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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Long Awaited Holiday Weekend...

My Fourth of July started last night with a Red Lobster dinner and Nana Sadie Rose supplies shopping with my dear SIL (YES, I actually have 5 full days off in a row! This is just unheard of). My DA (Dear Assistant) is joining me this afternoon for a "cutting party" (might as well try to make it fun, right?) and preparations are in full swing for the Star City Cat Show next weekend (July 7-8) and also for order fulfillment from the Posy Sock Sack frenzy (Thanks, Wendy!).

But of course, normal routines and life continue, this a.m. bright and early, after I ran to Starbuck's for a celebratory Iced Raspberry Mocha (have you tried this? YUM!) we started the day with laundry and The Meezer kept burrowing in the pile of sheets...

I knew it was in here, I have to SAVE it from that grumbly machine with all the swishing and swooshing...

Not going to run my tearstrip through the wash and make it yucky

She does indeed let her feelings be known, loudly...
Happy Fourth of July!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Wee Ones!

You know...Wendy is such a phenominal lady, who is extremely sweet and giving....She can also literally make someone's business successful - just ask me! She's also one amazing enabler (okay, I'm pretty good at that, too). A couple of weeks ago Wendy mentioned WeeOnes and I had to stop and see, because Wendy's Ragdoll kitty stitch markers were so darling...Well, I asked if Jillian could make some to order of the Knitnana button over there...

You know...The Meezer with her ball of pink yarn...CAN you believe how TINY these are???

Such detail! Just too cute...
I had her make another order for a friend who shall remain nameless right now because it's going to be a gift. Someday. But you just gotta go check these out if you collect stitch markers - and Jillian doesn't just do cats, either...go see!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm Overcome! :)

Things have been hopping here ever since Wendy posted about the Posy Sock Sack! I'm just overcome with all the Posy Love going on in bloglandia! Thank you all, so much! I'm so glad you like my little bag...
And I'm going to be busier than the proverbial one-armed paperhanger, ya' know? (big big grin!) And I'll tell you, you all have found some of the cutest fabrics!

There's only been knitting at lunchtime at work, and then tonight for about an hour while the t-storms raged! (I don't use the computer OR the sewing machine in a t-storm!) These hats are more charity items, I've got another OTN. The hats are my "carry-along" projects right now (in my OWN Posy). I also did a couple rows on the Ripple afghan during the storms tonight.

I hate to admit that there are still lots of boxes unpacked around here, but this shot of The Meezer was too cute not to post...(she retreated under the bed during the storms...she does NOT like them)

Yeah, but these t-storms are gonna drive me to drink... The Meezer

Friday, June 22, 2007

Remember This?

Well, I found some...So if you'd been disappointed by not being able to get this for YOUR Posy Sock me! First come, first served!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wow. Wendy is Truly Awesome!

And you all are, too! Thank you for a great day!
I've enjoyed "e-talking" with you over the Posy Sock Sack. And I'll be happy to help you decide what you'd like no matter how many fabrics we look at together! We are completely at the "order-only" stage now...

I do need to give a little bad news...The Yellow/green bag in the middle of the first picture of yesterday's post is sold out. Unless I suddenly become very lucky in tracking down someone who is undoubtedly the smartest person in the world b/c they bought a bolt of it, I can't get my hands on any more of it (I'm saddest of all, b/c I LOVE this fabric!) - BUT I do still have the same print in aqua (limited as well, but I have it).

The second photo - the red/brown bag with the beige lambs with black faces is sold out. I had one yard of it. It's very gone. I have been told by my sources that this one was a very old print (like the mid-1990s! "old" is a relative term!). The Black with white calligraphy is also out of print and long gone. But the butterfly on the left of that photo, while out of print, has been reissued in another colorway - a rusty-orange on navy. It's very pretty.

In the third photo, the yellow with blue forget-me-nots is gone, no fabric available that I know of, the brown "suede" with stick-primitive black-faced sheep is extremely limited.

I think that's it. It's just been an amazing day. Thank you.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Posy Sock Sacks!

Wendy posted about her new Posy today, and I'm afraid I must apologize if you've gone to my website looking for them only to find nothing there but my older bags! My DD has been working on a brand new site for me, and she got waylaid at here are a few photos of some of the bags I've made. (And THANK YOU, WENDY! I appreciate the kind words on your blog and I hope you use your Posy in the very best of health for many Metro rides to come! lol)

Just email me at siameezercat AT gmail DOT com for information on how to get your very own Posy Sock Sack!

At The Risk of Making You Hate Me...

