what I have: Rotator Cuff Disease.

And then he said, "Basically it's a fancy name for OSTEOARTHRITIS of the Shoulder Joint!"

It's really a good thing I got off the phone at that point. Because I really like my doctor and laughing in his ear isn't a smart thing to do when he's just given you what he considers "bad news."

I'm not going to begin to minimize the diagnosis of osteoarthritis. It's a painful and debilitating condition. But hey, it's *just* arthritis. With RCD, it surely sounded to me as if it were some sort of drastic horrendous condition. The more research I've done about this, the more I'm convinced that I've made a reasonable call. His nurse, btw, phoned and asked me what my copay for PT was. I told her and after she picked herself up off the floor, she said, "Well, I can see why you'd like to avoid it." I've been thru PT for my back, and I, to this day, have religiously done the exercises every morning and every night for the past 18 months. Having taken years of ballet and taught it, and even more years of yoga classes, I think I can learn the exercises in a minimum number of visits and then do my own PT at home...and you know what? She phoned me back after talking with my doctor and said she was sending me the PT order for 1 visit a week to learn how to do the exercises!

So perhaps this won't put me in the poorhouse, just yet?

However, like joining Weight Watchers immediately upon learning about the degenerative disc disease in my spine (which, hey, is *just* osteoarthritis of the spine) I made yet another sensible decision. I bought this:

I have no trouble carrying a shoulder bag on my good shoulder (the OTHER one), but I've been toting a 6-pocket gardener-style totebag I got at Sock Summit 09 fully-loaded to work every day. In it I had my lunch, my knitting, my Nook, nail polish and file, two charging cords (Nook and cellphone), my Thermos coffee mug, my calendar, the odd catalog that I might want to look at during lunch, the grocery store ads, and oh, yes, my Weight Watchers books and Points Plus calculator! Now? All that stuff is in the bag up above. I will no longer heft it. I will roll it.

(Isn't that a cute cat print?)

Now I wish I knew where I could find those wheels, because of course, you know Nana Sadie Rose would just thoroughly enjoy creating an even better bag than this one...but for the moment, sewing is taking a bit of hiatus while I give the shoulder time to recover from the cortisone shots. I figure this weekend is soon enough to sew.

Besides, I'm working on this Very Important Prayer Shawl:

The good news? I put in a lifeline. After I ripped about 6 rows back...I'm on track, I think. And loving how this Unplanned Peacock yarn is knitting up.

The Meezer is not amused...

(but isn't she amusing?????)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

5K's, Raptures, and Other Oddities

I guess I missed out on the Rapture...but then I'm not terribly surprised by that (I'm just not quite the sort that folks expect to be swept up and all, as I believe that animals have souls and there are many of mine waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge, so I'd have to stop by there, first anyway!)

However, today was Weight Watchers' Walk-It 5K Challenge. Remember when I did that last year? I barely survived in somewhere about 1 hour and 20 minutes. There were several stops along the way, and I came in last (hey, I was delighted that I survived that one). This year, it was rather disorganized, with "come do it on your own schedule," but my time improved to 1 hour and 10 minutes with no stops. There were to be folks to shuttle us from one end of the Greenway to the other for the start, but when I got there, I didn't see anyone, so I'm glad I asked Lynette to use my car and pick me up when I was done...I never saw another Weight Watcher (that I recognized, at least) on the entire trek...I finally checked my pedometer, and saw that I'd actually done a bit more than 5K (3.5 miles to be exact), and I said, "UNCLE!" and Lynette came and scooped me up and brought me home (so that 1 hour 10 minutes was for more than the 5K come to think of it!)...

I freshened up and changed clothes and headed out to Yarn Explosion as I have a need for a prayer shawl and a chemo cap, wanted pink yarn, particularly Unplanned Peacock for In the Land of Oz shawl (that's the Lobelia colorway), and something that would coordinate with it for the Shedir chemo cap.

So how do you think I did?

I've cast on. The shawl will be lovely. I hope, for once, I can knit something a little faster than normal.

