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Monday, May 31, 2010

I Updated the Shop! (And Other News...)

Yes, you read that correctly, my etsy shop has been updated! (Please don't fall over in a faint, okay?)
Several interesting things in there, and if you don't see what you hoped to, please email me, okay? I'll see what I can do!

I also managed to get something more off my needles!!!

Those are the STR Feather & Fan Socks in the colorway "Goody Goody." I've had them OTN for some time, as I'm not making myself nuts this year trying to knit a pair each month. I do love these, tho' I'm not normally a pastel person. Still they made me think of spring when I started them, ignore the fact, please that summer is here (if you check the temperature and humidity, at least, if not the calendar!)

In addition to running up and down stairs again today with more laundry, I finished this Maddy Mother's Bag that I had an order for:

Isn't this amazing? I'm so wishing I didn't have to let it go. I LOVE navy and white, I adore ticking fabric and polka dots. I don't normally work in upholstery fabric, but this was an extra special request. Someone very lucky is going to get this...Wanna see inside?

Those pockets in the back? They're sized to hold a double row of disposable diapers. And there are 8 pockets there for just about everything imaginable. This is the same size bag as my Sadie Tote - they are really large and accommodate whatever a new Mom might need.

Ok. I guess I have to give it up, eh?

It's back to work tomorrow (like I haven't been already?) - I don't know what The Tonk and The Meezer are going to think of that...

The Tonk might go through withdrawal...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

What I'm Doing on A Long Holiday Weekend...

I've been on a cleaning binge for the past couple of weekends here. I finally got into the second closet (the spring/summer clothes) and pulled almost everything out and stacked it for donations, Freecycle, ebay sales, and what I hope will be a yardsale before the end of June. Vacuuming, more dusting, finally getting the curtains and new thermal liners back up in the bedroom, cleaning out the storage bins of clothing under the bed (and getting the dust kitties - I don't have bunnies, there's too much kitty fur! - out from under there, too...)

Yesterday I shopped for a mattress and box springs, buying locally. I debated going with a large nationwide cut-rate place, and visited the various stores. But in the long run, I'm much more interested in making sure this local company stays in business, I know they're a quality company and have been here for years. I may pay a bit more (not really much more) but I know I'm practicing my principles...I think it was worth it, but the one drawback was that they couldn't deliver it this weekend. I don't want to take time off work to have it delivered during the week, so Saturday afternoon it will finally be here and in place. Considering that's the day of my Weight Watchers' 5K walk? I'll probably come home and crash in that new bed!

So today, I did a marathon session of laundry. I lost count of the number of times I went up and down the stairs (and I'm not done yet, either, there's more to do tomorrow). That's what I get for having all those quilts and throws up at the windows. Now that I have the thermal liners, I have to wash what's been up there the past few months!

I also washed up a few nice clothing items to post on ebay - Quacker Factory, mostly. They'll be going up after the holiday weekend. Oh...and I'm working on an update to the shop, too! Whew! See what I mean? It's been nonstop, full steam ahead, all weekend!

The kids, however, had a lazy day...

I guess I slipped on my tennis "slides" 20 times today (I don't wear them in the house, just downstairs and into the yard). Late this afternoon, The Tonk got a little upset that I was talking on the phone instead of paying attention to him (why is it that an 8 month old kitten behaves the same way a 2 year old child does when you're on the phone? I'd forgotten that!).

Ghoulish, eh? I can't get rid of the reflection in his eyes, lousy photo, but too cute not to post! He kicked and tussled with those shoes and tore around me till I finally had to give up and hang up the phone...

He had a grand time, can you tell? He dropped like a stone about 7p.m. and slept the sleep of the kitten (wish I had that ability) for 2 hours while I watched a movie - which, btw, I did yesterday afternoon, too! I lucked into one of my all-time favorites just by saying (totally out of character, as I'm not a TV person at all) "I wonder whether there's an interesting movie on?" and literally flipped the channels 3 times to find: Chocolat! What a treat that was...

I did manage a bit of knitting so far this weekend. Can you believe I've never made one of these:

the Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Company's Ballband Dishcloth, Ravelry link, and I did use their pattern, even if I do know it's in the M&D Knitting book. In fact, I had pulled both MDK and the Knitting Outside The Lines book, with every intention of knitting up a Swiffer cover. That's next on the agenda...