I was just reading THIS on Rose-Kim's blog. I tried it, and oh, my, it works! I have fallen madly in love with Ravelry, but this just might save my mind.

And I'm not one who tends to text-msg much. It's still just a nice feature to have. In our, "what else can they come up with that will make my knitting life so much easier" column! I realize I could print out a list and carry it with me, but I'm finding I lose paper all over the place - way to easily. And frankly, the memos in my Palm Z22 are becoming way too lengthy! I can't see myself using this feature a LOT, but in an emergency, I like knowing it's there! (kinda like my cell phone!)

I know it's hard waiting, if you're not already on Ravelry - well, Hang on! More and more are being added every day. And it's sooo worth the wait (IMHO!)

I'm off to update my needle inventory!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ya Think It's Freudian?

Just call this the "Chunk Outta My Heart" cloth...a variation on the Cascading Hearts cloth pattern from Dishcloths From the Heart that I've been captivated by the past couple of weeks...(I do so love Evelyn Clark's designs)

Thank goodness it's "just a dishcloth" - 'cause had it been another lace shawl that I'd botched the hearts on like THIS ONE so many moons ago?
Maybe, like failed relationships, I just can't knit one perfect heart project? (Or maybe it's 'cause I relate so to mended hearts?)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Got Nothin...

I spent the day shopping for vegies, bread, & plants; looking for the perfect knitting chair; antiquing; and visiting the new LYS. I have my fingers crossed. Her merchandise has been delayed in shipment, so it was rather sparse, but she's a lovely person, and the shop space will be great.

Once home, I planted the tomatoes, basil, and parsley, cooked the vegies, and worked on my front entry - I realized you haven't had any photos of the new place, and this little room is the only one without boxes and disarray still in it...there's hope. But I bought the dried & silk flower arrangement at the antique store today, and I think it works to a "T." it's off to sew!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

KTS3 Swap & Scott's Mtn Pin!

Our office was closed yesterday, so my KTS3 package couldn't be it arrived today! Will Pillage for Yarn has been such a cool swap pal...we weren't secret, we knew each other all's the box...notice the cool cheetah/leopard tissue? (does she know me or what?)

Look at this stitchmarker. I've got to find out the details on it - it's amazing...I believe it's blown glass - soooooooooooo cool!

And here's the rest of the haul (yes, that's what it is...)

3 kinds of tea - Kusmi tea in Bouquet of Flowers #108, Petrushka (did Rainy know I used to dance? MUST be!), and Duchess's English Breakfast...a rose teapot (for one) a tea strainer (I think I might have mentioned I didn't have one!), a Ritter Dark Chocolate and hazelnut bar (I LOVE THESE) a Dagoba extra dark chocolate bar (Birdsong has mentioned these but I've never tried one...can't wait!!). THEN THE YARN!!! OH MY. STR lightweight in Nodding Violet, and a gorgeous Filatura Di Crosa wool blend called LOVE in the prettiest shade of muted amethyst! It's soooooooooo soft!! And in the far right corner of the photo? The card is one of my favorite Steinlen cat prints (I collect them, Rainy - I don't think you knew THAT!

I do believe, without a doubt that I have the very very best KTS3 pal! Yes, I do!

Thank you so much Rainy - this was such fun! I hope you enjoyed my swap gift 1/2 as much as I did yours...

As I had client duties to attend to tonight, I was also able to drop by my post office box (it's in the same part of town...) and what was there???

Only the very sweetest shawl pin from my good friend Chris! And she dropped in a set of 4 stitch markers, too...You're too sweet Chris! They are stunning...notice the amethyst stones, and the pink and red Austrian crystals...I just had to have more of Chris' work - it's fabulous, you know? You DON'T??? Well, then go right now! You MUST!

Chris, you see, will work with you to design just what you like - She let me pick my favorite colors in gems and crystals - my signature colors of purple, red, and pink (Purple for Lupus, Red for heart disease, Pink for women's cancers).

(and those stitch markers? well...they include the clean white crystals which represent lung cancer - they were a surprise - Chris is as good a "secret pal" as Rainy - she reads my blog, too!!! lololol! I lost my aunt to lung cancer last summer, almost a year ago...)

Two of the best ladies in the world and I can count them as friends - you can too - drop by their blogs, Chris' shop! Two very very sweet and talented gals!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Good Knitting Day...