And who knows? That hour and 10 minute 3.5 miles I did? Just might, if the blisters on the soles of my feet don't get horrid, inspire me to start doing 5K's as a regular thing...We'll have to see. I hate HOT weather, so perhaps I'll have to stick to Leslie Sansone 5Ks in my air conditioning. But...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's Tuesday?

I'm sorry I've been gone so long...

We've been stuck in a weather pattern that's been mostly rain showers and storms, and quick bursts of sunshine, then right back to over the weekend, my sis-in-law agreed to come over on Saturday and help me finally get some art up on my walls (I know...I've lived here over 4 years, and it's taken me a long time to get this done, it's utterly appalling!)

But I decided not to go too far afield in the bedroom - this is over the bed (obviously)
and what you can't see are two original pieces of art I inherited from my aunt in other spots of the room...

But then the stairwell...I've gone back and forth on wanting to do something here for all the time I've lived here. I thought it would be a great spot for the prints and posters I have by one of Roanoke's best known, and most revered artists, Eric Fitzpatrick. I've loved his caricatures of the city for years and have a few pieces that were done as prints. Unfortunately, I've not gotten them framed and right now that's just not an option...
The other idea I had for the stairwell was a gallery of my dad's photos. My sister had three of them reproduced and matted and framed by my cousin and her husband (who do this for a business), and I have several more that are standard sizes, so I should be able to get those done myself fairly inexpensively with big black frames and white mats. So we decided to do the three I had ready up the staircase on one side (which was a challenge, let me tell you). We only did the barest of measuring (I am fairly good at eyeballing, as is my sis-in-law) and I think both rooms turned out well. We also did a grouping of Anne McFarren original oils in the living room, but I'll save that for another time...

Since I was trying very hard not to stress my shoulder after having a second cortisone shot last week, I didn't do much knitting...but I enhanced the stash, and I did finally get to my Sunday knitting group, where this new magazine was shared.

Reader, you know I rushed to Barnes & Noble to buy it, right? (Oh, it's For The Love of Knitting and there are two or three patterns in there that are very interesting...I like the whole magazine, tho' I won't make everything in it.

Still...I don't think I'll subscribe, as I tend to agree with Tere (my friend here in town) that when I do, it seems to be the kiss of death to a magazine...

I picked up a HUGE ball of Sugar and Cream because it has two shades of denim, ivory and two taupes in it - I'm hoping to "adjust" the decor in my kitchen in as inexpensive a means as possible...I love the colors in that, and I have plenty of pottery in those shades. Then I also picked up the Patons Kroy for socks - can you believe this is the first time I've bought this yarn? I love the denim in this colorway, too...and then I picked up two skeins of sock yarn from Simply Sock Yarns one in the Trekking Brach's Candy colorway and another in an Opal jacquard with tans, caramels, navy and ivory in it.

Tonk was terribly interested...but not energetic, as he had his annual shots on Saturday and was feeling a mite under the weather...he's all better now, tho'!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

To ANNO ... Interchangeable Needlecase

Hi, Anno - I don't know how to reach you because you don't have your email addy attached to your blogger sign on, but I wanted to answer the question you and another anonymous person have asked a couple of times about adding an Interchangeable Needlecase to Nana Sadie Rose's line of knitting accessories.

Surprise! I have one! She's called the The Glady after a great aunt of mine:

This is a lovely one that went to live with my dear friend Birdsong a couple of years ago...

And dear friend, Ruinwen is the happy owner of this lovely one

The Yin Yang Kitties fabric was in very limited edition then, but she loved it so much she has a complete set of knitting bags and accessories in the three different colorways it was produced in.

I don't make lots of them, which I think is sad. Mine goes with me to every show, and folks are often quite taken with them, but most interchangeable sets come in their own cases of sorts, and I suspect that a lot of folks just figure they'll "make do" - at least till the case they came in falls apart!

