knitnana: May 2009
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Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's For Sure...

If I had any doubt (and there was a smidgen, in my mind), this afternoon I received confirmation that indeed I have the classes, events, and lectures I thought I'd registered for on Tuesday for Sock Summit 2009. I was phoned by Sock Summit staff this afternoon, to be certain that I didn't have a duplicate event (I didn't), and everything was confirmed.

I just have to say that I did breathe a sigh of relief. There's been so much angst and upheaval over this, the gals planning the event have been through the mill (to say the least), and emotions have run high. I was stunned to read Stephanie's and Tina's blogs, to hear what a nightmare it's been for them. Two gals who do not deserve such treatment (if anyone ever does).

Anyway, I have my classes as they stand, and I'm going to the Barbara Walker lecture. So...I have homework to do:
Two of the books that introduced me to her, another is on order. (Jocelyn and I are planning to read it together and then sit together in the lecture...I am as excited about meeting Joce as I am about hearing BW speak!)

And yes, that's the May 2009 PSC socks. No I'm not done. Yes, I know tomorrow is June. I'm behind. No I don't quite know why - well there WAS Sedalia. And work got in the way a bit, too...I have been doing more working as I eat lunch, rather than having knitting time. No, I'm not sure why. The boss has piles of stuff on her desk, but I never have - until this week. I told her I thought the file folders were multiplying after we turned off the lights at night...but this also means they're migrating down the hallway to my office. Not a good thing.

Oh, and then there are the bags and such for Nana Sadie Rose that I've been sewing...including a modification that was requested by a good customer. Yes, it did turn out, but I'm not sure I'm going to make it a regular part of the line yet. I'll let you know later...


Oh and then there's the Etsy Shop Update I did tonight...I have more to post, perhaps a few more tomorrow night - there are Sundry Cases and items by Designs by Mera - some really pretty jewelry (stitch markers and such). Yes, more coming soon. But do stop by!

So with all this? I can't open my June 2009 Personal Sock Club surprise bag yet. I've got to finish that sock up there.

(And Sis-in-Law would probably like her Cabletini socks, too, just sayin')
Happy End of the Weekend...hope your week goes well!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Something Fun for Friday

For Sock Summit, we've bandied about the idea of getting Moo cards to hand out to folks. I checked on it, but for whatever reason, making my photos work on them just doesn't happen, and I don't know how to fix it. Plus at $19.99 plus shipping for 100 it seemed a bit pricey.

So a couple of weeks ago, someone mentioned the free business cards (for the first 250) from Vista Print. All you pay is shipping, which is really pretty reasonable if you're not in a mad rush. Sock Summit being in August, I chose the slowest option. I felt like a complete idiot for not thinking of it myself, as that's where I get my business cards for Nana Sadie Rose!

Anyway, I went off to see what I could come up with for Knitnana, and this is what I found:

So...of course, I decided that the "best deal" was to add 250 to my cart. I really like the ivy shadows in the background on the purple...They arrived today, and I really love them!

Whatcha think?

I also finished two more of the mini-socks for Sock Summit:

The one on the sock blocker key chain is STR Scottish Highlands.

Hmm...I can't wear green, but the green and purple theme here is pretty evident, huh?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Promise is A Promise!

So even if I've got a bad case of cauliflower ear from too much telephone calling tonight (Red Hats, an old friend - Oy!)...Without further ado?

Meet Violette:
You saw the outside last night...but what I didn't mention was that Violette is a needle case...
Inside the front cover is a covered section of five flannel "pocklets" for 6-7 inch dpns, or perhaps a crochet hook, or a sewing gauge, if you use one...
and inside the back cover is a full-sized flannel pocket for a notepad or instructions (folded, of course) for your latest project...

The pages inside...
well, there are 6.
And each one?
has two pockets facing towards the "binding" so if they slide? They won't go very far...

Everything is stitched fabrics. No hard cardboard to get wet and bend. It's not a "soft" binder, as it's stiffened inside (pockets, pages, and binder) and reinforced with just the right amount of interlinings. The fabrics are all coordinated. This isn't a plastic binder that's been covered with fabric. It's ALL fabric.

The size is approximately 8.5 inches tall by 6 inches wide and 2-2.5 inches deep...variations occur because of the nature of a handmade item.