Oh, and I also finished the Tribble last week (another Rav link):

Please explain to me what has gotten into me? I'm not a kitchen person. Why am I making all these dishcloth cotton items?

OK. 1. They're fast. 2. They're cute. 3. They're mindless (mostly). 4. They're using up stash cotton.

Anything else I've missed?

(btw...stop by Nana Sadie's Place and see my Memorial Day Meatless Monday very fast and easy feast tomorrow? Since I don't *do* the outdoors, it's the closest I come to cookout food, ever!)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MoJo, Where Have You Gone?

It's crept away pretty quietly, frankly...I'm only a few rows away from finishing Ishbel, I have Brandywine ready to start, but all I can seem to work on are these:

Blanket Square 1

Blanket Square 2

And I'm done with them. In fact, the office smells like wet wool, because for all that they're knit to gauge, one came out smaller, the other larger, but both just shy of the specifications of 8 inches square. They'll be that size, as neither had to stretch much, but interesting that using the same knitter and the same needles the two squares were that much off!

Word to the wise, when it matters? SWATCH!

And that wet wool smell? Well. Seems a certain new man in the house is quite enamoured of it (oh, heck, he LOVES the smell of wool, period). I have the blocking board up on top of three bins of yarn (hopefully high enough to keep him off it...

So at least I've gotten something completed and blocked, even if it's not Ishbel.

But other than knitting a few rounds on the Goody, Goody Feather & Fan socks in advance of a training tomorrow (when I can knit, but I didn't want to be counting, too), all I seem really interested in is knitting Tribbles.

Why yes, I'm seriously behind the times, everyone under the sun has knit Abigail's pattern by now, but not me.

Hmm...a quick look at my list of finished items this year shows that I'm woefully behind my usual count-to-date, and there are many tiny things (nothing all that large) completed...Where has my Knitting MoJo gone?

At least these two are touching noses...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Knitnana's Knot Knitting...

It's been a very busy weekend (do I ever start a weekend blog post with any other sentence?) - but this week, Nana Sadie Rose responsibilities took a back seat to a bit of spring cleaning and the monthly bookkeeping for my client!

I am knitting, but just on a couple of blanket squares a la Oliver's Blanket from our endeavors three years ago with Mason Dixon Knitting...a dear friend in one of my knitting groups passed away a couple of weeks ago. We were making her a blanket (we're making 8 inch squares rather than the 4" ones in the original blanket). Now the blanket will go to her daughter to comfort her in her loss.

But in every single thing I've tried to do this weekend, I've had a fervent, excited, inquisitive Little Helper:

Here he is, making very light work of dishwashing...

He thinks every piece of machinery in this house (including the open refrigerator!) is his private playground....the top rack? His jungle-gym...

Here he is waiting for me to add more dishes to the bottom rack (or, shhhh, do you think maybe he's a little tired?)

Yesterday was a bit terrifying for him, tho. I ran the vacuum cleaner in the downstairs. Until this point, I'd just done a quick pass in one or two rooms since he arrived, but yesterday, the entire living room was turned topsy-turvy, with curtains down and washed, ironed and rehung, vacuuming and dusting - you know the spring-cleaning drill (he LOVED climbing up in the windows and chasing the blinds' cords!!).

I started into the kitchen with the vacuum to get the cat fur off the two area rugs in there, and found him in a corner spinning like a top. He'd stop and drop. Then up and spin again, the head at full-tilt, then drop.

I turned off the machine, immediately. He looked at me in exhausted fright, completely disoriented.

I think the noise, coming through his damaged ears, was just too much for him, but he couldn't stop spinning (to make the noise stop?) to get himself away from it. I had a time picking him up (he was terrified), and I got him upstairs into a room far from the noise, shutting the door firmly behind me.

And when I went back after I was done, he was sitting calmly, curled up on the rug.

Whew. We've gone back to the original daily prednisone because backing it down to every other day was causing the symptoms to reoccur. I've got my fingers crossed that in a couple of weeks he'll be much, much better.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Tonk's First Movie

I have no explanation for this except that he's a kitten and they do strange things:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Tonight was a milestone. Six weeks at goal weight, I'm now a Lifetime member of Weight Watchers! (As long as I don't gain, I don't have to pay for my membership!)