The design was created in March, 2008 in time for the Sedalia Fiber Festival that year. It has needle sleeves for sizes 4-11 plus an extra or two, and then a row of vecro'd pockets behind that to hold the cables snugly. The top row of pockets also has velcro added inside to hold other cables, or cable needles, and (in the case of the Knitpicks Interchangeables) I keep my tags and keys and such inside with the little plastic ziplocks they came in.

The price is $35, and Glady is only available as a custom order - so you'll get exactly the fabric you want. Obviously, please email me for other specifics!

And thank you, Anno! I obviously needed an opportunity to show this item off again!

Wait! Don't Faint! There's An Update! my etsy shop!

Just a few little things, including a few new Oressa double point needle cases.

Oh, and ... shhh .... I have a secret - there's a new 10" straight needle case on the way, so touch back by soon!


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Blessed Be

(an aside) Just for those who are unaware, this post apparently went into the ether yesterday while Blogger was being persnickety...yes, I'll use that word rather than the one that immediately came to mind...(yesterday was one day when I truly wondered if it wasn't time to move this blog from blogger once and for all, but I really have had good luck

But that means I also lost your comments - except the ones on Facebook. So thankfully you're there. So here is what I was able to retrieve from Google Reader - I'll have to add from here to the best of my recollection!

Blessed Be from knitnana by KnitNana
Eleven years ago this about this very moment, I survived a miocardial infarction from a 90% blockage of the left main coronary artery. One of those "Classic Hollywood Heart Attacks," or as the new Bayer commercial says, "A Widow-Maker" (in my case, I suppose it should read, "widow-ER-Maker," except I wasn't married). And for all that there have been tons of scary health times since,

nothing has been as terrifying as that day. I'm here because of an excellent doctor who took my symptoms seriously because I was (only) 43, but he knew I had a rotten family history, was overweight and a heavy smoker. He slapped a nitro patch on me - and the pain went away.

He couldn't get me in the ambulance to the hospital fast enough and a stent was inserted quickly(then replaced with a double-bypass two months later).

I am grateful. I am blessed.

A word to the wise: Take it seriously. Call 911. It may not be. But if it is, you need to be at the hospital. No one has time for a heart attack. But...if you are having a heart attack? It may be all the time you get.

Blessed Be.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to ME!

I know I was supposed to have a restful Mother's Day, but you know me, right? I decided early that this was the best time to get laundry done, and so I did towels and sheets and of course, two loads of the black sheets we use for tablecloths and curtains for Nana Sadie Rose's booth.

Yes, that meant I was up and down the stairs all day. It also meant that at a critical point, I needed to ask for help with remaking the bed. Well, no, that's not quite right. I prefer to do it alone. I am always given help whether I want it or not...

Please note, that is the Twin Tonk Peaks (which often becomes the Quadruplet Tonk Peaks, depending on his mood and my propensity to get him excited...)

Mommie, just tell them what a good bed-making helper I am!

Wellll.....Tonk I don't like to tell falsehoods on the blog, dearie, really I don't...
But he does do a wonderful job of "Digging to China" and "Peek-A-Boo" '
Peek-A-Boo-Who, Mommie?


I also played around with making myself a new handbag set for spring and summer...and yes, that does have a touch of a modification in that Kerri bag. The lining, by the way, is the same fabric as the two zippered baglets in the front.

I feel as if I should go find myself a sailboat. Oh, well, okay, maybe someone wealthy who owns his own sailboat?

Hmm...this set would fit right in with Ralph Lauren's summer line...

Happy Mother's Day!

To the best mother in the world...I miss you so much, Mom.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

This Is Getting Old Folks...

I knew I'd probably have to spend today (and possibly tomorrow) not sewing, and conceivably not even knitting to try to help "rest" my shoulder. So after going to see Cirque du Soliel's Allegria! last night in helping to celebrate my niece's birthday, I let myself sleep in today, spending three different times during the night and early morning getting up and heating the hot packs before snuggling back under the covers...

When I did get up I "putzied" around the house, sorting thru papers, clipping coupons, tossing things into recycling and otherwise, straightening the occasional odd clutter...this is really huge as I'm a clutterbug, and I earned that title, learning the finer points of the art at my Mom's knee (which, frankly is appropriate considering tomorrow is Mother's Day!).