Violette is an investment in protecting your needles. She will fit in your larger knitting bags (Mavis, Knitnana, Grand Mera, or Sadie) but isn't appropriate for Posy or Posy Too. She'd also make a nice statement on your bookshelf in the knitting room for your quality knitting tool storage solution. Because of the detail of work involved, Violette will only be available as a custom item from Nana Sadie Rose.

I've had the name Violette, and the purpose (circular knitting storage) in mind for months. I only just learned that a good friend's Nana's name was - yes - Violette. How appropriate is that?

Let me know what you think of my newest creation, okay?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Variety of Stuff...

Back to work!

And then also ... Sock Summit Registration Day! OMG. I have nothing but the deepest sympathies for Stephanie and Tina. I keep sending them hugs and love and wish for beer and chocolates...

Yes, I got my classes. I ended up cycling through 4 times and charging my card each time. I actually ended up exactly where I wanted to be - but not before, as so many others did, I crashed the way their server did, into a mountain of tears over my critical class: the Barbara Walker lecture. And then, miraculously, someone on Ravelry said, "go back...there are classes open again" and there were. I, luckily and very gratefully, got every one I wanted (over 4 tries). There are those who couldn't stay at their computers who didn't. I do know how they feel, because I felt that crushing agony of not getting what I truly wanted...and then I forced myself to come to grips: I got some good classes, it's okay, and we'll have more time in Portland...

And we will have plenty of sight seeing time in Portland, but I'll also get to hear Barbara Walker, too. My thanks to the computer gods who allowed the server to stay stable long enough for me to grab that class. And most especially, my thanks to Ravelry!

So I came home, ate a nice CSA dinner, and then began again to work on a very new item for Nana Sadie Rose.

For those of you who've looked at the website and have seen the button labeled "Violette" with a page that read "coming soon" for months and months? Well she's here. She's been on the drawing board all those months. But I'm getting a lot of good comments from those I've allowed to see.

Here's a little peak:
Yes, a case...
closed with a loop.

What's inside? I'll show you...tomorrow!

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Party's Over...It's Time to Call it a Weekend...

Three days just disappear when you've got a list a mile long of all you want to accomplish. I did get a lot done...including some of the cleaning that's been hanging over my head (and underfoot! *wink*), but no, I still can't invite company, as there's way more to do yet! When will I get another 3 day weekend? Hmm....not until Columbus Day, as there are Nana Sadie Rose events every holiday between now and then...(sigh)

Guess that means I'll have to squeeze a bit of cleaning in on the weekends and weeknights (or give it up, which might actually be easier...)

I did manage to get a few things done that I wanted to show you - these owls were done for Sedalia, but I never got them posted beforehand:

I thought they were so cute, I had to make a Sundry Case, too...

And this weekend, a fabric arrived that I just loved:
That's a black and white gingham with pink and red ribbons and bows and little bitty hearts. It's just so fresh and springlike, I couldn't resist making it up in both the Posy Too and Sundry Case.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend...did you do something special? Go away for a mini-vacation? Stay home? Visit festivals, have a picnic and concert in the park? What did I do? Other than planting tomatoes, cleaning, knitting, sewing, and listening to a book on tape, I dodged raindrops this afternoon and evening...and enjoyed potato salad and three bean salad in a nod to summer food today!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tomatoes! And such...

Made a more distant trip to Salem's Farmer's Market today to get two Yellow Pear tomato plants which are now happily framing the front door. I've promised myself I will not go overboard with these this year. Only these two.
After all, with my membership in the CSA, I'm getting lots of freshly harvested food...and at the market today, I picked up a good sized bag of mustard greens which I froze. Later I found fresh Virginia asparagus and froze that, too! Dinner was a large salad with marinated london broil sliced up in it. Yum!

I've been listing to Knitting by Ann Bartlett for the past two days, and so I was able to finished these two items:
Blocking the Barn Raising squares before packing to send to Portland where they'll join others to make a blanket to be raffled off. I think they turned out nicely.

I also finished up the first striped sock, and got both the second socks (the green one and the striped one) OTN. I wasn't able to pick up an Addi size 0, 16-inch circular at my LYS - and it's not for lack of Addis - they're nicely stocked. Just not the one size I needed. (sigh) Still rather than order it, I think I'm going to muddle through with the Harmony's. I'll switch back and forth between the two socks if I get crampy in one hand. Yarn Explosion was kind enough to contribute a very nice item for my office's 20th anniversary event scheduled for mid-July. We will be having a siletn auction and the nicest items are things like this (ok, that's my personal opinion, I know)...but I bet I know who ends up with this yarn?