Now comes the hard part - toning up what remains!

What did I do to celebrate? Went to my WW meeting and enjoyed it, went shopping and didn't buy a thing - I am astonished that there are such drastic sales on summer merchandise - once upon a time summer stuff stayed in the stores till the fall/winter things arrived in July (what gives?).

(Actually, I've got plans for next weekend - the Memorial Day sales - and a brand new mattress and springs. Judging from the lumps and bumps in the one I sleep on, I think, I'm long, long overdue...)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Look What Came In The Mail Today!

That's Kashmir in the colorway "Forever in Blue Jeans!"

And the plan is to knit Rosemary's Brandywine Shawl.

I think I've died and gone to heaven - this stuff is so soft! And the colors? Oh my.

Two skeins of cashmere in three days. Sinful, I tell you. I really have to be good for awhile...And get a few things OFF the needles so I can put a few others ON!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


If you're still on dial-up, this is a photo-heavy post - go grab a cup of coffee, because Sedalia was just plain fun, and I hope you'll enjoy sharing it with me!!!

I'll start with the obligatory Nana Sadie Rose booth shot!

We had a lovely space this year and plan to keep it for future festivals (as long as they'll let us!!). The space was right across from the food booths and restrooms - convenience!! - and one of the first you came to as you entered the Pavilion.

We hadn't been set up and open long before I heard a voice behind me and turned to find:

JennyRae! We've "known" each other online since the early days of Yahoo Groups when we first forayed into blogging. Since we live in the same state (which is after all, a big one) you'd have thought by now we'd have met in the flesh! Nope. Yesterday was the very first time! I'd been excited for several days, since Jen had written to say that it looked as tho' they'd be able to make it to the event (something she'd tried unsuccessfully before). I can't tell you how exciting it is to finally meet up with someone you feel as if you just know... We caught up a little, and then she went off to enjoy the event...

It wasn't all that much longer into the day that someone walked into the booth (and again, she came up behind me!) and this time it was a reunion!

Kimberly and I first met at Stitchin' With The Dogs two years ago, with Kimberly driving an insane distance (from New England!) to meet up with the Virginia Knitters who spent a delightful day knitting, eating, drinking local wine, knitting, gabbing, wine tasting, knitting...making mistakes, tinking, frogging, ripping, driving to Roanoke, eating Indian food...laughing and knitting and talking, talking talking....well, you get the idea, right? Hmm...we must do that again, gals!

But I digress. Kimberly looks fantastic, has finally moved back to the "home" of her Hokie roots (why, um, yes, we're both VT alums), and has tried to hook up with me since she got back here. We're planning a night of Indian food again really soon!

Then there was the Ravelry Meetup:

(I had no idea how this photo would turn out - the sun was so bright, I just literally pointed the camera and hit the button, no ability to focus, because I just couldn't see the screen!) There were way more people there, but I snapped the shot and ran back to my booth, as it's hard to stay away for long...

I had to record the two gals who are good knitting buds here in Roanoke. In the middle is Babs, who graciously offered to help me run the booth this year. Babs has been a craft instructor, run her own crafts business, and is so much fun to be with, that she really made this event a joy for me. I can't thank her enough (tho' perhaps she thinks that the VT Dyes yarn was a downpayment?). And the other gal in that photo is my Sock Guru and Red Hat Ladies pal, Rae, the Thinking Knitter.

Speaking of hats...I was wearing a baseball cap - it was hot, humid, and my long hair just doesn't cut it under those's a close-up, as I know those photos make it look a little odd:

Of course, this was a fiber festival, so I know you're wondering what stash enhancements I might have acquired while there? I'll admit that I can't seem to do anything without some sort of yarny "souvenir" and this time was no different, tho' I did try to behave a little:

But I'd been out on Ravelry on Friday night and visited Serendipitous Ewe's blog and discovered her new Iris colorway. Well. I had to have it - I know there's yellow in it and I know that's normally not a Knitnana color, but you see, purple and gold (in that same brilliant yellow tone) are my high school colors. And while I'm not normally one who wears them, I just know that another reunion is upcoming (not sure when, just that it will a few years, um oh dear, 4, we'll have been out of high school a whopping 40 years - ACK!). Ok. I will make a pair of gorgeous stripey socks to sport at that event (they already know I'm a crazy sock knitting cat lady, this will just seal the deal).

