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Friday, May 02, 2008

TGIF-Lists and Such...

I'll start with something new in my "commitments" for the upcoming months (and once again, I can blame it on Margene!) This is getting to be a regular Friday feature - Blame It All on Margene! lolol! (hugs, grrl, I'm only joking! but you do find the neatest stuff to do!)

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I figure that since sock yarns are floating around my space like no tomorrow (and I know, sock yarn doesn't count as stash - a good thing since there are a few odd skeins en route to me as we speak...) this is the best possible use of my knitting time this summer - ok...except for the lace projects that will take center stage in my quiet at home hours...And I'll be more than happy to enable you right into the KAL along with Margene and me!

A Friday List? Well, okay...again, It's All About Me - and this has a decided theme to it, I think:
1. I'm an incurable romantic who remains loyal and trusting long after it's probably healthy for me.
2. I should have been born in Victorian times. With a wealthy husband. {giggle} I might have been able to afford the luxury of staying home and knitting all day! And crazy quilting...
3. I'd rather wear lace. (no surprise, huh?)
4. Velvets, silks, lace, beads, vintage buttons are some of my favorite playthings.
5. I like my men older, smolderingly dark and handsome, but just under 6 feet tall (I'm really short), serious, intellectual, and deeply loyal (to God, country, and me!).
6. Obviously, such men have been difficult for me to find. *wink* Mr. Darcy is already spoken for. *wink*

ok...maybe I'll try to angle this off in a slightly different direction:
7. When I was a toddler, there was a lady (my mom would question the use of that term) who lived up the street from us. She was a "spinster" who had worked for the city all her life. I was incredibly drawn to her, wandering up the street every day and standing on her front porch, even tho' I could not yet talk. In later years, she became a confidante, and we spent many happy Saturdays wandering downtown (we rode the BUS! which was obviously an adventure for me) and capping off the excursions with lunch at the Miller & Rhoads Tea Room where we enjoyed the Missouri Club (a club sandwich smothered in cheese sauce - yes, it was sinfully wonderful!) and Chocolate Silk Pie (Or sometimes, their Lemon Chess Pie). She was the person who introduced me to The Virginia Room in our main library, the source of the historical records and reference materials for our city - fascinating! That love became the source of many high school afternoons spent researching the "haunted mansions" in our city...yes, there are a few!
8. The woman's name was Lena, she had violently-colored red hair and wore too much makeup, and she had a very chubby black Scotty dog. Her entire house was decorated in ornate marble-topped Victorian furniture and roses, her kitchen sported an original 1950s Kit Cat Clock.
9. Years later, as an adult, I learned of Lena's death - she'd moved back to her hometown after she retired, but the funeral was to be held locally. I attended to find an open casket event (not something I prefer...). Someone had failed to ensure that Lena's hair would be colored her preferred violent red before she was buried. It seemed the ultimate affront. I have yet to reconcile that sad fact in my mind. And publicly? I'd like to thank Lena for caring about a little girl enough to give her an education into some of the more fascinating and fun things about the town I live in. And ensuring a lifelong love of everything Victorian and "lady-like."
10. Whenever I pour tea into a rose-tinged china cup, I think of Lena!


Blogger Ruinwen said...

Thank you for sharing about Lena. When our lives are touched by certain souls they are forever riched beyond measure. :)

9:53 AM  
Blogger Margene said...

Nice list! And don't blame me...we're all responsible for our how actions whether we like it or not;-)

10:23 AM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

What a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing about Lena -- it is such an incredible thing to have a person like that in our lives at a young age; I'm glad you found her :)

12:31 PM  

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