Anyway current and future food supplies were taken care of today, as were some of the knitting that has been pushed to the back burner while getting together for the show last weekend. By the tiem I got home, I was really tired. I didn't mind one bit turning off the tv and on the MP3 player...
The Meezer of course has a new tearstrip
This is her chipmonk impression!
(and she chirps, too...)

Friday, May 22, 2009

YAY! It's A 3-Day!

Don't you just love a three-day weekend? I almost skipped out of the office tonight...and that's saying a lot with my PF!!!
I've got plans - big ones - for my 3 days. Besides all the routine laundry, cleaning up, running errands that I normally do on the weekends, I've also planned to do a few things - I want to go out to the Salem Farmer's Market - I'm going to try to find two tomato plants (Grape, Golden Pear, Sun Gold or Sweet 100 cherries, depending on what I can find now) for the front porch urns (and that's all, no big potted garden this year, as I just don't have the energy for it), I'm hoping to run over to our new second-hand shop just for the heck of it (even tho' I need nothing, but it's fun anyway), I might stop by one of those antique malls - there's one up towards Salem that I like and I haven't been there forever...and of course, there'll be some sewing - there are orders to fill, after all.

I'm also planning to finish a second one of these for the Sock Summit Barn Raising blanket they're going to raffle or auction off - I have to get them in the mail the first of next week to get them there on time, so I have to do the second one this weekend.

I've started the second Regia Silk Cabletini sock for my SIL:
and I'm struggling on the Kaffe Fasset striped sock.

Why? Well, it's being knit on size 0s. While I like the fabric, I don't like the needle size. I'm thinking of getting a pair of Addi circs (come to think of it, I have one, I just need a second one) in size 0 to see if they're any easier on my hands, but these are really making me hurt. Odd. Smaller has always been better, but it's possible that it's more the weather and the ups and downs and wet and dry changes we've been having (and it's not going to be a lot better next week, either, as we'll have clouds and rain every day next week - but it's going to be 80 degrees most days so at least something will be consistent!).

Still I got the toe of the second Cabletini OTN in about 45 minutes tonight, using my trusty size 1.5s - and my hands don't hurt. We'll try metal, first, because I really really like the fabric I knit on size 0s. But...It may be a moot point.

Anyway. I hope you have great cookouts, lots of fun activities, much knitting time. Oh - and remember why we have Memorial Day in the first place, okay? Put out the flag, and remember those who are defending us wherever they are. If you see someone in uniform this weekend? Remember to say "thank you!"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lazy Mid-Week's Wednesday. I know, the one day that splits the week in two. We're more than half-way through. Whew. (poet and don't know it...) It IS the day I finally got to the stylist and got my hair brought back under had gotten way to long, completely wild and wonky. It's so much better now.

DD came by tonight with a few new items to put on my (our?) etsy store, and I just don't have the energy to do that right now, so I'll show you a few of them here...
Yes, that's a clay sheepie on a cell phone leash...I love her sheepies!

Today I began a 6-week online course in web design using FrontPage through our community college. My office uses it for their site, and the plan is for me to be the backup person. My boss is a neat lady, I know I've mentioned, but she kindof looked skyward saying, "and what you do with that knowledge is your own business..." knowing full well that my "own business" has a website that is also done in FrontPage. might eventually see some changes over at Nana Sadie Rose, but perhaps not for a bit.

A couple of years ago, I bought the domain for and there's nothing there, but I plan to use it as my class project. Once I'm done with that, I may decide to find a hosting service and move the blog there, but we'll see. I will still look for my DD to make great graphics, as that's just not something I want to get into...

But you know? This week has so far been catching up on things here (like washing dishes), finishing a book my boss had lent me (and I always take too long to read these things), and the past few nights, flipping through Country Living and Better Homes & Gardens, which is where I saw the kitchen I wish I could have (it's there on the right side of the photo:
Oh, and that's the pattern Shawl That Jazz, along with Double Bubble Socks - I bought them because I could not resist them...I do have a skein of sock yarn that will be perfect for the Double Bubble socks.