The colors, by the way, are amazing, the yarn is wonderfully soft 100% merino, SE's Charmed Sock must check out the other colorways - that Snapdragon, if she has any left is as brilliant and gorgeous as the photo on her blog conveys.

Everyone at last year's Sedalia raved about the Flock Bronsonas yarns, but I missed the chance to have some...

This year, I made it a point to visit the booth. (sigh)

Well, I'm converted. The Rowena colorway above called to me over and over again as the afternoon wore on. I couldn't decide (it IS laceweight, it IS cashmere/silk, it is just as silky, soft, and sensuous as that photo implies, more so, really) whether to get two skeins or only 1. I finally got a grip and decided that buying one would mean I could knit a wonderful lace scarf (pattern to be decided upon) and not spend nearly as long getting the finished project as laceweight shawls tend to take me to complete! And I might even feel a bit virtuous over the sinful purchase...

(such are the fibs I tell myself when it comes to spending a chunk of hard-earned Nana Sadie Rose income! lolol)

That's the extent of my yarn stash acquisition...but I also added something to the fabric stash!

We finally have a new fabric store nearby (tho' it's not like I can dash off very often, it's about 35-45 minutes away) - and they also carry yarn!

The Crooked Stitch had a lovely little booth out in the grassy field, just past the Ravelry booth. I was so surprised to see Fat Quarters (I really have had blinders on for the past several months, and when Dani spoke to me over the baskets of Fat Quarters, I had to do a double-take - didn't realize she was involved with the shop, but I'm so very, very glad it's there and loved seeing Dani again!). I had a tough time deciding on some of them, but I finally did. I just love the browns, greens and reds in these four prints, and there were more that coordinated. So don't be surprised, gals, if you see me again, soon!

After dinner at Panera Bread, and unloading the car, I can honestly say that everything got put away except the suitcase of fabric that's still packed up in the sewing studio right now. It will be unpacked later this week.

My thanks go out to those who helped me with the booth yesterday, those who stopped by to visit, the customers who returned again to buy my wares, and especially most especially, to the coordinators of the Sedalia Festival, Dana and Diane. You two do an unbelievble amount of work to produce a top-notch event. I hope you get a little rest, a little wine, and a lot of knitting to recover. You both deserve nothing less!!!

Hope we see everyone again next year!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Eve Before Sedalia!

Tis the night before Sedalia and all through the house, the sewing machine's silent, it's quiet as a mouse.
;) bad. Sorry...

But hopefully you won't think these are:

I've made a nice selection of Posy Sock Sacks, a few Oressa doublepoint needle cases

Then a ton of baglets (these are some of the minis)

and many many key fob wristlets

So hopefully folks will find exactly what they're looking for tomorrow at the Sedalia Fiber Festival (do make use of that coupon down below if you'll be at there!).

We had a little bit of drama last night. The Meezer told some tall tales to The Tonk about the stuff filling up the living went something like this:
TM: "Oh, this is normal, now she'll go away for a few days and that woman will come feed us - I hide under the bed and she never sees me so you need to do that, too - but Momma will be back, she does always come back..."

TT: "I don't believe you, Momma wouldn't leave for days...I don't believe you, you're making up stories" and then he jumps her and they roll on the floor bunny-kicking and biting...

And The Tonk gets smothered by a very BIG Meezer-on-top, till he manages to break away and run...."Na-na-na-na-na! She doesn't go away for days, I just know it!"

(see how sure of himself he is?)

But The Meezer is already being a bit too clingy if you ask me...she jumped up behind me in the sewing chair last night, wedging herself vertically between my back and the back of the chair (it was a tight squeeze)

There's no reassuring her - Sedalia is only a day-long event. I'll be back in the evening...and The Tonk? Well, he'll be all swagger and sure of himself that she made it all up. I wonder what will happen when I go to the National Capital Cat Show over four days in September?

He'll be a basket case!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Two Days to Sedalia!

And for that day at the event only, this coupon is available:

Can't wait to see you all there!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ten Years...

I'm going to interrupt this blog, briefly, from tales and photos of kittens and cats, knitting and sewing, from the nutty, busy life I lead and detail here.

I'm going to spend just a few minutes celebrating.

