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Friday, November 19, 2010

Something Of A Relief

Over the past three weeks or so, I've been dealing with a little bit of a health scare, something a lot of gals my age probably can relate to. After a surprise visit from a friend who'd been absent for many years (doncha just love euphemisms?), there were a flurry of doctor visits and tests. During that time, I've been a lousy blogger, and for that I apologize. I wasn't really up to communicating very well, tho' certainly there were folks I confided in.

Everything pretty much came to a head yesterday as I had a surgical procedure to see if there was anything much to worry about. Thankfully, it was outpatient, and even more thankfully, dear friend Lynette became "best lady-in-waiting" ferrying me to hospital and back home, spending the night to be sure I didn't fall down the stairs while still "under the influence" of anesthesia. Today was "play day" as we breakfasted out on food I almost never allow myself anymore, shopping at the local LYS, Yarn Explosion where we did minor damage to our funds, but did our very best to help the local economy. Finally we stopped by my office to pay a visit to concerned co-workers (so they could see for themselves I was really walking and talking) and make our new weekly "trek" across the parking lot for the best dark chocolate ice cream (Homestead) I've ever had. Lynette and I ended the day on the City Market, as she had a vendor meeting to attend, and I did my best impression of "lady of leisure" and shopped the wonderful stores there. I found neat "old fashioned" holiday gifts for the grandsons, and fell in love with a top at one of the poshest shops in town. But alas, I walked away, as the price tag was steep, and it's the holidays, after all, time to spend on others, not myself. Don't feel too sorry for me, as I did pick up fuel for my addiction which I'll share below.

Of course, there's good news...The doc came out of surgery yesterday to meet me in the recovery room with words I was delighted to hear: "I don't think there's any reason to expect anything other than a benign result." Now you know perfectly well that any doc worth her salt isn't going to say such a thing if it ain't so, right? (Liability issues being what they are...)

I'll get confirmation of that after Thanksgiving, but I suspect, even with a decided deficit of family members this holiday, it will be a hugely grateful one in Knitnana's house.

During this period, besides trying to finish up orders for Nana Sadie Rose in an attempt to be prepared "just in case," I spent many hours re-reading an author who has always spoken to my soul: Susan Gordon Lydon. Knitting Heaven & Earth and The Knitting Sutra are my bedside table staples, picked up whenever I'm looking for wisdom. It saddens me that Susan is gone from our world.

But, not surprisingly, there was knitting: I started my Sis-in-law's Landscape Shawl:
and am finding those little picots on the end the last two rows of every repeat are a touch fiddly. Still they look neat, so I'm forging ahead!

During the many doctor appointments and tests, I was working on these:
and finally cast off tonight. They were begun in Vermont this past summer and took a bit longer than I'd have preferred, but then again, when cat mittens beckon, I guess you have to answer their call and all else goes on the back burner! wink, what did I buy at Yarn Explosion?

A couple of weeks or so ago, I picked up the pattern book for the Meeting St. Mittens made of Berroco Sox Metallic. I've gone back and forth a hundred times on the two colorways I wanted to use...and finally today picked up the one you see above (on sale!). I had to order the other one, but Becky indicated that it will probably be in soon. That's's not like I don't have a few things OTN right now, anyway, right?

I have to end this by saying that there are many folks who immediately rushed to my side to lend moral support the past few weeks. I can't thank any of them enough. It goes without saying that my sister, sis-in-law, and my daughter were there (as soon as I allowed them to be...yes, I kept things pretty quiet at first). And there's a group of blogging women, plus a large contingent of Ravelry pals who immediately began the hard work of helping me keep my spirits up.

You know who you are, girls...I love you all.

Just one more thing: Lynette, you're the sister I chose. Bless you. Twice now, you've held me together and waded thru the medical establishment with me, hanging tough and knitting in waiting rooms while I went thru surgeries. You hear the pieces I miss, and smooth the feathers I ruffle (mostly out of fear), plus keep me calm when they ruffle mine. At close to twenty years, it's nice to know that we still can battle the demons together. You're always there for me, and you know, I hope, that I'm here for you, too! From the bottom of this mended heart of mine, I love you and am so glad you're here.


Anonymous twinsetellen said...

Reading this, I know you are 100% fine. Partly because of the cat mitten thing, but mostly because of the way your grateful soul shines out of this post.

And I love the colorway you bought on sale for the mittens. Not to mention those fiddly picots - that shawl looks like it is going to be wonderful!

12:14 AM  
Blogger teabird said...

Love, blessings, and a huge, HUGE sigh of relief!

The mittens will be adorable...

12:45 AM  
Blogger Plain Jane said...

I'm so glad that everything went well. Give Lynette my thanks for being there with you when I was too far away to do anything to help. {{{HUGS}}}

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasn't that the best blog post you've ever written? What a relief to be able to lay it out there, for all to see and rejoice!

Of course you had to knit the cat mittens...which providentially left you with simple socks to knit when you needed them. :-)

10:11 AM  
Blogger Bonnie said...

"Benign" is a beautiful word. What good news! have a very happy (and purrfull) Thanksgiving!

12:59 PM  
Blogger Ruinwen Dagorielle said...

I'm so thankful that everything went well. I'm so happy for your good news! My heart has been with you these last few days. *hugs my dear friend* :)

4:30 PM  
Blogger Jadielady said...

I am glad things are looking up and hoping for a fully positive report once all the results are in.

Lovely shawl! I've never done picots but they are pretty. I'd likely skip them and do a pretty crochet border after the fact :)

5:55 PM  

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