I then trundled off to AC Moore to use a 50% off coupon, then to wander "my" mall (the one in town that I prefer because it's manageable and has my stores in it!), finally ending up at Barnes & Noble for a bit of wifi on the Nook. I returned home via KMart, where I picked up a foursome of pink geraniums (and potting soil) for my front stoop's urns...

After I got these planted, I dragged out the painted cinder block I picked up at a charity auction a year or so ago. The DGS#1 loves frogs...
And I love cats, so the other side has the little cement black kitty that has followed me from apartment to apartment over the past several years.

Other than that, I pulled out a bit of fabric to consider for a new spring/summer bag for me, did a little more cleaning up of odd things, ate dinner, watched the Kentucky Derby, and then decided I'd tackle the pile of knitting and WW magazines that have been accumulating in a pile next to my knitting chair. I pulled everything out and tried valiantly to organize things in that awkward spot...

It's done, but I'll tell you. Had I spent the day knitting? I'd have stressed my shoulder less.

(Sometimes I can't win for losing)
Tonight I'm going to send one armed hugs))))

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Well, it happens when I least anticipate least the orders are finished, so I'm not holding up anyone's Nana Sadie Rose product (except for my available stock for the fall shows). I'm down with not one, but two shoulders that feel suspiciously like bursitis. I'm alternating heat and cold tonight, but even knitting has been set aside. I did get a couple of things in the mail today...

so I have knitting content - frankly? I'm thinking I'll go to single issues of IK when this subscription runs out, because I'm getting a bit tired of the patterns in the spring and summer issues, and this one was no different. I do love a lot of things in the fall and winter magazines. But that Cast On? Oh my! Several things immediately intrigued me. For the most part I've been very happy with The Knitting Guild Association membership I've had these past two years. One day, when I'm retired (or...independently wealthy?), I'm going to do that Master Knitter's program.

Until then, I'm going to learn a lot from the TKGA magazine.

Okay, now I guess I'd better back away from the keyboard, pick up my Nook, and settle down with a certain feline...

Methinks she looks a tad impatient - she wants her Mommie's lap.
I want you to ditch the flash on the camera, too, Mommie, but that hasn't stopped you yet.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Merry Month Of May! Happy Beltane!

It's May! It's May! The lusty month of May! That lovely month when ev'ryone goes
Blissfully astray.

It's here! It's here! That shocking time of year When tons of wicked little thoughts
Merrily appear!

It's May! It's May! That gorgeous holiday When ev'ry maiden prays that her lad
Will be a cad!

It's mad! It's gay! A libelous display! Those dreary vows that ev'ryone takes,
Ev'ryone breaks. Ev'ryone makes divine mistakes
The lusty month of May!

(my thanks to Camelot and July Andrews for the earworm)

Frankly, I'm delighted to bid adieu to April - what a month. My heart is heavy with the loss of life over the past week in the southern states, including those in my own. While I know that May is usually the worser (sorry!) month for tornadoes, my hopes are high that we're turning a corner and will have fewer, and calmer skies. Wouldn't it be delightful if Mother Nature decided to cut us a little slack?

We had a great weather weekend, but alas, I was inside most of it. Still a lot was accomplished, and there's a post to read on Nana Sadie's Place for more info on that. Here's what my Knitnana readers are mostly interested in hearing about:

Two bags made this weekend, the blue Hoffman cats and yarn Mavis Knitting Bag, and the Michelle Meow Teabird Spindle Bag (with wristlet). A few odds and ends of accessories were completed as well, and a new design is in the works, so stay tuned...

For those wondering if the Nook cover might make it into Nana Sadie Rose's offerings, I think it might be a safe bet, but perhaps will be tweaked just a mite before you see hang on a bit, okay?


I honor the place in you,

which is of love, truth, light, and peace.

When you are centered in that place in you,

and I am centered in that place in me,

we are one.

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