Ten years ago today, thanks to an amazingly astute physician and his staff, I survived a near fatal heart attack from a 90% blockage of a major coronary artery.

I've talked about it many times before, and I'm not going to go there again.

I'm here, and I'm grateful. But I'm going to tell you something critically important:

Heart disease is still the number one killer of everyone - women AND men. Do not take any warning sign for granted, don't pretend that you don't have time for a heart attack - because you know what?

Heart disease doesn't care.

So it's up to you to care. Make yourself Number One. Know the warning signs (which are different for men and women). If you don't know? Find out. Take the time. And make the necessary changes to protect yourself as much as you can.

Save your own life.

And bless you, Dr. M. for saving mine.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Learning to Be Helpful...

Tonight was the last Masterworks concert of the season. Sis-in-law and I renewed our season tickets for next year, and thoroughly enjoyed this evening's RSO concert. An All-American composers' concert of Gershwin, Copland, and Bernstein. The orchestra and soloists were in high form.

Before that, I managed to have a bit of help with my laundry:

Of course, the littler helper made the "biggest help"

Mom, I emptied it! See how much help I can be around here!

heheh. Yes, Tonk, I see that you emptied it...

He's doing better. Tonight when I arrived home, he was nowhere to be seen. I came in rather quietly, set down my purse and waited. I heard his feet on the stairs...but he didn't come into the room. Finally I set my keys down on the table and around the corner he came. So he can hear, he just has to hear enough to ascertain the direction from which the sound is coming. Then he's right there....

Tonight, he's been very helpful with getting things organized for bed...(heheh)

Yes, you can imagine how helpful he's been.

The Meezer sits back with a slightly bemused look on her face...very much like, "You're gonna get it if you keep up with that..."

And we are going to have to do a little intervention with the cables on the back of the tv - the little "innocent" has figured out that's a great place to play...


Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm working hard on stock for the Sedalia Fiber Festival next weekend, but the kitties are doing interesting things so, like a good Kitty Mommie, I've had the camera nearby and caught of few of their antics for you:

Big Sis brought a toy for CC and TM to enjoy at the holidays. I had to laugh as the one thing those two "old gals" were not interested in was anything that made noise. (To be fair, she had it for her older kitty and he wasn't interested in it either.) The DGS3 found it to be interesting so it stayed around, and frankly, I'd forgotten about it in the corner I'd set it in, on top of a box.

Yesterday I kept hearing something in the living room and finally went to investigate:

I'm not sure who was responsible for knocking it down, but I bet it was The Tonk.

This is what the toy was intended to be used for - kitty delight! (please pardon the box...I have a charity store run to make)
Playing with this thing went on for hours...(The Meezer just watched, fascinated perhaps that anyone could be that engrossed in a ball rolling around and around in a track?)

Late last evening, I was checking email and reading a blog or two when my eyes landed down on the floor beside my chair:

I think she goes in here when she feels there's no threat of being taken to the vet. I had left it for the little guy to use as a sleeping spot as he adjusted to his new home, but you know?

I think he's adjusted just fine...

I'm having a bit of an adjustment period. He's little, and I don't think he hears well. I've knocked him across the room a couple of time when I didn't realize he was under my feet! I can tell you I feel like the worst Mommie in the world when I do that...but this little happy-go-lucky guy, just comes right back to me, all forgiveness (I just hope he realizes that in this dark house, I don't always see him and the best place to be is away from my feet!!).

Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Knitting? Yes...

This is a knitting blog, I know...

And these arrived yesterday. I'd had Anna Zilboorg's, Janet Szabo's, and the Stranded Knitting book in my cart forever, but the Knits Men Want only made it in when I read Kate's review. Now I'm sure there are a few of you surprised to see anything related to knitting for men on my bookshelf? Well...

I do have three grandsons. And while they are little guys yet, they will one day be grown ups. It's possible I'd want to knit a sweater or vest for one of them. And Kate's review was nothing short of convincing. I, too, like that there are multiple sizes offered. But mostly? I love the classic designs, and I'm totally bowled over by Jared Flood's photography (I'm just a "mush"-mallow for photos that show off scrumptious yarns!).