But I'm going thru angst over the colorway of STR BFL Sport to choose for the shawl. That will be my larger project for the summer - the one that I carry on the plane, well if I can stand to knit it on the Harmony's - the color I want is dark. I might need to bite the bullet and knit with the Denise set, at least on the plane...

We'll see...But I'm really being lazy and trying to recover. And pray tell, who decided that we had to zoom back up in the high pollen count again the past two days?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

Since I'm still struggling to get my groove back after the weekend, I thought I'd participate in this - and believe it or not? I can almost say I've been to 10 cities...
1. Boston MA - I have family there, and we spent the day when my daughter was about 9 trundling around to the sites. What do I remember? Shopping in a high-rise mall at an extremely expensive men's store (my uncle's choice!) and the salesclerk chuckling over my daughter's intention to pay for a tie that was "eighty-nine" - my daughter handed her a dollar.
2. Washington DC - have not just visited but lived there. I adore visiting. Hated living there. Hmm...have family there, too.
3. Richmond VA - not my favorite town, I haven't been there enough not to always get lost. I have family there, too.
4. Montreal - I was there for Expo '67, as a wee thing. I remember coming back across the border and being asked if we'd bought anything at the Russian exhibit. My dad said no. But I knew I'd gotten a little lapel pin. All my growing up years, I was convinced the Russians had bugged that and knew our every move...(I wanted very much to be Agent 99 on Get Smart).
5. Chicago - drove there with my ex when my daughter was only a few months old. I have no memory of anything but big roads...
6. New York City - I've ridden through and changed trains at Penn Central twice. Have never set foot in the city. I want to tho' - as long as I'm with someone who knows their way around!
7. Charlotte NC - was there last month and a year ago to see the Yarn Harlot - a neat town, even if you can't seem to leave the area without getting turned around!
8. Rochester, MN - Mayo Clinic trained in Women's Heart Disease community education. I adored this town, the Clinic is amazing, all the tunnels underground, filled with shops! The convent where we had seminars in yoga and tai chi. I could live in Rochester (ok, I know it's cold).
9. Pittsburgh, PA - I visited in the 80s - remember Flash Dance? It was about that same time period. I thought it was amazing...the tunnels (which terrified me, but I had to drive through them!), the bridges over the three rivers? Wow...loved it. And the people were very nice. (I'd been warned here that going there was going to be "dirty and the people aren't friendly at all..." - so not true).

My 10th city? I haven't been there yet, but I'll be there before the summer is out:
10. Portland OR - for Sock Summit.

I can't wait!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thank You, Sedalia!

May I just say? WOW! What a Fiber Festival (okay, I've not been to any other, but I've been to three at Sedalia, and this year? By far, the best! We had a blast...and if you're on dial-up? You might want to go get some tea, because this is one picture heavy post (sorry)...

First up? The gal who shared my space was Designs by Mera:
Lovely stitch markers and jewelry.
You think she looks familiar? Why you're right, that's my dear daughter! I think she feels it was worth the day (I hope so) and she met a lot of new customers...
I'm an "old" customer, but she was kind enough to let her old mom have one of her darling clay sheepies - of course, she occasionally gets a bag or two, as well, so I guess we're even. Aren't they cute?

Here's a view of my side of the booth:
That, by the way, is Rae of ThinkingKnitter (that's her name on Ravelry, too). Check out her patterns...
Rae's my sock-knitting, Red Hatter pal, and she's picking out her fabric for her new Posy Too!

What would a fiber festival be without critters?
Cute Critters view 1
Cute Critters view 2
Cute Critters view 3 (these are my favorites!)

And another Cute Critter:
Wait...that's not a "cute critter!" That's my Sock Summit Partner, Dianne...

She and HER partner in crime, Dana, were amazing - they are the movers and shakers behind this festival and they did an astounding job! (I never got Dana to stand still long enough for a photo, but Dianne was in charge of raffle prizes, so she was at the microphone a lot)

Did I buy anything? Well not all that much...
I found a colorway of Trekking I didn't have and fell in love with - #322. Yes, it's one of the tweeds...

And then there was this:
I've bitten the bullet. I've bought a Bosworth Mini. Mary Ellen was kind enough to toss in that merino roving...and then, I picked up the booklet from her, too, to help me understand all this...