Today was my office's annual picnic for our clients. We do the cooking and the serving, the setup and the cleanup. But in addition to that, we have Bingo. And especially while we're doing Bingo, I can sit and knit. (So it's one of those times when I get to KIP)

I always take a sock. And I always get LOTS of questions and conversation (which is good). And today, I took the STR Rooster Rock Socks. I didn't quite finish them, but I was able to do that while I watched the news tonight. So without further ado, I give you:
Wendy's Generic Toe-UpPicot Edge Socks in STR's Rooster Rock lightweight sock yarn...

Knit on size 0 dpns - I began with Colonial Rosewood dpns, and moved to Brittany Birch dpns when one of the rosewood's snapped mid-Sock #1.

Love these. I had a day or two to decide whether or not to bother with hemming these. I actually like the single row of K2, yo, that forms the picot edge when it's flipped over and hemmed. So I almost didn't do it. But I decided that I really DO like the picot edge enough to take the time to sew the hem down. addition, I finished one hat in navy Lion's Wool-Ease (the Dulaan Cloud pattern but knit with one thickness of yarn on 10.5 Addi Turbos. It went really fast. I'll show you, but I've got another hat OTN, and another planned. Frankly I'd loved to show you all three together and get a hat-trick on Cover Your Head KAL!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Swallowed Up - Stressed - Loving It!

I've started the preparations for two marathon sessions of sewing for shows: The Star City Cat Fancy show is the weekend of July 7-8 here in Roanoke, and then there's the National Capital Cat Show in Northern Virginia in September. I'm finishing up orders (as quickly as I can!) and thinking, planning, pulling fabrics in between...Nana Sadie Rose is getting ready to go on the road again!

So here, a new bag. I've done many more, but they've all been fabrics you've seen before (no two bags are identical, as I always change SOMETHING) but this is brand new...

Calico Cat Mera in red, black, and white.

To sustain myself in sewing madness, I have discovered these (yes, I'm no doubt late again to the party!)

This is either a terrible thing, or the start of a beautiful relationship - I'm not sure which!

The "end of year" at work I'm reeling by day, stitching by night...

Also - if you haven't yet signed up for the waiting list for Ravelry? OH MY. I got in on Friday. And I'm having a blast - it's all there on the site. Go check it out - and for heavens' sake - sign up!! (I think I was on the list a couple of months - but you know how time gets away from me...)

I had a little time while I watched the this got finished - the second I've made from Dishcloths From the Heart. Oh what are you waiting for? This is a delightful book of heart patterned dishcloths!

Oh-oh. Chaos warned me about this...MOM!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Half Over Already?

I cannot believe how fast the weekends fly by! It's been a busy Saturday, starting with a routine stop for bloodwork at my doc's office - I get to see my favorite "red-headed vampire," as he's the only one who can sneak blood out of my tiny vein (um..yes, there's only 1 good one left, folks!) without bruising me. This is because he used to work for my vet - taking blood out of kitties hind legs. Those veins are tinier even than mine...So we got that out of the way for the next 2 months...I had some other errands to run, and then got back to the house to cut 4 bags and begin working on them. There was laundry, you know the drill? Running up and down stairs to move things from washer to dryer to folding in between sewing a seam, pinning things together and such...

Then my friend Lynette and I again performed a repeat of last weekend: dinner at Panera Bread (I have created a monster, it's the only place she wants to eat now!) and then back here to knit. I wanted to use my Addi Turbos and so picked up the skein of Navy Wool-Ease left over from my first lace shawl (I can't believe it's been two years since I made my first shawl!) and cast on for a hat.

I was able to give Lynette her Mavis bag (just a little late for her birthday last weekend, but I'm not sure what gift it was - birthday? Christmas? Thank you for saving my data when my computer crashed? Anyway, this is Koneko Kitty by Alex Henry. I just love this fabric! (Lynette did, too!)

When I ran by the post office today, there was a package from Kimberly. She'd said she was sending me something to help me through losing my BB. Well, I was very surprised, and touched, when I opened the package to find The Opinionated Knitter by Elizabeth Zimmerman! This has been on my wishlist since it came out! Kimberly sweetly inscribed the book to me as a remembrance to the loss of BB.

Well, it just means so much to me! Thank you Kimberly. I'm looking foward to spending a lot of time in these pages. You're such a sweet friend to realize I need something engrossing to help work thru the grief. And EZ's quote on page 5 "Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises."

I surely will.
Right above the book, you'll see my second heart patterned dishcloth is 1/2 way done...with more cotton waiting...

And finally Chris showed Chaos' bare belly, so everyone else is doing the same. I was pretty sure that The Meezer had decided it would be a cold day in a very hot place before I was allowed to snap a shot of her very fuzzy underneath. Well...

she was lying on the rug in front of me as I knit tonight and I had the camera hidden next to me. Stealth won out. I'm not positive she knew I took the photo!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I Was Good to ME...