Oh...and I have to tell you that Anna's mittens and socks? Oh my. I'm not sure where to start, and I'm somewhat blown away that I want to do such extravagant multi-colorations...reading about putting the book together with her editor and photographer? Just a delight. Seeing Anna's photo again? Well, I was transported back to Sock Summit and meeting her for the first time.

And when I read this, on the last page?
Feet, that always bear such heavy burdens, deserve to be indulged, pampered, adorned.

Tears came to my eyes.

I was a ballet student for many years, wrapping my toes in cotton wool to buffer them against the abuse of hours mashed into toe shoes, soaking them in Epsom salts at the end of the day. I wish I'd been smarter as a young woman and left the 3+ inch heels out of the "business professional" wardrobe I used to wear. More recently, I endured two years working through plantar fasciitis pain and finally discovering shoes I can wear that are supportive.

Like most sock knitters, I'm constantly badgered about "you know you can buy socks at Walmart for $1" ("oh, well, no you can't get these socks at Walmart at any price, not the kind I make of 100% hand-dyed merino wool and knit with love. Besides, knitting wool socks is cheaper than therapy and wearing them keeps my feet warmer than any acrylic Walmart sells!") ... in other words, I try very hard to pamper my feet ...

Anna's statement is a validation. Another wise knitterly quote that I'll print out and put on my bulletin board at the office, to remind myself that it's okay that I'm a bit out of the ordinary, a little bit on the "odd" side...a Knitter, not a knitter...

Do you know what I mean?

And speaking of Sock Summit? Did you hear? July 28-31, 2011. Portland OR. I hear we're going to "take sock knitting almost too far" again!!! I've got my savings account in full-steam-ahead mode...And Nana Sadie Rose is seriously considering being there as a vendor!!

Friday, May 07, 2010

One Week!

The Tonk has been here a week this evening, and beginning Tuesday, I left the doors open in the house, allowing everyone to mingle. The Meezer has mostly stopped hissing, and almost never snarls/cries about him, but I have seen her smack at him a time or two when he gets impertinent. This photo was taken Wednesday night, and shows that they are in a sort of wary truce...not totally accepting (tho' frankly The Tonk, being the youngster, seems to be such a happy-go-lucky guy, that his feathers don't get ruffled over much).

I even caught this fascinating teachable moment between them...

I bought an Alpine Scratcher (as he has CLAWS) but he didn't seem to have a clue, and didn't care about the catnip (he's too young to appreciate the finer things in life). The Meezer walked up to it that night and immediately started "scratching" on it, in precisely the manner kitties should use. This blew me away, as she has never ever scratched at anything (and has NO claws to scratch with). As she moved away (when the flash went off) The Tonk immediately went over to it and proceeded to sharpen his claws just as she'd shown him to do!

(It's a bit of a stretch in my mind, to imagine The Meezer as a MommaCat, but that surely is what it looked like...)

He's feeling better, I think, not spinning in circles much at all, but the head tilt is still there. I can't believe how hard he still is to pill! I've been doing this for years, am an old hand at it, supposedly know all the tricks. Well this little guy, who only weighs 6.5 pounds, ripped a towel to shreads this morning getting last night's pill into him (yes, I forgot it last night...bad Cat Mom). I'm going to have to find another solution...
Happy Friday!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Learning To Be A Family

Last night we started a course of prednisone with the new Tonk. He's about the hardest kitty I've ever had to pill. At present, I don't think he's broken the skin, but that's not because he hasn't tried. The Pill treats, that swallow up the pills are entirely too big for the little guy to swallow whole and so I just push the tablet down his throat and feed him the treat as a treat.

Why steriods? Because the baby boy has this serious side tilt to his head, and he walks in circles (18 inch diameter circles to be exact) round and round crying as if he's in desperate need of something. He also has a terrible habit of overgrooming and scratching as if he has fleas. He doesn't. Not a one anywhere to be found. And he's been treated just since I got him, too. So probably either a dermatitis, or perhaps just a habit built up from when he did have fleas? As far as the crying? He's not hungry, or thirsty, nor does he need the litter box, they're all right within a few inches of his 18 inch circle...Fortunately, the circling isn't constant. But it seems as if he gets "caught in the loop" and can't get out of it!

He does tear after the laser light. It proves to me that if there are hearing discrepancies, the eyes are working!

Oh, but he's a little love. As long as you aren't trying to poke a pill down his throat. Suede gloves would come in handy then.