Mary Ellen also has a beautiful Kromski Minstrel that I was looking at...maybe...someday - IF - IF I pick this up and find it more interesting than I did when I was just "playing" with the spindle today...

(don't hold your breath, okay? I need another expensive fiber hobby like a new hole in my head)

But still - what a fun, and exhausting day! I think I'm going to go take a shower. It was very humid - but it did NOT rain! YAY! Still, there were trees that were shedding some sort of teensy white stuff that snowed all over everything. To be safe? It's a shower and shampoo - no allergy attacks allowed!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday!?! How'd We Get This Close to Sedalia Saturday This Fast?

I've decided not to post any additional bags that I'm taking to Sedalia. I no sooner do that than they seem to catch someone's eye and off they fly! I'm delighted of course, but I do need a few things to sell at the show. So I'll show you more next week, okay? *wink*

Suffice to say that I'm packed and ready. This is important. Tomorrow night is for loading all the booth architecture into the car. The last thing to load on Saturday morning are the bags and fabric (and us!).

Yes, a reminder: Designs by Mera (my dear daughter) will be with me this year. I hope you'll take a bit of time to see her delightful work! She's going to have eyeglass leashes, cell phone charms, stitch markers, row counters, necklaces and bracelets (and I've probably forgotten something she told me!). She's just starting out and could use the support - so do take time, when you stop by my booth? Encouragement is gladly welcome! And I'll be posting more of her things next week in my etsy shop (along with some things of my own...) - just for those of you too far away to come see us on Saturday. As always if you like what you see, please let us know!

And oh, please pray that the weather holds? We're due for showers and thunderstorms from tonight through Sunday. And Bedford County is under a flash flood warning tonight - from heavy t-storms - I'm hoping the festival grounds will not be a muddy mess! Hopefully all rain will hold off till late day-evening, but still - this is a fiber festival - it's outdoors. The gals have worked so hard to put this together, we don't want a rain-out. (And yes, I know fiber people are made of sturdy stuff - we handled two years of frigid, horizontal rain when the festival was in April! At least this month, the temps are to be in the 70s!)

Do stop by Sedalia if you can? We'll all be having a blast and would love to see you!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Sedalia Bags!

I've been busy...just a few things to show you today - a couple of Sundry Cases (I'm having a blast - I found someone who sells zippers lots of in multiple colors. So I open the package when it arrives and go through my fabric stash finding the perfect combinations that work with the zippers! It's fun!)

Then, I think I mentioned putting together a set, right? This is the Navy Sheepies - a Posy Too, an Oressa Double Point needle case, and a Sundry Case...

Then an order for a Grace backpack for delivery at Sedalia:
One of the nicest mossy green batiks I've seen for awhile, with ivy leaves.

And then the Knit Pirates set - Posy Too, Oressa, and Sundry Case.

I have a lot more Sundry Cases cut out and ready to go...So you know what I'll be doing the next couple of days, right?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