I carefully saved my pennies and ordered these:

Two pair of the Addi Lace needles (size 4 & 6) in the 32 inch lengths, and then two Addi Turbos in size 10.5 and 13 in the 16 inch lengths for making hats for charity knitting.

Angelika is amazing. I paid for 2 that were on back order. Then a couple of weeks later, ordered the other two and said, "it's fine to hold them and ship all together to save on shipping...

And she did! I'm just so impressed with Angelika.

We here in the Blue Ridge Mtns. have been forced into much online ordering as our one LYS leaves much to be desired. Oh, there are a few others, but they're all about 45 minutes or more away and in these days of high gas prices, we don't trek down the road at the drop of a hat anymore. WELL we have just learned this week that there's to be a NEW LYS in town - and it's just about 5 blocks from my house!! And oh my...some of my knit group have talked to the new owner - she's creating a store where we can find unusual yarns, with rooms for classes, and oh there's this space in the front to "sit and knit."

Right down the street, only a couple of doors down, is a nice little breakfast restaurant...I have visions of breafasting with "my people" and scurrying down the block to sit and knit of a calm Saturday morning...

Too exciting.

And oh btw...what a Knit Night we had tonight - Pam I had a blast chatting tonight - as usual, Catie, Nikki, and Diana were all there with their wheels (along with a few others who either don't have blogs, or I don't know their blogs...

I can truly understand what Stephanie means when she talks about knitters as "her people."

They're mine, too. And enjoying that feeling of complete ease - of belonging. Well once a month is just too seldom to enjoy that feelings.

Ladies. I say we have got to do something about this. We at least need twice a month, dontcha think?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Busy Busy Busy...

I get such a kick out of certain months...June is one. In my work, we have 3 different years to worry about - of course, the calendar year we're ALL on (for payroll), then the federal fiscal year - which matches our organization's fiscal year (October - September), and then the state fiscal year (July - June). So three times a year, I get to do "year end."

Which is why June is so high up on my list...NOT!!

Obviously, my days are a bit stressed right now. So I can handle this sort of knitting:

That's the first dishcloth I've made from the Evelyn Clark book Dishcloths From the Heart that I mentioned down below...I have a second one on the needles now.

Then on my OTHER blog, I've been talking about making changes for health reasons...I know I should do all this stuff anyway, but every year about this time, I have to renew my commitment. It's easier when gorgeous stuff is in the stores to feast upon...tonight I was able to put together a magnificent salad on the grocery store salad bar (I know, it's not locally grown, but still!)

And another commitment is doing more yoga...The Meezer insists on helping me:

I'll keep the bag warm for you

You should have seen her with her head down in the bottom of the bag - and don't you KNOW the camera was in the den on the desk? A long ways away...drat! I managed to get up and get the camera but too late - this was the best I could do!

And just because things are busy at work, doesn't mean that Nana Sadie Rose takes a break...

This is one of my most recent Sadie bags. I could not believe how the fabrics went together for this one (I know I say that a lot, but this one really was amazing!) I had the outside fabric from one of my online sources. I went up to Floyd, VA to Schoolhouse Fabrics (about an hour away and up a REALLY steep mountain - with the twisty-windy roads to boot!), and in two different rooms of the store I discovered the inside lining (which is a smaller scale white on violet print that matches the outside) and another print for the pockets that mimics the outside done by a completely different fabric house.

THAT'S SERENDIPITY! I love it when that happens...

Ok...enough break...back to work!

Monday, June 04, 2007


I had errands to run at lunch, and when I got back, there was a box and other mail on my desk. I was expecting some fabric, so I wasn't surprised. Till I saw the return address and thought "What has Chris done now?" (She really IS too sweet a friend, ya know?)

Well...when I opened the box - looked what popped out!

Along with the sweetest card mentioning shopping and seeing the two and thinking of my BB & The Meezer...

I have to admit, I shed a tear or two...I couldn't imagine that Chris had been roaming my blog so many moons ago (2 years!) to see THIS shot I'd taken in a happier day...

12 Years Difference in Age Matters Not Posted by Picasa

It's the photo that graces the wallpaper of BOTH my computers... here at home and at work. I'm surely not ready to change it. And these little ones are perfect to help me remember the special bond my two real kitties shared!

But what a serendipitous coincidence!

I LOVE the Beanie Babies, Snip and Amber, Chris! They'll have pride of place in my knitting room/den.

Thank you for being such a thoughtful friend!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Weekend Whirlwind!

I cannot believe that it's Sunday night, already!