He gets into I'm having to revamp the sewing room the same as I did the knitting room:

I didn't realize he'd discovered that thread till I went to crop the photo!!

He's a little love...gee I said that once, didn't I? Well, he is! Even if he is a tad bit odd...

But in the past 3 minutes that I've been trying to think how to end this post, he's been lying (quietly!) next to me on the rug.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Tonk Tonk Tonk Tonk!

I got an email back from my friend, the Tonkinese breeder, and lo and behold, dontcha know, I was right?

Our little guy is indeed a Tonkinese (probably a mix) and is definitely a Champagne Point. So I guess I can't say I'll never have anything but a Siamese again, right? Truly I'd gone back and forth over the years, as this friend of mine is very enamoured of the Tonk breed, and she's quite persuasive. So this way, I landed one by luck of the draw!

Anyway, I'm not so sure I agree with the "feral" diagnosis. He's just so sweet.

But convincing The Meezer of that is something else again:

This is the closest I could get her on her own...

So this evening, I took matters in hand, and carried her into the room (in full protest, which is disconcerting, let me tell you). She cried and cried, and I set her down in the room with the door closed, and my back to it. Then I got on the floor with her, and the new little man came right up to her, in the friendliest fashion, Hi, ma'am, how are you? Can we be friends?


Which I translated to say "Hell, no, you little twerp, get away from me!"

and off he ambled, with his little head cocked to the side (which is the way it stays)...

and back he came again (in between hisses, The Meezer cried and cried). She was a mass of trembles in my arms...sitting hunkered down in my crossed legs...

(Hisss and cry, cry and hisss)

over and over the little guy tried. He's such a cheerful thing, and definitely has the disposition to take on The Meezer, if anyone does! But finally he said, Okay. Be that way...and went off and stretched out on the floor.

And The Meezer cried and hissed, hissed and cried.

I finally gave up and opened the door to let her out.

Later, I fixed their dinner. The Tonk (yes, I think we'll call him that here) was ravenous (as kitties unsure of their next meals, are wont to be). And then, I opened the door to his room and invited him out.

(As reasonably sized as this 2 bedroom townhouse is? It must have appeared huge to him, and I'd already closed off my bedroom, to keep that just The Meezer's domain for the time being)

He circled and circled, checking everything out...wandering up and around and hither and yon. He's very good, if you say "No" he stops and turns around off in a different direction to see something else. And does have a touch of the ADHD of most teenage cats in him. Everywhere he goes his head is cocked to one side, of course. He looks so impishly endearing that way.

And The Meezer sat under the wingchair and each time he came near, she hissed (but she had stopped crying and didn't do that again).

After a bit, I think The Tonk was a little overwhelmed, so I brought him back upstairs (but you know, he's had a taste of what's beyond the door so he won't be that happy in the office from now on). He's played with the laser light (OH! WOW!) and is chowing down on kibble now. It's time for bed, and he'll settle in for the night...

The Meezer will no doubt snuggle with me. She's not in love yet, but we've certainly made progress in a short time.

I did work this weekend:

My contribution to the Sedalia Door Prize selection - the Chocoholic's Posy Sock Sack, Oressa, mini-baglet, and key fob.

(and there are a few more things finished, too.)

Oh, and I'll have a food post over on Nana Sadie's Place for Meatless Monday might want to check it out!

Have a good week!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Working On A Screen Name!

For now, I think we'll call him "Mini Meeze" but that could change. I've sent an inquiry to a Tonkinese breeder I know to see -

But he sure looks like a Champagne Tonk to me (scroll down on that link to Pendragon Johnny's Snow Angel to see the coloration). His points vary from a carmel brown/milk chocolate to a darker seal, and the eyes could be aqua. We'll see what she says.

Nonetheless, he's pretty much stolen my heart. The Meezer hasn't met him yet, and won't for probably several days. The vet thinks he might have just a sizeable touch of feral in him, and so that will take work to socialize him. (And believe me, had you seen him today at the vet, you'd have agreed! ALL FANGS AND CLAWS!)

I'm up to taming the feral, but it will not be good to have an old-fashioned cat fight here. So TM and MM will have to acquaint themselves under the office door!

More to come...stay tuned!


I honor the place in you,

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When you are centered in that place in you,

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we are one.

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