I don't do this every week, because so often it's something I can't relate to. But this time? Ten Places I Love to Shop! Oh. My. goes - I'll tell you that I'm really, really trying to do more shopping locally, but if all else fails, then it's internet shopping all the way:
1. Ukrops. This store is a Virginia-owned grocery that only recently came to my town and opened it's flagship store. They have the BEST prepared foods, a wonderful salad/fruit bar, terrific bakery, and tho' I don't use it, a Starbucks. They buy much from Virginia farmers, so I feel as if I am doing "good" here...Their local beef? Oh, it is sublime (yes, you CAN tell a difference! And I eat it rarely enough that it's worth a bit extra for the treat!)...And I know that there are those who think Ukrops is more expensive than Kroger or Food Lion, but frankly? Everyone's prices are skyrocketing, and I often find (after the fact) that Ukrops has had a lower price than the others! It happens to be 2 blocks from my house, too, so making the stop on my way home doesn't use up any gasoline, as I'm going right by...
2. Mill Mountain Tea & Coffee. Granted, the rare times I stop here for coffee are relegated to my monthly Knit Night in Salem, and the shop is directly across the street. But I also stop at their Route 419 store occasionally to pick up 1/2 a pound of chocolate raspberry ground. I do try to ignore the desserts. I can spend too much too easily (in calories, mostly). I also have had ONE experience when I was overcharged - I phoned them, reported the mistake, and they immediately credited my card without question. Good business practices are another reason I love a store!
3. Creative Quilting. Another locally owned shop, Judy has the top-quality quilting fabrics I prefer to use in my bag business. I do a lot of shopping online, but when I need a coordinate that's not on my shelves, or to buy Kona Black or other solids, I know where to go. Judy has a quilter's eye, and she knows her stock so well, that I toss my fabric on the table and she's gone...bringing back 3-4 bolts, and sometimes more, that she knows will work. It saves me enormous time, and often causes serendipitous pairings I'd not get if we weren't together, doing the hands-on you can't do online.
4. West Pharmacy. Mitch was my pharmacist when I had my heart attack. He left the small pharmacy a few years after, and I lost him for a bit. When I found him again, I learned he'd started his own shop. While it's back across town where I used to live, I'm over there often enough visiting a couple of friends, or at the vet's so that I can pick up the occasional Rx or pharmacy necessity without going out of my way. I'm required most of the time to use a mail-in pharmacy by my health insurance. But when I need something in a hurry, Mitch is the one I turn to. He knows me. He's local. If I could? It would ALL come from him. There's just so much to be said for him knowing my health history and having a personal interest in his customers.
5. Fleet Feet. A shoe store that provides the sort of attention to customers that rivals those of 30 years ago. For foot problems, they can't be beat - they'll work with you a long time to get what you need, and what works for you!
And doesn't it say a lot about the age I've attained that the shops that garner my adoration involve food, coffee, foot care, and prescriptions? Judy doesn't fall in that category - but she does help me earn my living!
6. Yarn Explosion is my local yarn shop, and I'm often there for sock yarn. They have other things, but for me, it's mostly the sock yarn...
7. Birkenstock Express and QVC are the places I turn to for my Birkenstocks. Lately, that means I'm there a lot, tho' I think I'm finally at the place where I can slow down my acquisitiveness on the shoes - maybe.
8. etsy. OMG. Well, for just about anything that's either handcrafted or sometimes even for supplies.
9. Little Knits. Because I'm a yarnaholic. But even at that, my yarn purchases are way, way down this year, in preparation for Sock Summit 2009
10. For reading & music? Mostly it's my library, as I don't buy that often, but when I do? IndieBound and Tower Records because I'm so over that Amazon thing. Poor service just left a bad taste in my mouth. My local Barnes & Noble has the music, too, and I stop there when I can't get books locally at Ram's Head or Printer's Ink. (See, there are way more than 10, but I tried to combine...).

And I also tend to go to my shopping malls on MY side of town - Tanglewood. And Towers. Because, that Valley View thing? Well, it's too large, and too packed, and people are just too inconsiderate. (Not to mention it being in the flight path for the airport runways...I'm still terrified when I watch them coming in for a landing through the glass ceiling of the mall.)

Which is why I mostly like to shop local, shop quiet. And when all else fails? Shop my jammies!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Something Special for ME!

The other day I was browsing (and being swept up and away) in the inspiration I've found at Jude's blog. You see, I've always wished I could create the sort of fabric art she I visit often.

That particular day, I discovered that she'd opened an Etsy shop, and when I clicked on her link - the first thing I saw was this:

I'm a bit embarrassed by how quickly I hit BUY. But the little Flying Sheep have made their way to me. They're even more wonderful in person. And I have a little bit of Jude's art to call my own, now...(Yes, I'll be framing them...for the knitting room wall.)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

The Meezer got miffed at me today because I had to make the bed and she was on it...
She's not much on hardwoods, frankly...a kitty of luxury.

I tried to get a decent photo of her, but you know her.

Stop it, Mommie, I hate that flash!

Happy Mother's Day. I have to go snuggle with my Mommie...
...The Meezer

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Twas the Weekend Before Sedalia...

And all through Nana Sadie Rose's house, every creature was cowering...there was fabric and thread all about!
A dozen more Sundry Cases were piled in their basket:
Including a darling little black sheep, white sheep addition:
Rather than losing her mind in Henry Ford's production line fashion, Nana Sadie Rose, quick as lighting, moved from Sundry Cases to whipping out an Oressa double point case:
The Skulls and Crossed Needles print has long disappeared, making items from this fabric special beyond compare. edited to add: *Oh! I found more!*
Upon completing Oressa, Nana Sadie Rose turned with a jerk! "I'll make a new Posy Too! from the rest of this," she grinned...and off to the cutting table she flew light a flash!