Where on earth did the time go? Yesterday was a busy day...I spent it sewing, then errands, then a luxury! My dear friend, Lynette (I mentioned her below), dropped by. We went out to dinner for sandwiches & salad, and returned to my place. Then together, we sat and knit, and talked...and talked. Lynette was first mom to my BB and the Calico Curmudgeon. She's taken care of a feral colony for years. Cats come to her, but she's never been able to get her hands on The Meezer (very few people ever have...). And last night? FINALLY. Lynette was the friend who helped with BB last weekend, so she mostly spent the whole day here. I suppose, the two long visits helped The Meezer to feel that maybe she really was okay (no question, Meeze, no question).

Lynette and I used to be practically inseparable. That was before she started her soap business, Enchanted Forest Soaps, and I started Nana Sadie Rose, and now neither one of us has a lot of spare time...we agreed we would have to make more time for knitting and conversation from now on!

Today I spent some time with vendor contracts for shows, and planning bags, and ordering fabrics. Then...I finished these and another of the Wild Slides (the bag on the left):

It was easy to do - because we were under heavy rain bands from the remnants of the tropical system Barry. Do you think we got much rain? Well...these lilies think so!

Now last night, and again tonight, because of Barry and the start of hurricane season, I've been of a mind to knit some of these:

The blue & white one is from Abigail (and I added one too many repeats, and STILL it looks good! lol), and then you can see the beginning of the blue hearts? Well, that's from a Leisure Arts publication Dishcloths From The Heart which you KNOW I'd have to have. These patterns are by Evelyn A. Clark, and they are lace, folks! Lace in dishcloth cotton...obviously, I'm in heaven...

I've been involved (with Jane) in Cloths For Crisis, a Yahoo group (button in the sidebar) for a couple of years now. We knit dishcloths and facecloths for folks who are hit by disaster. We got a little quiet last year (Hooray! Not too many crises!), but I think most folks have been knitting away and donating to groups in their own communities, which is recommended to the membership - either that, or just knit up a stash of cloths so we're ready when the next disaster occurs (because they always do, you know?

So if you'd like to join us (after all, it might be an active season, what with Barry on the scene so early and all...) just click the link and come on in!

(Could we get another day in this weekend somehow, ya think?)

Friday, June 01, 2007

7 Random Things (or is it 8?) & 'Tocks Photos

Rachel tagged me for this (and I know I've done it once before) but I thought, why not do 7 (or 8) more...? Especially since this has been a rough week and I ain't got a lot else to show for it? So here are a few more tidbits about me...

1. I am capable of "zoning out" on just about anything, EXCEPT babies, toddlers & small children who are crying, chattering or otherwise creating chaos...(I probably should never have been a mother) I got VERY good at "zoning out" on my teenager...when she was one. Oh. And crying cats - unless I'm at the vet's.

2. I LOVE my Palm Z22 - tho' I sometimes ignore its beeping to remind me of something (usually to my regret!) Another thing I zone-out on! lol

3. I'm very old fashioned - I think doors should be opened for ladies by gentlemen (the fastest way for a date to "turn me off" is to fail to come to open my door). But I'm very feminist - I'll open the door for a man just b/c I got there first or his arms are full, and with a wink and a smile, tell him he's looking at a feminist.

4. I miss my mother everyday - she's been gone 11 years, but was the best friend I've ever had or will ever have.

5. My next "best friends" are (in no particular order, ladies!) Lynette, Jan, Pat, and Mera. (two are relations by birth, two by "chance.") Most have been in my life for at least 20 years, and I don't know what I'd do if I had to do without any of them....I don't want to know...

6. I have made some very dear friends online. And you all know who you are...

7. IF I ever had a dog, it would be a miniature Poodle...or a Boston Terrier...or a Sheltie...ok...good thing I'll probably never have a dog.

8. My sister sent me this link a couple of weeks ago. We are classical music nuts and we have seen him in concert. He is amazing. I have been in that Metro station (in several Metro stations to be exact) and while I can understand having to rush to work to be ontime, I cannot for the life of me understand how ANYONE could MISS the incredible sound emanating from his violin...(unless you had an I-Pod tuned to something else, I suppose).

I *HEART* Josh Bell (okay I think that's #9...)

And here are a couple of photos to reply to Chris for showing her little gal, Mayhem's, 'tocks.

I do not have to tell you how insulted the Calico Curmudgeon or The Meezer were that I tried to even get these photos, do you?

I wish I had one of BB's 'tocks. (But then, maybe you can guess why I called her "Miss Fluffy Britches?")


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