With maniacal glee, she did grab up her scissors and when she was finished, there were two new Posy Toos - a navy with brown sheepies, as well as the skulls one.

There's more Sundry Cases ready to stitch, Sunday's time neatly scheduled. Dear Daughter arriving to place a final order for gems for her stitch markers, cell phone charms, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces...

But I heard Nana exclaim as she tumbled to bed..."I need more zippers, more zippers, more zippers, I said!"

Will she find them in time? Will her daughters beads arrive? On Fed Ex man, on Priority Mail gal, on U-P-S! To the top of the hill, to the office door, to the receptionst's post, where Nana Sadie Rose hears on the intercom: "there's a package up front for you! No, not one, TWO!"

Come next Saturday morning...the frenzy will end, then comes the fun time, the meet, greet, enjoy time...seeing friends and old customers, and new ones, too. Be sure to join us next Saturday, May 16 at Sedalia for a very special FIBER event!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Knit Night and Valkyrie Seraphim Modeled - FINALLY!

I got to knit night tonight, and what fun! We had a small group, which, you know, is really nice sometimes. Some of us older gals sat together and just cackled. (Hmm...chrones at play, huh?)

I saw an utterly beautiful lace shawl knit by a friend who is blogless, laughed over a new cast on (and the convoluted instructions) as Elizabeth put her second sock OTN, and Rae took photos of me with Valkyrie Seraphim shawl:
We were pushing the light, and Rae wasn't used to my camera, but I think she did a remarkably good job...
She wasn't pleased with this one, because my head was chopped off...I threatened to chop it all the way off, anyway, as it's the shawl that's important! But it's not too bad a photo, even with the top clipped off, huh?

Anyway, it's more than time you saw the shawl in all it's glory. The pattern is delightfully simple and relaxing to knit. The center decreases in the "leaves" of the central motif have a wonderful texture - Catie thought it was a twisted stitch, but it's not. Looks like it, tho!

And EVERYONE loves the yarn (so do I). Socks That Rock lightweight in the Raven colorway Valkyrie. The colorway seems to defy every attempt to photograph it. Suffice to say that the colors move from black-iron gray-olive (just a hint to the olive side of gray, and brown, rust, burgundy, purple, fushia. It was much browner than I expected - and I was actually delighted by that!

She is my Wise Woman/Goddess of Change shawl. At least that's the way I look at her. Warm, enveloping, richly textured, patterned, multi-faceted...She's able to fit in no matter the situation - dressy or casual. She's comfortable in her skin. Something I'm becoming more and more aware of in myself. What a wonderful feeling, and how great that the shawl I adore reflects that!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Posy Too!

As promised, photos of Posy, (yes, Posy Too), with the few subtle changes I've made...this is an order, so she's spoken for, but I do have more fabric *wink*
What are the differences? They're really not huge. I don't like to mess with designs that work, and for the most part, according to all the feedback I've gotten, Posy works.
But I lengthened and widened the strap - I had trouble with the small width of it, originally, and finally decided that was my major complaint about the little bag. So the strap width is approximately double the original design. And there's about 10 inches added to the length. Not quite 3 feet in total, up from the original 24 inches. I also tabbed it to the back of the bag about 3 inches up from the bottom. I think the strap slings over your shoulder more easily now. At least I hope so...

The inside of the bag remains the same, but I increased the width and depth (front to back) a bit:
an extra 1/2 an inch wider and another 1/2 inch deeper.

I think this photo shows the difference a lot more graphically than I can describe it:

Yes, I think the bit of extra room will be helpful to me and I hope it will for you, too - I tend to carry two sock projects with me, or a scarf. And that sometimes was just too much for the slightly smaller bag...but I didn't want to make her too much larger. The beauty of Posy is she's small and sassy: quick to pick up and go.

I didn't change the price. I'm trying hard not to do that these days, even tho' costs have increased.

Let me know what you think, okay?


I honor the place in you,

which is of love, truth, light, and peace.

When you are centered in that place in you,

and I am centered in that place in me,

we are one.

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